June 5th, Brazilian Butt Lift Dr. Del Vecchio - Boston

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I am a 20 year old 5'2 , 190 pound female. I am a...

I am a 20 year old 5'2 , 190 pound female. I am a college student, I'm from Long Island. I have decided to have this surgery as I finally received a great portion to cover the cost and I would finance the rest. This is my opportunity. I don't even really care about the size of the butt/size of my waist as much as I care about the fat on my upper back. I just want to wear a backless dress, or a halter top.

My main concern is the rolls...I cried when I saw these pictures because its always been this bad. I was 145 with rolls, I was even 125 with rolls. I want them gone. I hope Dr. Del Vecchio can make my dreams come true!

As for the 190, I don't remember the journey to being this heavy. I used to be 160 for a good 2 years, I guess my freshmen 15 turned into a freshmen 30.

I was recommended 1800 cc's in each butt cheek and I would take as much that fits into my behind. I have a lot of healthy fat lol

I paid more then half of it, so I still have time to make some more money so I can finance the least amount as possible.


1. What are some vitamins I can take to make sure everything is pretty good? I currently take biotin but thats it, should I start with multivitamins?

2. Does anyone have a list of supplies? I would like to get them as early as possible...ALSO is anyone selling a used BBL Pillow? garments?

3. Can I go into a pool after 2 weeks? I am going on a retreat this summer around june 16th (mandatory for my school) and I will take precautions when sitting (make sure to use a pillow/boppy, etc.) but I wanted to know if I could swim yet..

4. Any good massage places in NY?

I am willing give out my contact info/social media, I am kinda alone in this.. my family accepts this but does not approve of my surgery..my mother doesn't understand what its like to never wear a bikini, or to feel anxious when someone hugs you for too long because they can feel your rolls.

I do have a wonderful person i met thru this website, she is like a big sister to me with advice and everything...she is having her surgery with the same doctor on the 30th and I would love more friends like her! I appreciate any and every advice.

ARM and FACE disproportion

How can I lose weight mainly in my face and especially in my arms? I cannot have surgery/lipo on either of those so I want to minimize the size while I can before the surgery.

I'm starting to drink just water, and I haven't really been exercising but should I focus more on arm workouts? Should I do the arm wraps?

I don't mind losing a few pounds overall but I really want slimmer/toned arms and a slimmer face. I have huge upper arms and a double chin :(

Just a little Health/Weight Update :)

I appreciate all the comments, I don't feel alone anymore!

I do not have a scale at my college dorm, but my friends does so I will take a measurement of my arms, and right down my weight when I first weigh myself and also right before the surgery so I can take note of the difference.

I will do a lot of cardio to get into shape, as I am noticing my shortness of breath in doing SIMPLE task such as walking&talking along with a few flights of stairs. My goal to be in great shape before surgery so recovery will be a little bit easier (my leg muscles will be strong enough to get out of bed, and I can use my hands to lift things while laying on my stomach, etc.) ...so even if it means losing 10-20 pounds in the new few months so be it.

Water, vitamins, better food, exercise, arm workouts (no more flappy bird), and chin workouts to get rid of this double chin (via youtube) = healthy me.

I can do it! I want to be heart healthy and start prepping for this new lifestyle early. I will post more pictures as time progresses.

2 months PRE-BBL Financial Update

So I'm 5,000 paid off, still owe $4,500. (1 month and a half till its due in full)
I can save up close to 1000 so I would only need to finance about $3,500 and I will be receiving birthday money in October (hopefully like 2k) so I hope I can just pay everything off early.

I have money set aside for my prescriptions (painkillers, antibiotics) and for my blood work.


I've been emailed a few list, however I am not traveling far (I live in Long Island) and my doctor isn't using drains...so I am a bit confused with certain supply list but I still appreciate it.

I'm looking for the best deals for everything... walmart, rite aid, etc. I have currently NO financial support from my family, and I don't want to ask unless it's necessary (pride issues and also they don't approve of this surgery)

Here's what I have so far:

1) Mederma for Scars
2) Bio Oil (to prevent stretch mark, scars, etc.)
3) Gatorade bottles
4) Aleve and Tylenol (should I get extra strength?)

I'm going to purchase a BBL pillow with my next paycheck (#minimumwagestruggle) ..and I literally need to budget everything out. I do not have any financial help from my siblings/parents and I do not want to ask, especially since I received some backlash from them when I first mentioned it.

In the next two weeks, I will put aside money for my second garment because that's top priority along with the purchase of the BBL pillow.

AS FOR THE URINAL, I believe I can save money...
I tested out the cup method and it worked very well (using a starbucks or mcdonalds cup cut out, and stood over toilet) I didn't have to even look down , It went straight down into the toilet bowl.
I will be home for the month to recovery, so as long as I carry a cup with me if I do leave in public it won't be a problem.. I can get an abundance of plastic/foam long cups and carry a fresh one in my bag and just throw it out after its use.
Urinals are like $30 and to me , that can be money towards arnica pills and gel.. ya feel me?

AS FOR THE ICE PACKS, can I just use frozen pea boxes in my freezer? or literally put ice in a baggie... In my caribbean household, this is normal lmao we don't have ice packs.. just use a frozen veggie thing where you have a bump or ache.

I cannot be cheap with the aftercare (garments, pillow, and upkeep) however I can get by with a few things here and there..
Any advice, please let me know :)

UPDATE: Telling my family and friends....

This is going to be my one and only update on my family and close friend's opinion...because at the end of the day as much as I appreciate them, it doesn't matter what they say. I'm not living for them, this is my decision..my body. I wish I could say everyone approves it, but they don't .. however they ACCEPT that I'm serious in this decision..and I love and respect that.

My mom -
My momma deserves a whole post for everything she put me through up until this point.. Long story short, She made me cry for a week straight because she didn't want me to go through with it. She told me I was being superficial and vain. My mother is curvy, BEAUTIFUL and has confidence even after having 6 kids..when she was my age used to model and wear bikini's left and right..She doesn't wear makeup and doesn't wear extensions, she is a natural babe. However I do love cosmetics, and she doesn't like that I'm the complete opposite (makeup, weave, surgery, etc.) MY siblings think she was acting up because she didn't want me to die on the surgery table (God Forbid) however, I let her know.. I can die crossing the street.. ya know? I am tired of living under her.. she makes me feel bad for wearing things and looking a certain way.. she doesn't understand it isn't easy for me to have two good looking parents and be the "fat ugly child". I have been working on loving myself and I finally do. This surgery is a gift to myself, and I deserve to look great..not just feel great about myself.
Despite the rough beginning, a few days ago she did agree to pay for my new jeans/pants/bottoms (which will help as I go back to school in September). Also, she told me to look into my insurance and see if they can help provide me with anything... massages, discounts etc. I know some people said they got a reduced price for massages because of their insurance, so that's something to look into. She cares lol she's just being a tough cookie about her first born "rebellious" daughter . She goes " I don't approve, but I accept your decision..love you and I will pray for the best"

my dad-
My awesome father last night agreed to take me to surgery!! :) oh happy day!!! so I have transportation there and someone to bring me back :)
he was more concerned about the price (he has dated women with fake breast before, so cosmetic surgery is nothing new..) so I said I paid 5,000 (LOL hey! I did not lie to my dad, I technically did pay 5000 so far) and he said if its what I want, he supports me. BTW, my parents aren't together.. And to think I expected my father to be the hardest person to tell.. he was so calm and cool about it.

my older brother- he is a dee , eye , see , kay . spell it out. Told my "fat ass to just work out and do squats". As if it's that easy..once again, its more then just a bigger butt.. its a fresh canvas, a new start..a sexy back with no rolls...and even when I was skinny, rolls were still there so he can kiss my flat soon to be fat ass. Can't stand that arrogant assh*ole, his girlfriend is supportive of me and hinted she wants it too.. Lol she is willing to help me during the recovery as well.. I appreciate her so much, even though her boyfriend is ridiculous.

my other siblings- they are my minions during recovery, my baby sister who is 10 knows about my surgery(I'm very honest with her), she will be getting 10 bucks (a million dollars) to help me out with the little things.. my other sisters are 16 and 18 so they can really help me out with my sponge baths, etc. I will pay them because I fear that during recovery the b*tchy side of me will come out and for them to deal with it...they deserve a million dollars.. I'm blessed to have them, lol even though its bribery with money (its still cheaper then a nurse and recovery house)

my best friend J.D. - she admitted she was going to have a nose job a few years back and she is currently saving up for one .. I was shocked, because I don't know anyone personally who has had cosmetic/plastic surgery and she's so close to me.. so she supports me, loves me, and offered to take me there and back even before my dad knew I was having the surgery. thats truly a best friend. i HOPE either her or my one of my sisters come with me to the surgery, along with my dad.

My guy best friend M.D.- he was concerned about the health risk , infections and etc...but he supports me and offered to come down from NJ to NY to help me recover.

My boss - she said she would have done lipo in a heart beat if she wasn't scared of needles lol so she supports, and approves and even helped me talk to my mother about it.

everyone else I've told- pretty much concerned with me getting addicted to surgery, and just my attitude afterwards (conceited, stuck up, etc.) so I let them know, I may come out worse then going in..you never know so I will remain humble and grounded. They are happy for me and excited, and praying for me.

it's been rough with some of the concerns but thankfully they haven't been negative...the concerns come from a good place, and from people who care. I have to mentally prepare myself for the haters..because I know they're coming..
Sometimes i wish I didn't tell so many people before I knew it was set in stone (most of my friends laughed it off thinking I was kidding), but hey! I can't take it back...and hopefully no one has enough balls to ask me in public "HEY! Did you get ass shots or something?" lol

Health and Supply List UPDATES :)

Hey y'all! Quick updates..
I am currently taking the delicious VitaFusion MultiVitamin gummies! Got them super cheap at target for 8 bucks ($13+ online and 10$ at Walmart) and I am taking Nature Valley Biotin 5000 mcg (vitamin B). I hope this is enough vitamins for my body, I have my blood test in a month to be given the consent to have surgery!

I have been doing well diet wise.. I am drinking water only..except a few times, I am allowed one cup of juice, either iced green tea or diluted cranberry juice.. both "juices" have some health benefits and overall satisfy my soft drink craving.

I have been replacing my meals with cereal and almond milk, forcing myself to eat chicken and other meat. I am eating almonds and Goldfish as a snack instead of Doritos. Belvita Breakfast biscuits instead of pop-tarts... little things add up especially the way my body works..

I haven't noticed a drastic change and my arms are still big :( but its okay, I know this is something I will have to work for after surgery. They didn't get there in a week, so the won't disappear in one either.. Also I have not weighed myself since the last time and I decided to take my measurements the day before surgery to compare my results after.

Things I bought/have so far:

Squeem (size Large)
Arnica Gel
Mederma for Scars
Bio Oil
Hydrogen Peroxide
Rubbing Alcohol
Vaseline Coco butter Lotion
Urinal = using cups to pee-in as a substitute
Tylenol Extra Strength (small pack, about 20 pills)
Baby Powder
Pineapple Juice
BBL Pillow

I tried to find Bromelian from Walmart/Target and had no luck in stores... wonder if it's a necessity or not..or if anything else thats more available, will work the same?

Also, for the benadryl... is it the children allergy cough medicine? or the pills? or the spray? I am a little confused..

Are there any more essentials, I'm missing? I will buy some baby wipes a few days before..


Visited my primary care physician yesterday , got the results back instantly... I'm CLEARED for surgery :) bloodwork and blood pressure are fine .

My pre-op appointment is next Monday, and my surgery is in a month .. Time is flying .

Post Op massages in New York.. Long Island/Queens area?

Looking for names/places that do the post lipo massages. My surgeon doesn't use drains, so I just need the massages.

Please message me any contact info :)


I met the famous Dr. Dan Del Vecchio yesterday.

Long story short, he told me he wants to do my surgery at the hospital in Boston.

My surgery date is now Friday, June 5th in Boston.

I wasn't prescribed Percocets (I mentioned everyone complaining about the side effects, and I got prescribed Diluadid) I believe its stronger then percs, with less effects however more addicting?? (I'll do more research on it)

I met the lovely real self buddy Delvecchiodoll :)

I had a price change because Boston is cheaper then NY, also they were very apologetic for scheduling me in NY when I'm more of a high risk patient (safer to perform in the hospital).

However, Dr. D told me the honest truth..my fat is stubborn and thick (if you pinched my stomach you would understand) so I vow to be in the 180's by my surgery date. I come back home from college this tuesday, so I have about 2 and a half weeks to go hard.

My pre-op pictures were taken, and everything is all set. Now I just need to find a hotel in boston for one overnight stay and I'll be good to go.

The fact that my surgery is on a Friday means that I'll have the help of my siblings and friends during the hardest time of recovery..(the first four days)

I'm a little upset it got pushed back but that just means I will have even more time to prepare everything. I'm still excited, and I'm not nervous.

My wish is to have little to no back fat, a flat tummy and a decent butt. I'm not sure if my fat is the healthiest, but the doctor estimated about 2000 cc's in each butt cheek. I'm short and top heavy, so the lipo will be more aggressive on my back since that's my real problem area.

I'm getting my second garment from Caralinda Mis Fajas in Elmhurst, Queens.

My post op appointment is Monday June 8th at 10 am in NYC.

the countdown begins: 23 days

Overwhelmed and a bit frustrated...

My surgery is in about 4 days. I'm getting anxious, depressed, annoyed and I just have no energy to do half the things I need to/should be doing. INCLUDING EXERCISE.

I feel in a muck. I don't know what size to get for my garment...
I'm cranky, and irritable.
My laundry needs to be put away, and my room needs to be sanitized.
My sheets need to be washed, but my dog is always coming on my bed and my family doesn't understand how important this is to me. I cannot have nothing "dirty" in my room once its clean, especially not a damn dog that goes walking outside.
I need to get my compression socks and pack my overnight bag.
I feel like I just want this over with, honestly.
I just want to wake up, healthy.
Nothing is working with my arms, in fact I believe their getting bigger
I'm thinking about doing Cavi-Lipo on them...
I got three jobs this summer, since I'm not taking a summer class anymore so at least money should be good.
I'm officially 3,560 dollars in debt.
I have about a year and a half to pay it off before interest is charged.

My dad and I along with my sister will be staying overnight at a hotel suite Thursday, so I can wake up Friday and shower with hibliclens.

We are planning on driving straight back home from the surgery. I will still be feeling the anesthesia so hopefully I sleep the whole drive back.
If I cannot handle it, we will stay at a hotel/make a rest stop.

Yeah, thats pretty much my update. I'm trying to start my productive day, but this weather isn't helping.

I hope to feel better by tomorrow.
Here's pictures of clothes I hope to wear well...I want to look good in some harem pants and crop tops. One picture I'm sucking my stomach in, the other picture is normal pose, and the other one is me "poking" my butt out pose.

Made it safe, will update soon

Thank you for the love, here's a preview


Post op

Why did I put myself thru this?

I'm 4 days post op and I'm feeling like shit. I'm itchy, sore and tight. I just want to shit for the first time and sleep for a long time. I'm ready to be two weeks post op and feeling better. The pain killer dilaudid is heaven sent and I haven't thrown up in two days. I'm constipated and cramping (period is coming) #fuckmyluck. Shout out to the women who go back for several rounds .. Yall are strong!

Sorry I can't individually write everyone back!

Man, I really love yall! I feel like 80% better today, I swear I'm bi polar or something. I am so happy. I feel like I'm about to shit tonight, so I'm ready for it. My mother reminded me, the worst part is almost over. I just need some massages, and better compression on my tummy. Tomorrow I will post another pick in another new garment . Thank yall for sticking by my side! It's honestly my emotions just got the worst of me. Slowly weaning off dilaudid , wish I could stay on it all month . That pain medication is scary addicting and I can see why. It's so good!


Sorry I haven't been able to come on this site to update for a while , I had been suffering a side effect of hallucinations . They are the scariest things, and I cannot wait for this fucking Dilaudid drug to get out my system so they don't come every night and give me worries. I must have not drank enough fluids . But I can't keep crying baby ..,,

Depression has come back

Pain level is like a 6-7 constant all day . So right now I feel like I'm cramping from period, mixed with sore from gym and no strength or energy .

I hate how everything is so far away. Using the bathroom isn't a two minute trip , it's about a 15-20 minute one for me. I have to get up, catch my breath, walk at a pace and remember to breathe or I'll need to catch my breathe again. I then need to pee, wipe , lean over on the toilet to take a break. Do a final wipe, pull everything up , walk to sink , lean over , catch breath , wash hands and walk back to my bed..

I can walk around my first floor maybe 2 times without stopping so I'm getting around. It's more of my back then my legs, as if it's too much energy to sit up straight now.

I just need someone to tell me if this is normal .

Some Updates:

I have hard spots on my thighs, back and stomach

I had my first bowel movement

Stitches are itching me, so I put Vaseline/Neosporin on it and washed with the hibliclens soap.

I get tingly sensations and sharp spots shooting through my back and butt sometimes.

Pain to me is being uncomfortable. I feel heavy,
I walk leaning forward. However I have a countdown going and 12 more days until I should apparently feel good so I'm up walking, laughing with my family, trying not to ask for help because I hear myself saying "I can't do it when it's simply 'I can't do it fast' " so I'm becoming stronger and more independent.

Garment isn't really loosening up, but my stomach isn't as swollen as before.

I'd love to speak to a veteran on the phone for some advice and just some sisterly words because this recovery process is mentally taking a toll on me.

Feeling Blessed

Tonight, I'm happy. Things seem easier, less out of breath .. Easier to get out of bed and use the bathroom .

I came out of surgery, healthy and sexy. I am a beautiful woman with a bright future ahead of her (along with a bill to pay off this surgery lol) but I need to stop complaining . Life could be so worse, okay so I'm not as able and free moving as before.. But eventually I'll get there. I need to learn to be patient , like I just had a major surgery... Did I think I'd be perfectly fine overnight??

Am I in pain? no
Am I limited in mobility? Yes
Am I alive? Yes
Is my life good? Yes
Why am I bitching? Cause I'm a baby who talks the talk but can't walk the walk.

I wanted this so bad and I finally got it, so this post is more of a letter to self. YOU WILL GET BETTER, look at your realself sisters who are already a few months post op ! Time is constant, Mimi... Life is too short to be so sad over being stuck, laying down in bed for most of the day, BECAUSE there are others who don't even have a bed or work too much to sleep.

Every time I look at myself, I can't believe it. I hope I look like this for the rest of my life. Trying on clothes, feeling like a million bucks. I'm envisioning how I'm going to look at my Fourth of July party, DOLLS .. Is ONE MONTH POST OP A GOOD ENOUGH TIME TO PARTY LIKE DRINK AND DANCE? If not I'll post pone my coming out party for a few more weeks. I just want to look good and entertain my friends.

Also, I smoked maryjane a few times before.. I didn't like it cause I felt either too relaxed or paranoid . Has any of you dolls smoked after surgery to help with the uncomfortableness ? How'd it go?? Please be honest!

12 days Post Op Update

Sore in the mornings, everything is great by the afternoon.
I can't bend but I can squat.
I take a poo on a daily basis now.
I am showering again tomorrow and shaving and washing my hair.. I'm so excited!!

I start work at stop and shop on saturday, I hope all goes well. I'm ready to leave my house, but I just my body cooperated more.

I was trying on clothes and my old shorts still fit! However, they are filled out more. I'm wearing wraps on my back (which is why it looks bigger).

I am ready to be a month post op, lol 2 more weeks.. I can do it!

I plan on going out in 11 days (to do my nails, go shopping for a cute outfit) so I can excite myself for the month of July and all the festivities.

When was the first time you veterans went out post op?

2 weeks post op ?! I made it !

Stiffness in my back, soreness in my tummy, and my inner thighs are rock hard. Bruising is all gone except for thighs and some spots on my butt.
I feel more comfortable out of my garment and I've been a bad girl, I legit wear it less and less. But I'm going to be harder on myself cause I didn't spend money for my results not to last ! I get massages on my back from family members and my back isn't so tight and is loosening up.

Right above my butt I feel lumps under my skin , but I'm not freaking out yet.

I can't walk straight but I can lean on a table/chair and stand for hours if needed.
Tomorrow I start work as a cashier, wish me luck!

these pics are from yesterday when I was trying on an outfit you would never catch me in pre-Op.


Lord, what can I do to relieve the itches? On my thighs, upper back, butt ... It's 5:30 am and I'm awake scratching like crazy. I have Benadryl anti-itch spray but it's so temporary and my body is building up immunity to it :(

3 weeks Post Op

Stomach has been killing me lately, I'm only wearing my garment so I should probably wear my wraps and the Ab board for extra compression.

My thighs and butt are itchy, they both are however softening up.

My vag area has one big bump left that's hard , the rest feels normal. My stitches are all healing up. The ones by my arm itch so much!

the good, bad and ugly.
good? My body is softening up and the swelling is going down. I feel so sexy !
The bad? The side effects, from the itching to the hard parts are so inconsistent .. I'll be fine one day and then the next, I'm aching so bad.
The ugly? The SCARS! I have a few thin burn lines .. On my back, it's so embarrassing .. I have mederma but I don't know if it will help... Any advice ? there's about 4 of them and they're scabs unfortunately fell off and left me with white skin where the burn was.. Maybe if I tan? I don't know what to do.. My stitches also left scars near my vag, near my butt hole and on my arms.. I hate them so much :(

I am sitting to drive to work everyday (about 20 minutes each way). I don't notice my butt getting smaller but I hope it isn't ! I should start measuring it

Hopefully within two weeks I will see dr del vecchio for another post Op. I want to see what we can do with the hard lumps on my upper back.. I want to know when I can get in a pool, start to exercise and waist train.

That's pretty much it for now. Here are some pics!
Feel free to hmu for my number or Instagram !


Where can I get good quality boards for my abdominal and my lower back? I want to flatten my tummy even more, and help my lower back maintain its shape for my butt. Please let me know where you got yours ASAP.

What? Did I actually make a month!

Hollaaa, ya girl made it to a month!

Stomach is still sore, especially at night but the arnica and the pills help. My lower back flares up , itchy and all that but I'm used to it and deal accordingly.
I have hard lumps on my stomach and back, but I'm sure it'll get better as I massage.

I went to a party last night and goodness , I have never felt so sexy. Guys left and right telling me I'm "thick" and how big my butt was. This girl came up to me and said girl your hips and butt are so big, you look good.

I did this for me, but this extra attention adds to this whole experience.

I love my body, my insecurities are still here but I look so much better then before .

I may do this again in a couple years , lmao depending on if my butt shrinks

Some pictures :) 1 month post op

Thanks for all the comments on my previous update'

I have three staples under my right butt cheek , the office never got back to me . All my stitches dissolved except the staples and I'm scared. Will they need to be removed? Will they naturally fall out of my body?

Wow.... Am I really almost 3 months post-op ?

Times flies!!
I'm so happy I decided to be patient...once you get passed the third week, everything gets better believe me!

I still get sharp pains sometimes, and my stomach is still hard but its softening up.

My butt is curvy and big, and I love my results.

My back has little to no fat leftover...and this will be gone by Next year (I plan to lose weight and waist train). My goal is to be 160, with thighs that are hard and don't jiggle when I walk.

My arms are the same size but its just more apparent now since I have no tummy.

My flanks are so itchy (I had light stretch marks there prior to surgery) and I think it just made it worse.. if the stretch marks start to appear i won't be surprised.. I'm scratching my sides all the time smh and I know it makes it worse :(

I haven't seen Dr. D since June and I honestly don't care to. I feel like I'm healing fine and hopefully this is the case. He's a phenomenal surgeon, but beside manners need some working on.

Would I do a round-2?
If I had the time and money YES! I'm not greedy, but I do believe I have enough fat in my arms, and thighs to transfer lol I'm happy I don't have stomach fat or back fat that is abundant enough...the whole point of the surgery was to suck me dry!! He did that! Now the hard part is maintaining.

Was this surgery worth the money?

Are you more confident?
Yes, however insecurities don't disappear just because you look better!

I will remain humble, and continue to work on my body.

I'm currently 180 pounds, and the day of surgery I was 203.

I will post pictures by next week!

Thank you for all the love.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Del Vecchio is amazing and phenomenal at his work. However, his bedside manner and after-care really does need some adjusting. I'm new to cosmetic surgery and I believe he could have handled me and my questions better. I would recommend him to all my friends for surgery! He's the best, nonetheless.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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