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Let me put this out there, I made it to 3 out of 4...

Let me put this out there, I made it to 3 out of 4 ipl sessions. It was a very comfortable experience, no stinging, no burns, no rubber band snapping sensations, the office was great. Explained worse case scenario it may not work, best case scenario skin will look great. I browned on my sun spots, flaked, and they fell off just like I was told. My face looked great...due to microswelling.

On my 4th session, I was scheduled after July of 2010. I didn't show up. Reason being, I began to notice drastic changes to my face, cheeks losing plumpness, dry skin, strange scars just showing up, wrinkles developing, orange peel texture skin, odd creasing. I went in for sunspots, I came out with serious damage. I'm a victim and I didn't have any initial reaction.

If you decide that ipl is the best for you, take your own pre ipl pictures, and post ipl pictures once a month for a year. And please keep posting and updating, it will help people make more educated decisions once they have all the knowledge about ipl and lasers.

3 Ipls in 6 weeks. This picture shows what...

3 Ipls in 6 weeks. This picture shows what happened to me in less than a two month period. I never made it to the 4th, because I noticed the difference immediately after the swelling went down after my 3rd treatment.

I found a link that I would like to know if I can...

I found a link that I would like to know if I can post here, not only have we seen the positives on laser and ipls, but I don't think there is enough resources showing the negatives other than the our personal experiences. It doesn't highlight any practices, etc, but it is a very useful link so that those considering have as much information upfront as possible. Hope this is okay to post ... kl2005.pdf

Interesting study on ipl and oxidative...

Interesting study on ipl and oxidative stress:

Recently, I came across some information that I...

Recently, I came across some information that I thought might be helpful. IPL is non-ablative, and reaches the dermis. The dermis, when heated, can retain the heat from ipl and cause 2nd to 3rd degree burns, even if you feel no pain during your session. The dermis can not regenerate itself. Once it is destroyed, the appearence of skin will become lax, leathery, and lose elasticity because the structure holding it up, the dermis, has been compromised. Any swelling that feels hot to the touch, and lasts for more then several hours after the ipl session, has to be immediately looked at by a burn center for evaluation. Often, because the dermis retains heat for hours or days, blistering does not need to be present in order to be indicative of a dermis 2nd degree or 3 degree burn. I wish I had known this, and had more common sense to contact a burn center immediately after my experience. My skin felt hot for 3days, but I was told that was the normal "sunburn" reaction. Any doctors on this forum care to comment?

The more research I do, the more I understand the...

The more research I do, the more I understand the cosmetic laser industry. To find out more information about the laser you are researching, I would encourage you to look under the laser's annual report filings, known as the 10-K form. "We have modified some of our products without FDA clearance. The FDA could retroactively decide the modifications were improper and require us to cease marketing and/or recall the modified products." That's just a small blurb from one of the annual findings, do all your research and determine whether you trust the laser company you're looking into.

Please check this site out, this isn't just a...

Please check this site out, this isn't just a "lunchtime procedure." This is a forum where opthomologists are discussing patients that have been treated after ipl created damage to their eyes.

An update: Texture the same, has not improved,...

An update: Texture the same, has not improved, skin lax, leathery, jowly, with the same bumps and linear scarring. The hydroquoine was increased to 8% for me, and has done wonders in helping keep my skin uniform in color. I'm still doing my chemical peels every 6 weeks for pigment, and have an appointment to go in for my 3rd visit for tca cross in dented/ice pick scars. So far I haven't seen any noticable change with the latter, but I'm giving it about a year before I stop with the tca cross and give an updated review on my outcome.

Nearing my 2 year anniversary since my Ipl...

Nearing my 2 year anniversary since my Ipl disasters. Unfortunately, my skin never bounced back and neither did my contours, and now I am looking into fillers and even considering fat grafting at age 35. I have more crepey skin texture and linear scarring than ever. I can only imagine it getting worse with normal aging, never in a million years did I consider light therapy to be so destructive.

It has been about 5 months since I posted, and I...

It has been about 5 months since I posted, and I can't help but be vocal about how destructive this can potentially be and how scary and mind blowing the gamble is with lasers, from ipl to fraxel. The changes have been continuously downward. I avoid mirrors so I can get out of the house and function like a normal person, because once I see myself I still cant get over the fact that I dont recognize my lumpy and scratched up skin and my features. I did a series of peels, and to this day I can say the pigment luckily stayed uniform. But the textural damage just keeps getting worse, and its embarrasing to smile or laugh because right from under my eyes down to the corners of my mouth, my skin bunches up in raised scars with roped thick lines and squiggles. I am thankful tje damage happened to me at 33, I had already had my son, my job was secure, and i had and have an amazing circle of friends and family who knew me before, and dont judge me based on what I look like now. I feel awful knowing there are teenagers, young adults, or just regular people that may suffer from acne, post acne scarring, rosacea, or other skin conditions and professionals are dupying them every day into thinking this can help, pretending it is a consistant, well understood, and regulated practice. It's not, it's a crapshoot, where some people make it through feeling good and others are getting disfigured. It's not worth the gamble, the technology is not well understood. I came in with a clean face, oily, a couple of sunspots I simply didnt want to wait out as usual for them to go away on their own, and it's been a night and day
experience. And i learned strangers, employers, etc., absolutely treat me differently based on what my skin and face look like. It has been an incredibly surreal journey, and I still cant figure out exactly what the life lesson was for me here if there was one.

I just wanted to update, almost 3 years out in May...

i just wanted to update, almost 3 years out in May of this year since my initial ipl treatments. Skin just keeps nosediving, its pretty gross. I wouldnt do it again and i dont recommend it. ill be 36 this march, my sons friend called me a Thats what i look like, eww.

uh oh

Well, I have another update. I tried a very conservative amount of juvaderm about a year ago to help out with the loss in my facial contours. This time, I did all the research, read pros and cons, and took a chance. Now my texture is actually worse than what I had started with, but at least knowing everything I took the gamble. My tissue is undergoing granulation from the juvaderm. My skin went from orange peel texture, to now full on lumps on both sides where the juvaderm was placed. We know its granulation because it is latent, and my tissue started morphing all at the same time, so basically my body had a latent response. I have an appointment to go back to my doc that placed the filler. Im not going back to complain, and oddly enough Im not as distraught as the way I when I underwent the side effects to the ipls, which got me here in the first place. With the ipls I was lied to, and now doctors do says its a form of laser radiation and hes it can scar. 4 years ago suppossed,y it wasnt the case. At least here I knew my options and different outcomes. I have a great doctor, and we will take it from here. Filler for ipl damage will no longer be an option, sigh.

just an update

hi, ive had many people reach out asking questions, primarily because many are going through the same issues post ipl. wish i could give everyone grand news, but i dont have much. the waxy sheen went away, and the texture is a hair better, probably because of time. cheeks never came back, but im 38 now, vs when i was 31 and went through the process. the coloring is better, i use reviva 10 percent still and sometimes opt for a home peel, nothing major. it is what it is. im still getting ised to what happened, and every once in a while i feel that internal pang, wondering how things went so wrong, but i wont beat myself up over it. i trusted people, it went south, and here i am. if i try anything new again, ill update. even if its filler or a lift of some sort;).

Whoa Nelly!

Just an update to anyone that is thinking about trying out an ipl, laser, or anything that a provider says admits light but isn't a laser (uh huh, that is ipl). Don't take the gamble. If it goes awry, even at the lowest setting, it is permanent. Just traveling back from seeing an awesome derm in NYC, yup, he refuses to submit anyone to a laser, it's not worth his practice to take the gamble.
So, my textural skin of course is awful, but little things have helped. Reviva at 10 percent, TCAs at 12.5 percent (done at home now that I have the hang of it), witch hazel toner instead of washing my face, sunblock from Elta MD for acne and blemished skin, and I just purchased the PMD, which I love (don't do it until you are a while out from any lasers, at least a year, that's about how long it takes to see the scarring one is left to deal with), and I love the strivectin micro current gadget thing. 20 minutes a day of electrocurrent, I have no idea if it really works yet but it feels nice. All of this I do, in a half hazard combination.
My heart goes out to everyone, and their families who have to comfort those they love, who got caught up in the madness of these fda approved devices. xoxo

Interesting, the office staff was incredibly lovely, acted as if they were fully knowledgable and advertise on their website that they have the expertise on "ethnic skin." They answered all my questions with absolute confidence. They didn't rush me, spent time with me, and then followed up with me because I didn't show up to the 4th treatment. But here's the kicker, they either are in denial, or know nothing about the real term side affects of ipl. The machine they used was Lumines.

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