LCPRO Laser Cap from Dr. Epstein - New York City

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I purchased this, and used it exactly the way I...

I purchased this, and used it exactly the way I was is now 10/8/2016 and my hairloss has tripled.......I cannot believe what has happened in such a short period of time. I am not sure what to do since this is all new to me. Since there was no followup suggested, I called Dr. Epstein and made appt so that I could show them what is happening. I hope that this is the "shedding" that one of the LCPRO reps told me about, but I highly doubt it. I will keep posting with positive or negative changes but right now, I am really considering getting my $$$ back and doing PRP ...this is devastating....

LCPRO Laser Cap

So now I have been still using the Laser Cap 3 x per week, and the shedding has subsided. Instead of using it for a half hour each time, I was using for 20 minutes and believe that was better for me. Yesterday I did it for 25 minutes and not alot of shedding and scalp did not hurt. The area seems to be filling in a bit. The thing is this, you need to separate the hair where it is thin, so the laser can get to the scalp, I believe this makes a big difference, I try to expose as much thin areas as I can ...... will update in a few more months, so far I now see improvement from last post, so we shall see.!!
Dr. Jeffrey Epstein

I only met the Dr. once he said Laser cap would be best option, all transactions were made with his Assistant by email. Received Laser cap in mail emailed for instructions and have been using it since as instructed 3 x per week 1/2 hour...

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