Face and Neck Lift with Dr. Daniel Baker, NYC - New York, NY

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I have a lower face and neck lift scheduled with...

I have a lower face and neck lift scheduled with Dr Baker on June 23rd. Looking for anyone who has any recent experience with him to share their feedback. Dr. Baker is known as being one of the top surgeons in NY, and Ive always felt he would be my go to when it was time for a facelift. He is older now, though, and I just want to be certain that his age hasn't compromised his extraordinary skill..I do have the option of using his associate Dr. Levine as well so any experience with either of these doctors would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance..as you all know, this is a tremendous decision and can be somewhat of an emotional roller coaster ride at times..

Day 1

Well the big day came and went! Today is the day after and in in a hotel being cared for by a private nurse hired by (but payed for) by me..not sure how I would've done it without the nursing as the recovery seems to be more u tense than I had anticipated..we decided last minute to add a chin implant and dr, baker was kind enough to agree to do a little lipo for me as well..here are some before pics as well as some pics from today while I was getting my drassings changed..all in all the pain from the face and neck isn't bad, the chin and the lipo is def another story!

More before pics

More before pics

7 days later, thank you Dr. Baker

I am seven days post op today and just returned home from Dr. Bakers office. Healing can be a frustrating and emotional process at times but I must say Dr. Baker and his staff have gone out of their way to reassure me that all is going well and will turn out exactly as it should. While in the city, I stopped in to see a dermatologist friend of mine who couldn't get over how good I looked already..until I told her who my surgeon was and then she no longer seemed shocked..Dr. Baker is an artist and his skill is truly beyond compare..I know I still have some healing to do and it can be difficult to wait it out at times, but I couldn't be any happier with my choice to have surgery by Dr. Baker..at seven days post op I can already see so much improvement and I know it only gets better from here..he is still the man and Im completely comfortable recommending him without hesitation!
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