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I went in for a mini-tuck consult today and to try...

I went in for a mini-tuck consult today and to try coolsculpting.

I had it in my mind that I would try Zeltiq to see if it worked, and if it did, I would get enough done to hold it together until I could schedule the tuck (I have two small boys who will not slow down, so I'm afraid I'll pop a stitch if I get a tuck right now).

I brought along a bottle of Xanax, just in case I freaked out, because I have horrible claustrophobia and the thought of being trapped in a device was getting me nervous.

I have to say--I was pleasantly surprised. People here have mentioned how awful that first minute is when the machine sucks the fat up into the cooling chamber, but for me it wasn't bad at all. The nurse told me she did a man's abdomen earlier and he made her take it off after two minutes, so it's different for everybody. I had it on my upper abdomen with the small attachment.

The one thing I think makes a big difference, is how much fat you have and how jiggly it is. I've had two kids, so my chub is centrally located and easy to pull away from my body. I can see how it might be more uncomfortable for a guy with a tight abdomen and just a little bit of flab.

Anyway, the first ten minutes are weird, but after you go numb, it's bearable. At no point did I find it painful. Towards the last ten minutes, I felt some pins and needles, but they went away.

I was (and still am) quite red in the spot I got it, slighty numb, and definitely swollen, but I'm still not in any pain. Honestly, the worst pat of this was distracting my mind for an hour, so I wouldn't think of the giant machine I was tapped in! Bring a cell phone or a friend to distract you, if you get nervous.

If this works, I'm totally getting my thighs done next!

I'll post before and after pics in a few weeks when I think/hope things will start to change.

Here's my update: Like others say, the next few...

Here's my update:

Like others say, the next few days after the procedure, the "discomfort" you feel is similar to the day after you've done a hard work out. About 5 days after the procedure, the main numbing started to wear off and I started getting these strange, tiny, shooting pains in the area I had the procedure. It hurt, but in an annoying way, not an intense way. I didnt need to take any painkillers for it. The shooting pains lasted for about three days and then went away. This is also when the swelling from the procedure went away.

A few days later I started getting slightly itchy there. Just sort of on and off, not too bad and not too often. Sometimes a day or two goes by with no itchiness, and when I do get it, it's mildly itchy for about an hour. I had PUPPP during my pregnancy, so I've been through the worst itchiness known to man--this is nowhere near that.

Overall, this procedure has been painless and easy. If it works, the only painful thing about it will be the price IMO. SOOOO expensive! If I got every area I wanted to get done (some need it twice, like my belly), it would be way more than lipo, so consider that if you're debate between the two.

Anyway, I haven't noticed a difference now, but it's only been a little over three weeks. I'll keep you posted!
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