Paradoxical Hyperplasia, Common Than They Say. New York City, NY

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Last year, I was a size 4 but had a little bulge...

Last year, I was a size 4 but had a little bulge on my lower abs that would not go away for years despite diet and exercise. Otherwise, I had a flat and tiny upper ab area and a little soft tissue on my upper flanks under my bra line. My local cosmetic office said I was a good candidate for CoolSculpting, so I had it done last winter. I originally was only going to do my lower abs, but the technician had talked me into doing my upper abs and bra roll, giving me a "deal" on three areas. The disclaimer on Zeltiq's CoolSculpting equipment mentioned nothing of "hyperplasia", and did not mention any risks of bodily deformity. However, all three areas doubled in size( at least) after treatment until the bulges created looked abnormal! I thought I would be flattening my lower abs and flanks to enhance my almost-bikini-ready body. Instead, I could no longer fit into any of my pants or dresses, and unsightly bulges were visible on my upper flanks and abs so that wearing a bikini was embarrassing! The cosmetic office recognized it as "hyperplasia" and told me only liposuction could get rid of the "fibrous tissue" that the CoolSculpting had created. I got a quote from a surgeon they recommended, and CoolScuplting paid me the full amount, citing "bodily injury" as the reason! I could not believe my body had been deformed by this process, which is marketing as having no drawbacks.

The office that treated me admitted to having at least one other patient before me who also experienced "hyperplasia" in response to CoolSculpting and had to be referred to the same surgeon.

Unfortunately, the surgeon was not top notch and was not able to get all the fibrous tissue out! I got a quote from another doctor, who said the lipo they would have to do to get rid of it would cost over $10,000.00 ( though he seems to have a better track record for lipo than the last surgeon). Unless I can get the first surgeon to refund my money, it looks like all of that will be coming out of pocket!

I have maintained the same weight for the last year (130 lbs), apart from the approximately 3.5 lbs of fibrous tissue created by the CoolSculpting on my torso and flanks. I exercise 5 times a week and don't consume sugar, avoiding most carbs. Yet I don't even recognize my body anymore and am horrified by the results.

PS- I have had lipo in the past on my lower flanks and I had a great result, without any hyperplasia. So if they tell you that people who get this also get it from lipo, don't believe them. It's not true. Lipo, though more expensive, is far safer than CoolSculpting after what I've been through and saves money in the end. So many people are posting their bad experience with hyperplasia on the Internet these days that it seems to be far more common that Zeltiq claims.
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