Left with Lump, Now have to consider Costly & Scary Lipo

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Feb. 9 ---Like many others on here, I had a little...

Feb. 9 ---Like many others on here, I had a little area of fat under my belly button. I am 47, 5'8" and have a slim, tight build at 129 lbs. However, that little area always stayed jelly belly for some reason. (no children).

The doctor marked the area, put one of the smaller attachments on me and then there was the suction. No pain whatsoever, just a bit of an odd feeling. For the next hour I watched some tv and fell asleep.

When the attachment was removed, it looked like a little stick of butter. The swelling and redness went away in about ten minutes. I have an ever so slight numb feeling, but that's it. Honestly after reading some of these reviews I don't know what to think. Many people just seemed thrilled to have a procedure w/o actually experiencing any results.

I will update you in a few weeks as to whether or not it was "worth it"!

Totally not worth it. Didn't make the slightest...

Totally not worth it. Didn't make the slightest difference.
Supposedly this is based on children's sunken cheeks from eating popsicles. I must've had thousands of popsicles in my life, my cheeks didn't sink in. Did yours?

OK--over 1 year later here to update. I had not...

OK--over 1 year later here to update.

I had not seen ANY change at all in ab area UNTIL 9 months later. It was very very gradual but there was indeed a change.
(In fairness to myself the Dr. said I would see changes in a month and possible gradually more over time.)

(there's always a but isn't there)
While I did notice the belly area flatter, on the right side of my belly button I was left with a half a golf ball size lump.
I thought another treatment might help. I did another one where the technician concentrated on that area but still the same.

Am planning to go back and show Dr. and ask advice.

OK--did 2 additional Cool Sculpt sessions on lump...

OK--did 2 additional Cool Sculpt sessions on lump only but the lump remains. Am now considering lipo to get rid of the lump. However, I am afraid to cause myself more problems (lumpiness, dents etc) that I will regret. If anyone has done lipo for a little spot treatment I'd appreciate your input.

It's clear that the lump is not going anywhere. ...

It's clear that the lump is not going anywhere. Had a consultation for lipo.
So what seemed like a good idea and initially cost $750, has now cost me $2500 and if I want lipo $3500 for a grand total of 6 thousand dollars! Quite frankly I am afraid to get lipo, afraid I will end up with even more issues.

Left Me Deformed

Coolsculpting removed fat from abs unevenly and left my previously smooth abs all lumpy, looking like a bad lipo job. I am still trying to find something that can help smooth it out (but refuse to do lipo). Tried liposonix, so far nothing.
Please keep this in mind if you plan to try this procedure.

Grand Finale of Long Saga: Coolsculpting Left Me Deformed: NOT WORTH IT!

Well---I had this done years ago (when much less info was available). It was touted as totally safe--(no scalpel, no syringes...I figured the worst thing that could happen is it wouldn't work). I was wrong and it left me with a lump of fat and dents above and below that lump on one side. Over the years I've tried everything I could think of: Massage...Ultherapy & Liposonix (Waste of time & $$). I tried several subsequent sessions of CoolSculpt---no change. I tried 8 sessions of Venus Legacy which I really thought would have even a slight effect (even temporary!): 30 minutes of heat, suction and massage, once a week for 8 consecutive weeks......not even the slightest effect. I've also spent on consults ($$$) with two plastic surgeons who said it looked like a bad lipo job, but they said they could fix it. Well---I just can't bring myself to do lipo...where I will get scars and risk more disfigurement. So....I guess I will have to learn to live with it. (The lump shows right through if I wear a clingy dress or T-shirt :(
Why did this happen?----who knows---the body is a mysterious thing. I think this procedure might be good for men with hair on their abs--that will distract from any unevenness--or heavier people who might be happy with any improvement. But if you are slim like me, and care how you look naked....you may want to think twice as irregularities can show up on you much more.

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