40 year old w hereditary chin fat.

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When i first went in to meet with my PS, he...

when i first went in to meet with my PS, he recommended a neck lift. For appox $15k i said, no thank you, and asked if i was a good candidate for chin/neck lipo. He said although he couldn't guarantee i would get the results i wanted, he said that i would definitely notice a difference and it would be better. I had it done today! The worst part of the procedure was my nerves going in. He shot me up with some local anesthetic and got to work. He used regular lipo with a mini cannula. He said those are more precise and ideally less bruising. So I'm all bandaged up, still a little numb and minimal soreness. I'm wearing the compression wrap for the next few days. I'm super anxious about removing it and seeing the work. Although i am only 40 years old, i'm worried that there is going to be skin hanging down my neck. I'm sure all my nerves are natural, but anybody else who's had it, please feel free to tell me its all going to be ok :) Before pics now. Get my dressings off on Wednesday, will post progress. Wish me luck!

Day 1 - Zero difference

Ok so i was scared to take the wrap off bc i was scared about sagging skin. Did not think about my other fear which is there is no difference and it actually to me looks worse. I know i am swollen but am worried that i wasted my $ and embarrassed i went thru with it if there will be no difference. Did anybody else feel like this day 1 post op?

Before and 24 hrs later

Minimal bruising lots of swelling.

Day 2

Today was my post op appt to remove the bandage and check progress. Dr was really happy with results so far, especially it only being day two. Even i was happily surprised when i took my pictures. I'm still swollen and still minimal bruises but progress to say the least! Pain gets better every day. I may still be a little numb under my chin but dr said it will go away in due time. Not my ideal result yet, but I hope it just keeps getting better.

3 days Post

Holy progress! Still sore and could still use some Advil but the difference between before and today is clear. I hope it just keeps improving but definitely happy so far. I may even celebrate with a glass of wine tonight! ????????????????

4 days post

a little more bruising and swelling, but to be fair, i ate mexican food last night and drank wine. I blame myself. Today will be the first day with out the compression garment for most of the day will continue to wear at night bc i just feels more supported with it on. Dr had recommended thru thursday. Still a little numb and i get weird spasms in my chin once in a while, but i think all is going as it is supposed to. also feel it may even get a little worse before it gets better so still feeling pretty good.

Day 6 post op

Photos are before and 6 day post, compared to day 3 post and 6 day post. Soreness gets better every day. Still areas of numbness under chin. I get random what feels like spasms under my chin from time to time, but Ibruprofen helps with that. They are like a quick and a little painful but manageable. Bruising is a little more apparent, heading back to work tmrw and will be wearing my hair down and a scarf. Also still swollen. To be fair, I drank some wine a few nights in a row and had Chinese food on Friday night. So I'm sure my sodium levels are high. Trying not to get discouraged as with this swelling there is really no difference to my before photos. I'm holding onto hope that the swelling will go down eventually and that my end result will look closer (if not better) than my day 3 progression. I've been wearing compression garment at night only for the past two days. My father in law came over yesterday with his mom and aunt, I wore a v-neck t shirt and have small band aids under my neck still and nobody seemed to notice anything. If they did they didn't say anything. So fingers crossed it keeps getting better!

10 day post

No use really posting progress pictures at this point. I can tell a little difference from the front but feel my neck/chin looks pretty much the same as it did before. The most difference I had seen was day 3 post. Since then.. nothin. I am hoping the whole 'it gets worse before it gets better' theory is true.

I will say that I went back to work one week post, still left small band aids on the stitches and even with the bruising, nobody said a word. There is definitely some bumps but again only noticeable to me. And also still some numb spots.

Guess I just have to wait and see! Picture is of below, stitches are almost fully dissolved. Bruising. I don't think I'm going to have a scar though!

3 weeks post

As I mentioned in an earlier comment, my PS said healing is exactly as he expected it would be at this point. There is still swelling and the bumps are also expected as that is the scar tissue healing. Still some spots that are numb and some that are sore. I see a tiny tiny bit difference but no where near where I was on day 3. I showed my Doc the pics of the progression and he assured me it will eventually be like day 3 or better.

I had dinner with a girlfriend who didn't know I did it, and when I told her she said that she could tell something was different but couldn't place if I had lost weight or cut my hair. Honestly, for those of you thinking about doing it and worried people will notice - I guarantee the last thing they will say or think is going to be 'oh what happened did you get some neck lipo?' Haha :)

Anyway I still want it to be better, hopefully it will. Maybe it will present itself to me for Christmas! :)

1 month post

So still not 100% there, but I can definitely notice a difference. And a few people have as well. Comments from people include 'have you lost weight?' And others say 'you look great!' Still sore in some spots, still lumps but they are decreasing slowly. Feeling good overall!!


photos for real this time

1.5 mos post

Now I'm really noticing results! Still slightly bumpy and a little numb but am starting to love the results!

9 weeks post

Election night y'all! Important poll right here.. do you see a difference? I do! 9 weeks post, slight soreness, bumps get smaller. Looks better to me every day. If anybody is doubting getting the procedure - don't. In full honesty... nobody has noticed! But I do and I know I am looking better. People don't focus on your imperfections as much as you do, so in the wise words of Justin Bieber.. you should go and love yourself. Happy Election Day everybody. (At least I hope it will be :)

Keeps getting better

Almost 3 month anniversary.

Wow. I can't believe the difference!! I remember having hesitation before the procedure thinking that I was focusing too much on my imperfection, thinking do I really need some plastic surgery? Looking at the reviews on here I thought, whatever I do I'm sure I'll look better... when my dr told me I needed a neck lift I never thought the lipo alone would deliver these results. Of course now I think, I wish he sucked more out! And where else can I afford to have fat sucked out?! Just kidding. Sort of.

5 mos post

No regrets!!

New photo

It's been awhile - thought I'd share a 7 month progress update. I don't think it is going to get better than this, but still such an improvement.
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