Chin & Midface Implant to Balance out Profile - New York, NY

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Extremely happy with the results. Suffered from a...

Extremely happy with the results. Suffered from a protruding mouth. Had profile surgery, which included a chin implant, midface implant, and two on opposite sides of my nose. I am now 10 days postop and still have swelling. The only bad part was some tingling and waiting for my stitches to heal. Another difficult thing was transitioning back into the real world because family said I looked extremely different.

Chin Implant = Increased Confidence

Should have done it sooner.

Amazing how everything else changes

It's crazy how people say my nose and lips also look different as well, just by improving my profile.


Four days post op

Today....3 weeks post op. Before & after

1 month post op appointment

Just went in for my one month post op appointment. Everything has gone smooth with my recovery and I pray that it continues to go smoothly. Still getting compliments on my new facial balance. Everyone just says I look different, just don't know why.

4 weeks after

Post op....4 weeks

4 months post op

Sorry for the late update and response guys. The only thing I am having issues with right now is getting mentally used to my new implant. Sometimes I even forget I had it done.

4 months post op

Sorry about the late updates and responses guys. I've been doing great since my surgery. Sometimes I even forget I had it done. The only thing that has been difficult is getting used to my chin mentally.

7 months post op

7 months post op, forget I even had it done.

9 months post op

I feel so beautiful, get complimented often on How pretty I am.

10 Months post op

Doing just fine
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