Butt Injections Nyc - New York, NY

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I am 26 years old and from my late teens have been...

I am 26 years old and from my late teens have been insecure about the size of my butt. Being a minority most women desire the full round butt and hips because that's what are men like. I've known about and had a connect to injections since 2008 but for various reasons I didn't. I finally decided to do it even with the possible risks and complications. My friend took me to the injectors house which was pretty big and clean. She had a seperate room which she did the injections in which has a medical table in the middle with overhead lightening. I took of my pants she immediately marked the top of my butt saying this is where we would start because its the flattest there. I laid down she administered local anesthesia and then did the procedure which was neither painful or uncomfortable. After it was done she wrapped me up and helped me get into my butt conpression. I paid 500 for the first session. While there are many girls who do 1000 to 2000 at a time I felt it was wise to do it slowly and she agreed as well. I can notice a slight difference on the top of my butt being fuller but nothing dramatic. I made an appointment to go back next month. I know I will need 4 to 6 sessions minimum after that I don't know.

Second round

2nd time 500 all together 1000

Older and smarter

Although I did have injections a couple of years ago and I was lucky to not have any complications this isn't something I would recommend. Now plastic surgery has changed drastically and I believe bbl or even gluteal implants is the way to go. I hope I didn't convince or encourage anyone to get this procedure and put their health at risk.
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