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I am having a breast lift with augmentation in 2...

I am having a breast lift with augmentation in 2 days on June 25th. I have been thinking about it for years so this is far from an impulsive decision but I am very nervous. I am 44 yrs old, 5'5'' and 143 lbs and athletic. I am still unsure about the size of the implants I should get and this is what drove me to this site. I need some help! have always liked my breast. Always like the size and the style until they started to sag too much and now they bother me. I don't like how they look in a bra, just sitting at the bottom and I am uncomfortable walking around the house braless.
I would have got just a lift but then they would be too small since I am so deflated. I was never really big, at my largest I was a small C but that was years ago. I am now a 36B. My doctor was trying to only do a peri-areolar incision, with slight nipple reduction and no anchor lift but she was suggesting round smooth silicone 370cc or 400cc. These sizes are too big for me. I feel I will look ''round'' all over since I have good hips(size 8-10 pants). I am thinking more about 336cc or 304cc and she will bring both sets to the surgery. She said I might need a small but complete lift for these smaller sizes as they will not filled my deflated breast so I might wake up with an anchor lift. I want nice perky natural looking breast that will look beautiful in a dress but sporty enough for my active lifestyle. Comments are welcome. I will also keep you guys updated. Thank you for this site.

Surgery tomorrow - excited and nervous

Just came back from the gym tonight. Since I won't be going for a while after tomorrow I squeezed in one last session. Hospital called today and told me my surgery is at 1pm and I have to not eat after midnight tonight!! I will be so hungry. I guess I will have cereal before bed. I was suppose to be at 9:30am so that threw me a curve ball. Anyway, got to adjust and stay positive so I am cleaning the house, getting the bed ready, my clothes ready, picked up the pain meds from pharmacy, etc.
The fact that I am not sure in what state and with what size implants and scars I will wake up tomorrow makes me nervous but I am happy that the wait is over. I am 80% sure I will get the 336cc and I hope she will be able to lift my breast with only the cut around the nipple. I am scared to end up with bigger saggy breast. That would be worst than small and saggy after paying so much.

Checking in at the hospital

I am at the hospital. Surgery in 90min. Will try to post tonight. Thank you for the support.

Just got home

So I just got home. I had a little bit of a hard time after surgery; feeling nauseous and some pain but after I finally ate (I was fasting since 9pm last night) I felt MUCH better. I looked down in my gown and I was really happy; not too big, not too small and NO anchor lift! My doctor was able to use 339cc and do just a peri-aerolar lift. I could not be happier. I do not need to wear a bra and I just have a little bit of bleeding from the left side nipple. Now I am still feeling groggy from the medicine and I am sure the pain will increase as I sit here tonight. I will post again tomorrow. Again, I want to thank everyone for your support.

What a night!

Good morning. Came out of the hospital at 7pm last night. Was home by 8pm, had a protein shake which sounded like the right thing to eat and it was. I was so thirsty, I had over 1.5 liter of water. Took Arnica 30ch and Traumeel drops and waited for the pain to come back after the medication wore off. It never really did! So around 11pm I decided to go to bed and took the prescribed Vicodin to help me sleepeven if the pain was really light. The Vicodin kept me up all night as some narcotics do (I took some back medication before and it did the same thing) so I was up and going to the bathroom every hour(after drinking all that water) and not sleeping because of the medication. Around 4am I finally fell asleep and was even able to sleep sometimes on my left side. I slept as usual with a pillow under my knee and two under my head to be a little elevated. This morning I feel a little tired but other than that I feel great. Except for the ''morning boob'' feeling when you get up that everyone talks about, I absolutely have no pain. Just had breakfast and I am trying to relax. My breast are swollen much more than last night and the left bled a little during the night. I took some pictures that I took when I just got out of bed. I am really happy. If I knew then, what I know now I would have been less nervous.

Second day post op

Last night I did not take any pain pills except 2 X 500mg Tylenol. I do not have any pain in my breast or on the stitches but my sides and sternum area are sore. Nothing really painful. The only thing that is really bothering me right now is all the swelling. I feel so huge and bloated. My boobs are way bigger than they should be and I hope the skin is not all getting stretched. I keep icing them but it doesn't even go down a little. I know the pictures don't do justice and I look ok but really, I cannot see my feet! Nobody told me about that. My doctor post op appointment is this afternoon.

4 days post op

I had a great day yesterday, walked a slow 3 miles and went to the hairdresser. Today I felt so good too but I might have overdone it. I wanted to go and buy a bra for Monday to go to work so I went shopping and what was suppose to be 2 hours turned into 7 hours of walking, no icing, no rest. Maybe too much? I am off pain meds completely including Tylenol, I just still take my Arnica 30ch and Traumeel. When I came back home and took the only bra I can wear (an old bandeau from Gap) off it felt like I had ''bubbles'' in my breast. That is the best way I can describe it. I asked my boyfriend if he can feel the woosh-whoosh feeling but he cannot. I iced both but they are so big. When I look at my pictures taken on the first day post op and today I think they are bigger. I hope everything is okay. I was just searching the internet to find the best way to reduce breast inflammation and I saw this thing called seroma that is serum collected in the breast like water pockets; maybe this is what I feel? I try to stay calm and I think I just did way too much today. I added pictures. I think the boobs look great but they are so big. I was suppose to be a mid-c and Victoria Secret measured me as 36D!

8 days post op - stitches out today.

So today was my the second follow up with my ps and she took the stitches out. It was painless as I am still numb around my areola anyway. She applied the newgel silicone circle which I will have to wear 23 hours a day for at least 2 months. I am happy with the scars and the size of the nipple even if the right breast scar is a little more crooked than the left one. I hope it will become more ''round'' as it heals. You can see that the right boob is still swollen and the scar is more bloody. Someone mentioned on this site that since a person is right handed it might make the right boob more swollen and I ask my ps the question; she actually thought that was a good hypothesis. I have been walking a lot but I cannot go to the gym for another week or so and I should start with just lighter exercise. I still have minimal swelling and I am really happy with the size and how it is feminine but yet still ''sporty'' enough for my active lifestyle.
Now that I can think straight I would like to list a few things that I did for my recovery that might help other future women: I stopped taking my pain killer (Vicodin) as soon as possible and switched to Tylenol. I drank 3 cups of ''Everyday liver detox'' tea to flush the medicine from the anesthesia out of my body and I took milk thisle for the same reason; it helps clean the liver. I drank a lot of water and I did not eat a lot 2 days before surgery so I would not be so uncomfortable by not going to the bathroom. I took stool softener for 2 days and still just went back to being regular after 6 days. I also rub Traumeel cream everyday am and pm for 5 days. I took Arnica 30CH (5 pellets) the morning before surgery and after 3 times a day and Traumeel drops too. One of the thing that heledp me a lot I think is that my doctor said to move everyday and even go for a short walk the day after surgery.This site helped me a lot so I am trying to give back by sharing some tricks!

6 weeks

Just had my 6 weeks appointment yesterday and everything is going really well. The right breast is a little slower than the left to heal but it's coming along. I have absolutely no pain in the left and just a little bit when it's late at night on the right. I wear the NewGel silicone circles around my nipples everyday and sleep with the NewGel silicone gel only. I have been exercising since 2 weeks post; being really careful at first and wearing an armor for a bra. I just slowed down or stop what I am doing when it hurts just like my doctor said. Everything is just positive. The only thing that scares me is that I am afraid this will not last and that they will drop way more than I want. I am 44 and my skin is quite elastic. I have read some comments that after 8 months they will be as low as they used to be, that they will not stay perky, etc but my ps says that they should drop about 1cm and then stabilize for 10 years. I cross my fingers because I love the results.
Dr. Nina Naidu

She is a wonderful woman, doctor and artist all in one. Spend as much time one on one as required, answered all my questions. She is very meticulous, takes a lot of measurements, suggest options. She is just a wonderful and excellent doctor.

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