650cc natrelle INSPIRA silicone unders

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I began toying with the idea of breast implants in...

I began toying with the idea of breast implants in 2014, before my second child was born. After my second child was born, I lost about 35 pounds, and I am about 15 pounds away from my goal weight of 160. I am a larger woman, with a lot of muscle tone. I exercise quite a bit and as a reward for my efforts I am getting a breast augmentation.

A few months ago I noticed that despite my increasing weight loss, I am still unhappy looking in the mirror. Everything is firm, (butt, tummy, legs, etc), but my breasts are just floppy, droopy and disappointing. They are what anyone would call "mom boobs". I didn't breastfeed my children, but I did use a breast pump frequently, and I think it literally sucked the life out of them. That, plus a decrease in my weight left a lot less breast tissue than I was used to having. It is just depressing to look at now.
I had a consultation with a doctor who I have researched and I was so happy with his professional and patient demeanor. I respect his opinion very much and I think we are both clear on what I like. Fortunately, he said I do not need a lift at this time, which is great because I was not looking forward to the scars that are left by a lift. I am looking forward to the results and I am going to chronicle my journey here and hopefully it helps other women in the same situation as myself.

Pre op visit today. 10 day countdown begins!

Today was my final pre op visit. My dr took before photos and we decided on a final size. I am going with 600-650cc silicon natrelle inspira under the muscle inframammary incision. I also received my prescriptions for after the surgery and instructions on what to wear after.... I was surprised that I was not prescribed a heavy duty painkiller but the dr assures me that it is counterproductive to give a narcotic painkiller that will cloud the mind and possible cause strain from vomiting.

Very excited now !

Hello from the other side!

So it's all done! 650cc natrelle implants. I am 2 days post surgery and I have to say I am feeling and looking great. I am still swollen in my chest and belly area and also bruised but I am soooo happy with the results already. I am basically taking it easy and not on any painkillers, just Celebrex and Tylenol.

So happy. Can't stop staring

Overall I am feeling great. I have had full range of motion in my arms since about day 2. I'm not on any pain meds just finishing up the Celebrex the dr prescribed. He said I have to finish that otherwise I wouldn't even take anything. I am so happy with my decision. The only thing I can say is I wish I had done it sooner.

7 days post op. So happy

Pain wise I am fine and have total mobility of my arms although I am still following my surgeons instructions to avoid lifting. I am so happy with the size and placement. So natural. Still icing if I feel swollen, and sleeping on an angle on my back. Overall very happy I did it.

Day 8. In love with myself

So basically I can't wait to buy some bathing suits and bras !

Fitting today. Size 34F.

I feel like a new woman with some supportive and shaping bras. What a difference.

Day 9. Still loving my boobs

I am back to wearing the band to help my
Left breast drop down more because it's lagging behind the right It's annoying but I can deal with it. Also I am in an underwire bra 24/7 to help define creases as per my surgeons directions. I am definitely not a bra person ... That was part of the motivation for getting implants. I am always the type to take
My bra off and tosss it aside as soon as I would get home, and once my bra is off I'm in for the day. Lol. But now I'm stuck in this thing but whatever it's all for beautiful boobies in the long run. I can deal with anything for a few weeks !

2 weeks 1 days post op

I am in love with my new look. In clothes no one noticed anything has changed because I am used to wearing so much padding. But naked .... Wowwwwwww. What a difference.

Today is my first day back at the gym. My dr advised me to do 40% of my usual workout!

8 weeks post op

It has been just about 8 weeks since my BA. I am happier with my body that I have ever been since having two kids ... And possibly even happier than pre- kids. My shape looks amazing ... What more can I really say I think the pics speak for themselves. Healing wise I feel I am basically able to do everything I did before my BA aside for some extra intense chest and core workouts which I am slowly easing back into.

8 weeks post op full body pic

A lot of people are commenting that I look more fit. My weight has dropped by only about 2 pounds since my BA but I think I just look more balanced with better posture now.

10 week update

I can't believe how much of a difference it is when I look at before pictures. My husband and I had our first night out in a few years and I got to really show these babies off ... And let me tell you it did wonders for my ego and self esteem. They feel totally healed and natural now and look totally natural without a bra on. Even in clothing some of family members have not noticed; they are commenting that I look more fit but nothing about my breasts which is a relief because it lets me
Know that my surgeon and I selected the right size for my frame. So happy wish I did it years ago. If anyone out there is thinking of going ahead with surgery or not I would say JUST DO IT!!!!

12 weeks post op

Feeling very confident and comfortable in my skin nowadays. Everything that was supposed to happen, happened. They dropped, look very natural and have great projection. Every time I see myself naked I think about how I wish I had done this sooner. But I am glad I waited because I found the perfect doctor who created the exact look I wanted. I sleep at night in a tank top and this morning I woke up and said to myself, wow I never thought I could look like this bra less in a tank top. Very happy.

7 months post op

7 months post op and I am so grateful I had the surgery. My confidence is through the roof and I feel the best I ever have. Very very happy with my outcome.
New York Physician

Dr Vendemia is an expert with a beautiful artistic eye. As soon as I met him, I knew I would not need to consult anywhere else and he would be my surgeon. He is incredibly articulate and clear in answering any question and explaining every single factor behind a procedure. He is definitely a perfectionist and it shows with every aspect of how he runs his practice. It is only two days after a procedure by Dr Vendemia and I am looking and feeling great. He is without a doubt a talented surgeon with a gentle touch. I cried when I saw my results because it was so perfect I could never have imagined my body being restored to how it used to look. If you want the best, go see Dr. Vendemia. He is the gold standard in cosmetic surgery.

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