45 Yr Old Wife and Momma of 3, 5'7", 155ish lbs, 800 Cc Hp Silicone Unders

I love this site! Been on it for several years as...

I love this site! Been on it for several years as I researched and waited for the right time. Thank you to all of you brave and beautiful women who have been so open about your lives.

I'm not so sure I can add much, but I hope to at least make you laugh...it's good for healing.

Why do I want BIG boobies? Well, as a young woman I was about a half of a 34B. A's were too small, B's too big. Little did I know how powerful those little half-lemon-sized lumps were. I've been nursing 3 babies for 7 out of the last 11 years. I produced so much milk I considered shipping it to a needy country. Even now, my milk has dwindled to almost nothing, but still enough that I was concerned that I might just squirt my PS in the eye as he was pulling on my left nipple trying to decide if it need to be lifted.
Anyhoo, at their fullest, my cleavage was up to my collar bones and was busting out of a 36 D nursing bra. Before babies, I had a very athletic figure. Now? Well, I'm doing okay. But I'm definitely a momma. I just need my milk boobies back (and then some) to balance me out. I don't want to look like I did when I was 20. I like the effect that having babies has had on me, and I'm not ready to let it go.

For those of you in NYC...Dr. Barry M. Weintraub should be your PS. Period. I don't care how many consults you've been to, or what you think you know about whatever procedure you've been researching, go for a consult.

Questions about our Divine Creator...

For the most part, I don't evangelize. I'm not really qualified. And, it's kind of something that I'm selfish about (He's MINE :)...but I seem to be stumbling across posts from women who are religiously inclined and questioning themselves about their decisions and how God would think...sooooo....my 2 cents.

I asked Him, would He mind if I got silicone inserted into my boobs...is it defiling me in some way like eating pork or shellfish (which I dont)? His answer to ME was no, he didn't mind. Sensing some of my vanity guilt, He explained, "No one questions whether a soldier should obtain a prosthetic limb, and their job is to kill on command. Your job is to grow life, nurture life, feed life, love life and you have done so beautifully. Why worry now?"

For those of you who are younger and havent had your children yet, please please please...cherish your boobs no matter what they "look" like...your babies won't care....

End of sermon...all my love to all of the beautiful women here and everywhere.
New York Plastic Surgeon

First, he's got all the credentials. All of them (he may have even invented a few). But in NYC, so do other people. Why is he so great and why did I choose him? He oozes intelligence, kindness, patience, love, respect, generosity, quiet confidence and wisdom. He is Yoda. Well, a tall, slim and handsome Yoda. Lol. Seriously, every good/great thing you read about him is absolutely true. Second, I LOATHE hospitals. He does surgery in his state of the art OR suite. If you live here, you're crazy to go to anyone else. If you don't live here, but can afford to travel for your surgery, you're even more crazy to go anywhere else.

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