45 Yr Old Wife and Momma of 3, 5'7", 155ish lbs, 800 Cc Hp Silicone Unders

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I love this site! Been on it for several years as...

I love this site! Been on it for several years as I researched and waited for the right time. Thank you to all of you brave and beautiful women who have been so open about your lives.

I'm not so sure I can add much, but I hope to at least make you laugh...it's good for healing.

Why do I want BIG boobies? Well, as a young woman I was about a half of a 34B. A's were too small, B's too big. Little did I know how powerful those little half-lemon-sized lumps were. I've been nursing 3 babies for 7 out of the last 11 years. I produced so much milk I considered shipping it to a needy country. Even now, my milk has dwindled to almost nothing, but still enough that I was concerned that I might just squirt my PS in the eye as he was pulling on my left nipple trying to decide if it need to be lifted.
Anyhoo, at their fullest, my cleavage was up to my collar bones and was busting out of a 36 D nursing bra. Before babies, I had a very athletic figure. Now? Well, I'm doing okay. But I'm definitely a momma. I just need my milk boobies back (and then some) to balance me out. I don't want to look like I did when I was 20. I like the effect that having babies has had on me, and I'm not ready to let it go.

For those of you in NYC...Dr. Barry M. Weintraub should be your PS. Period. I don't care how many consults you've been to, or what you think you know about whatever procedure you've been researching, go for a consult.

Questions about our Divine Creator...

For the most part, I don't evangelize. I'm not really qualified. And, it's kind of something that I'm selfish about (He's MINE :)...but I seem to be stumbling across posts from women who are religiously inclined and questioning themselves about their decisions and how God would think...sooooo....my 2 cents.

I asked Him, would He mind if I got silicone inserted into my boobs...is it defiling me in some way like eating pork or shellfish (which I dont)? His answer to ME was no, he didn't mind. Sensing some of my vanity guilt, He explained, "No one questions whether a soldier should obtain a prosthetic limb, and their job is to kill on command. Your job is to grow life, nurture life, feed life, love life and you have done so beautifully. Why worry now?"

For those of you who are younger and havent had your children yet, please please please...cherish your boobs no matter what they "look" like...your babies won't care....

End of sermon...all my love to all of the beautiful women here and everywhere.

Wish boobs

Goal boobs!


I really have no idea what I'm doing. Sorry some are so small!

Trying again

Maybe this time...

Welcome Target shoppers...

The other day I went to Target to get household supplies. It's Holiday shopping time, which is a borderline nightmare, and the main hallways are stacked with stuff and people milling about. I'm constantly in a hurry, so I use the outer perimeter hallways to speed around the store. As I'm passing one of the end cap displays I catch a glimpse of "Smooth Move Tea". I snatched it and throw it into my basket. Many of the wonderful women on this site recommend it PO when taking painkillers (which my PS already told me that he prescribes Percoset, which everyone seems to agree it clogs you up). So, woop, one less thing to worry about in a couple of months.

I make my way to the check out line, which is short (yay!), and with a minute I'm unloadin my basket. The lovely woman checking my items is very chatty and very...off. Nothing I can put my finger on, just not quite right. But super nice none the less, so...

A young couple, who gives the impression they met at the local gym, is in line behind me beginning unload their basket. A quick glance and I say to myself, "awww, they're moving in together!" They were very cute about it.

Then BAM, Judy (on her name tag) says, "wow, SMOOTH MOVE TEA" really loudly. She stops to read the box, than asks me, "does it work?", I just grin and tell her I have no idea. I haven't used it yet. She then proceeds to tell me how her doctor prescribed this that and the other which constipated her really bad. But then her DR. prescribed this other stuff which helped, but then friend recommended colace...and on and on it went. The couple behind me is kinda annoyed that she yapping and not scanning items anymore, and now thanks to Judy having the impression that I'm currently full of shit didn't help either.

Then...she tries to scan the box of tea. Nothing happened. And again, nothing happend..no beep, no light, nothing...she says "uh oh" and reaches for the phone...at this point my face has to be the color of raspberries and I'm wanting to pull the hood of my coat over me...her voice is over the loud speaker, "I need a price check...nevermind" she busts out laughing and says ,"April fools"...beep! Scan successful.

I just shook my head. I was wondering if the young couple behind me ever contemplated sharing a toilet. Lol...I'm sure they did, or at least I hope so. I would hate to ruin their obvious excitement of sharing everything else.

All the while Kristen Wiig's interpretation of the "Terghet Lady" is on loop in my mind...

Know who you are, know what you want AND know how to ask for it

Percolating on the back burner...

Very often I read women here who want a "natural" look. More often than not, what they mean is small to medium sized implants. I grew up with three different friends who had HUGE boobs at age 14, no thighs, narrow hips, flat butt, skinny arms, etc. They were 100% natural. And they 100% hated their bodies. They were not prepared for the attention they received. Others, like me, who didn't get that particular blessing, we're quite envious, at the time. It is actually very rare for "natural" to be also proportional.

When contemplating breast augmentation, save the word "natural" to describe upper pole fullness only, not size. A natural breast has less upper pole fullness, more lower pole. Many of us who witnessed the over-filled saline implants of the 90's are CERTAIN we don't want that. But many are not aware of that being a product issue, not a size issue. I think a similar over-filled-looking result is more common using the cohesive (gummy bear) style implant. They are stiff and hold their shape. They do NOT slope on their own. If you choose those implants, the only way you will have a natural slope is if YOUR tissue is abundant enough to develop that over the implant.

Choosing size is a combination of what you want to deal with in your environment (possible blowback/negativity/life style) and what your flesh is capable of. I cannot stress enough the importance of PS experience, board certification, and listening skills when choosing a surgeon. And I don't mean merely listening to the words coming out of your mouth, but also listening to your heart. That takes a surgeon who is also EMOTIONALLY intelligent. It's not something you will find on a resume. You must experience it.

One of my first consults was with a surgeon about the same age as me who first knocked the "old guys" saying that they don't keep up with the new techniques, then tried to sell me on the shaped tear drop implants saying that they feel most like natural breast tissue. When I responded, "yeah, maybe when I was 20. I don't want 20 year old boobs". His response was, "wow, I've never heard that before". Really? Yeah...well...he clearly could not see past his contract with Allegan to see MY -happily-44 yrs old at the time- and sensitive to age-ism-point of view. He and I were like oil and water.

(THANK YOU GOD for allowing him to be him. Thank you for allowing me to see him clearly...THANK YOU FOR BRINGING ME TO the PERFECT surgeon.)

Big boobs do not equal porn star boobs, and wanting them does not mean you want to be or will be a porn star.

If that is what you want to be, you will find your boobs have very little to do with your success.

Sometimes I get the feeling that some of you are looking to heal your heart by changing your body. It doesn't work that way. Healing comes from the inside.

All surgery is a private, personal issue. It is between you, your spouse if married, and our Divine Creator. Find your peace in it.

When doing your research, also research explants. You cannot conduct a proper risk/benefit analysis if you don't have both sides of the issue on the table.

And please, for those of you who had bad experiences with your implants, don't come pee in my Wheaties next spring when I'm gleefully enjoying my perfect pillowy momma boobs. Let me just roll in it. Xoxo

1 mopo dr appt

I have my 1 month PO appt tomorrow...
There are some issues that I need to address with my dr. before posting pictures and doing a complete update of procedure, healing, etc...I will warn you now tho, the first PO pictures are pretty scary looking, like I was beaten with a bat--I suppose that's the risk of going from 0 to 800 instantaneously. I bruised pretty badly. Most is gone now thank goodness...

I miss all of my breasties! I hope you are all doing well..will talk to you soon ;)

Had to postpone ...

I just can't get my ducks in a row by today. I think we all juggle so many things in life...well...after 1 month of healing and being almost completely useless, all my balls got thrown back at me, so I need a couple of weeks to plan how to spread the juggle around, so to speak, so that I can have a few days of being useless again. Damn. Being useless is HARD. Anyway, I can take the time 4/6 or 4/7. Waiting to hear back if either of those days (preferably 4/7) are can-do days...


Happy Holy days everyone! Just a quick update...

My right pocket was revised on Tues, 4/6/17. 10 days later, it looks like these babies are gonna be twins. I'm very excited, but cautiously reserving an all out big-boobie-joy-explosion for 30 days.

Love and Prayers to all of you. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!
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It's very rare to find that EVERY great review about someone/somewhere is absolutely true. I have found that Dr. Weintraub, and his entire staff, are exactly how everyone has described them to be. Lovely, endearing, conscientious, and experts. Once you are their patient, you are THEIR patient. If something goes awry during your healing, they address it /fix it immediately. I cannot imagine ever going anywhere else, for any reason.

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