10 months yay!!!

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Ladies I am so pleased to be part of this family...

Ladies I am so pleased to be part of this family and travel on this journey with you all. I too have been cyber stalking this website for awhile before I joined. With 62 days remaining till my surgery I hope to get the support, the encouragement and the friendships that I need to get thru this. 

I opted to not share this with anyone but my husband... Why? because I feel most of my friends and family would talk me out of it and give me the be happy for what God gave you speech or the you're fine the way you are speech. Which I feel I am very easy on the eye and I have nice boobs & nice legs but something goes wrong mid south of the border I have assback my ass and my back are all in one. And the only time I appear to have a bump is if I have weight on which means I look like a dumpling. S0 at 5'8" 158lbs measurements of 36-34-41 I am opting for a brand new me. Will keep you posted.

With 53 days remaining :( my excitement is making...

With 53 days remaining :( my excitement is making me super anxious so I ordered my after surgery garments... 2 body suits, foam, ab binder and arm sleeves (yup I'm sucking fat outta my arms too). Everything totaled $306 not sure if I overplayed but I'm sooooo hyped I don't care... yet?!?

My post op garments came... Yay!

My post op garments came... Yay!

In my Quest...

Well, since this is my Quest for bootyliciousness I decided to look at other things I might want to tweak. So looking under my eyes I noticed bags and began my research journey on what to do. I discovered Juvederm which is an filler to fill in those creases around your mouth or under your eye. I went Dr. Paul Frank in NY geared myself up mentally. Got my Juvederm underneath both eyes and felt great... Until I woke with a black eye under my left eye. Yup a black eye! See in my excitement of these great changes I forgot to look up side effects. I can only laugh now because it's gone. But typical side effects I knew abt was swelling & redness not thinking that it would appear like a black eye... And I did it on Monday which meant I went to work like with hella coverup on which I don't usually were lots of makeup. However this did not or does not discourage me I'm still on my Quest... 5 wks left!!! Pray for me ladies.

26 days in counting...

I'm getting closer... In the next 26 days I will have a new body. So to prepare myself for my recovery journey I will engage myself with plenty of reading. I tend to read a range of books as well so hopefully that will occupy my time. Since I'm off during the summer and my b'day is mid August I should be nicely healed God's willing and boootylicious. I'm still in the process of buying some supplies for recovery.

With 14 more days...

With 14 more days remaining, my anxiety is a beast. I'm praying for the best results ever & a decent healing process as well. It's crazy because my gf is getting married & she wants me in the wedding, Which will be 11 days after my surgery. I'm hoping that I can hold good (light pain) for the wedding & a few pics after I should be good. NO SITTING! It's so funny because when FA (flats ass) girls talk to their friends with PA (phat ass) about asses they don't realize what a stain of low self esteem that leaves on them. We may not show it but when we try on clothes or walk next to her in the mall we hope no one looks behind us. However don't read this as a pity party it's late & I needed to get that off my chest.

I just Figured it out...

So I just figured out what I'm gonna tell the Nosey ppl on my job. See I work in the type of environment (teachers) where if u change your hairstyle, buy a new bag or just change your style of dressing it gets noticed & inspected. Soooo after speaking with NYcutie (who has been a great help) I realized that the waiste cinching regimen is SERIOUS and ONGOING! When they ask what looks different I'll tell them I'm on a "train your waiste" program. And we all know the smaller the waiste the better the curves. Yup that's what I'm going w/...

With a few more days...

I'm tying up loose ends. After befriending the lovely NYCutie who gave me a crash course lesson in fajah fit and feel she directed me to a place by me called Cara Linda where I was allowed to try on their garments. All I can say is the first set I got was sent back and returned TODAY! (with a 15% restocking fee) But after trying on several the difference in Columbian made fajahs was like comparing apples & tomatoes both fruit but different feel. I mean I broke out into a sweat and needed HELP. On another good note my medical clearance also was approved so i am set to go! Still super excited!!!!! Last weekend to get it in because I'll be on my tummy for a minute so I shall enjoy without too many drinks.

New fajahs

One mo day

So while I'm sitting here texting NYCutie... As she's giving me those last encouraging do's and don't. I'm feeling more & more confident and I'm being as realistic as I can. My expectations are to have more booty than I have now & if turns out to be a gangsta booty I'll be happy. I can't say that I would not do a round 2 tho especially if I feel it's not as big as I'd like it. But I'm very excited.... So my random thought is since the day before I gotta shower with the anti bacterial soap n I can't use lotion, my naturally dry skin is gonna be crackily. What is a girl to do? That's all till tomorrow.

The night of...

Feeling happy, excited and sleepy. I can't lie I wanna fast forward to next week Monday already tho. Pray for me ladies. I will update ya!


Sooooo I'm on my way... And while I'm riding in the car I hear Sir Mix Alots "... I like big butts and I cannot lie." Hahahaha! Feeling great we got this Samcurves.

I'm alive!!!!

Not that I thgt I wld die bcus I was hyped alll the eat thru. Lower abs on fire, ass incisions hurt. I called Jesus name several times after this is all With Percocet . Ate rice & bread, no naseau but dizzy. Tried to twerk cus I'm a fool. Garment feels like I'm in a vice grip. Other that spirits are up.

Day 2

Truth i have a higher tolerance than i thought. i Got dizzy a few times when I was walking around. Pain management is okay took one Percocet today, learned that kneeling & bending over give u relief for not sitting. I'm doing okay keep the prayers coming. Measurements were 34 waiste 41 hip butt now 29 waiste 45 hip butt


Its like your ninth month of pregnancy, things hurt, you have to go pee and getting up creates the real problem. Ironic the first night I slept but these last two nights. Yuck! It's 2:44 am and I tried on some clothes rmeassured myself and now I'm here. Kneeling... My arms which were originally on the list to get done got switched with my inner thighs. I'm glad because getting up depends on your arm and the deep breath u take to pull it all together. Feeling sleepy goodnight all.

6 days

6 days in and I'm learning how to get in & out of this vice grip and it is a Bitch. Not complaining too much because my pain is only existent when I get up from the bed or laying back down. Also suffering from being restless so to kill it I had a fashion show. I love my 1250 CC's in each cheek. The swelling is going down and Star (left cheek) Asia (right cheek) is resting well nice & plump. It's not too big & it fits my frame.

12 days in...

On the 12th day post op, I feel that I'm cheating some of you out of this experience. Yesterday was my first massage. He started with the back of my legs which felt heavenly, then he got to my back which the itching had begun and the rubbing felt heavenly. Then with pillows propping me up on my side he got to the front... Oh MY. The pain! I couldn't wait for it to be over oh wait now my other side!!! But can I tell you taking a Percocet before definitely helped (thanks for reminding me NYCutie). Afterwards I felt great and I quickly slipped in the garment... That's a first! Sidebar getting in & out of a car ass first is not sexy! Lol... The masseuse gave me a diet to follow and has me drinking canudula tea which has s lot of beneficial properties. Okay so after that appt. off to get my stitches removed. Not a great feeling but I'm healing nicely. And the itching has began. So I got some Aloe spray, I'll let u know if that works. Other than that things are going. The swelling is going down and my booty is looking more & more natural.

Thinking out loud!

I'm going to try to go the next 6 wks without sitting on my butt. I don't know how because I'm a "go out kinda girl" I mean i live for the summer. I have summers off and I was born in the summer this being cooped up can drive one insane. I look forward to Bj's trips, doc visits & my masseuse Carlos. And since my legs are still bruised I'm confined to wearing maxi dresses. :/

I think I died twice today...

Ladies I'm ending my 3rd week post op... Yay! But I started to notice that my garments were getting pinchy arnd the waist I mean actually digging in my sides, I used wool socks to protect my skin. So I decided to goto Cara Linda's and see if I cn get it taken in and purchase a new one. The mid thigh black one is being taken in 2 inches and the tan knee length is being taken in one inch. Now I'm in this small, hot quaint store trying on my new fajah and OMG! The jaws of life could not save me. I felt like I died with the help of the tiny small hand Anna tugging and pulling this baby sized panty over my booty. But she did it! I take it off bcus I'm going to my massage appt and I said I'll put it back on when I leave. Jokes on me, after struggling and pulling and tugging and hving my angel NYcutie get tuff with me and by my 3rd try after giving up...WaLLa I got it on. I don't think I plan on taking this off. Lol!

Getting my MacGyver on...

Since I'm entering my 3rd week I'm mentally & physically preparing myself to enter the world again. I need to drive, socialize & live this summer up alittle.

Cabin Fever...

Thinking out loud again... After having an eventful day in the mall and great convos with my team Booty4Real, SamCurves, MoodyParker and my sergeant lol NyCutie I realized that your garment regimen must be an actual plan that takes dedication. I haven't quit figured it out but I plan to wear it as long as I can stand give or take a few hours. So I decided that I'm ready to start living again. So I gave myself a break from my garment just to see how my body would do without it bcus I can't promise when I go out (nightlife) I'm gonna wear it. I must test the waters. Will put my straight jacket back on. But so far no difference & it's been off since 7:30 am.

Loving team tiny waistline

It feels pretty good to be at this point. I'm getting my life back... I'm driving using a cut in half yoga roll and a nice fluffy towel. It's not the best but it beats feeling confined to my house, I even went out to a restaurant with my roll. Lol! Just a diner but it felt great. Healing is going well, massages feel great but intense. I'm still coping with this straight jacket but its worth the investment. I just need to map out getting my toes done & I'm good. I started squats & planks yesterday, so I'm feeling blessed. My royal jelly has gone down but it still fits my shape.

Hunty I lived...

I lived this weekend... Yaaaaaas! I went to a bar on Friday wearing a tight mini dress feeling myself, then on Saturday I went to a BBQ in a maxi dress & the girls was feeling me lol, then on Sunday I went to an all white baby shower in white hi waisted jeans & a tiny tank feeling myself!!! I felt super refreshed! I'm not gonna lie I only wore my garment on Saturday but trust & believe when I came home I threw it on. I finally got my ab board... My thgts: it flattens ur tummy however it does not feel comfy at all. I wear it everyday & all day I even sleep in it. I still do squats & planks. I even snuck to the beach last week. What?! I gotta livvvvve!

New jelly swag...

Being in the real world is surreal with this new body. And i find myself looking to see if ppl notice me, but not my jelly but i wonder do we have new jelly swag??? Lol! I know we have a new sense of confidence but you know how when you have a new pair of shoes or new car you treat it with gentle hands so do we walk like we got a diamond in our back pockets.

On another note the Ab board works!!! My tummy looks less crinkly. Actually one of my stretch marks folded n lifted it almost looks like a keloid. But btwn the NiveaQ10, Ab board & garment it's working itself out.

Vedette 403

7 weeks & I'm still smiling...

This surgery needs to come with counseling... To go from a frump to a goddess is difficult on the brain. Let me explain, I check my measurements daily to make sure I'm not shrinking, I wonder if my new booty swag is obvious and the sharp pains in my lipo areas along with wearing this garment that snatches my inner soul day by day. But now I'm thinking abt maintenance, keeping tight abs & a round ass. I'm not even sure if I fluffed yet but it certainly jiggles as I walk. I even lost 5 lbs since... Was it worth yes!

Entering my 11 wk

The woes & pros of my bbl journey... Lets start with the good, I look great I have the incredible shrinking stomach if I keep my salt down from a 29" belly to 25.5. My jelly has maintained 42-41.5. Everyone sees the change but they're not quite sure what it is in my case I lost weight in my face as well so it goes along with my overall "new diet" lol. I love the dressing room, I brought a size XS jumpsuit from BeBe and I can fit a size 6 on the waist (but not over the butt and I love it).
Now her are the woes, that stinging pain in your lipo area doesn't disappear it subsides and then comes back. I still measure everyday and if the measuring tape slips I'll keep measuring thru out the day. The anxiety that can build up wondering if it will last (that's why I take my breaks from RS). If I have a salty day my tummy swells to 27" which plays mind tricks on me.
The garment a separate convo in its self (pls don't follow me) I HATE IT! I only wear it from 7 pm till the next day and on Sat & Sun thruout the day. I don't like wearing it at work, I don't like wearing it when I go out anywhere the only play it gets is at night!!!
I must say overall Dr. Jones did a wonderful job, I didn't bring him any wish pics I just prayed. Prayer works if you dont know now you do. I have my 3 month photo op with Dr. Jones in 1 wk Yay!

Forgot this one

3 months post op

I met with Dr. Jones today for my 3 month post op. Happy Booty Annivrsary to me. All I could do was compliment him on his work. He's truly a skilled doc I didn't go in with wish pics I just requested for him to give me what I want... To join Team Tiny waist and the Big booty brigade!!! Don't get me wrong I have my booty greed thoughts but this booty compliments my frame and it looks bootiful.

Update time...

Helloooo my lovely BBL sistahs. I'm at my 4 month bootyversary and all is well. I'm trying to keep faithful to at least a monthly update. Because this site has been such a help and I've made some great sister friends the least I can do is update my progress. So I here I go:
•Shooting pains cease to exist. Maybe once in awhile.
• I wear my garment only at night very seldom during any type of down time.
• my waist is holding btwn 26" -25.5"
• my booty seems to fluctuate from 41" -41.5" and yes that .5 mks me
• I'm still a slave to measuring
• my weight has been consistent 153lbs & I'm 5'8
• I eat healthy but I do hv my salty days (chips)
• most importantly I can't stop shopping. Officially in a size 6 if it goes over my buns...

That's all that I can think of for now. Picture time...

Hopefully these fit

Couldn't load them side by side

5 months... YaY!!!

Ode to my cake... Inspired by my sis B4R

Cake cake cake
Oh where hv u been
Having this juicy booty shld be a sin
For I never knew what it was like to look back it...
Walking proud like I am the shit

Cake cake cake
Filling out a pair of leggings
Got all the boys begging
It jiggles when I walk, it's soft n it talks...
It's says look at me this cake ain't for free...

Okay ladies hving fun in my 5 month bootyversary.

Let me get to it. I still love shopping wearing an 8 or 8P. Waist is 25.5". Aches & sharp pains hv stopped. Booty measures at 41.5 which fits my frame. My weight is maintaining at 153 & I'm 5'8".

But recently I hv noticed that my ass hurts... like my, butt muscles hv been worked. I asked my doc he says it normal but has anyone experienced sore butt???

6 months in...

Ladies I'm at my 6 month mark & I'm still holding!!! At this point my lower back tingles from time to time but I heard that's normal from my doc. My lipo swelling has gone down n I can see a nice dip in my lower back. It's funny with the butt fluffing thing bcus I'm not sure if I have or not but it looks good to me. I'm feeling good and enjoying. I do still measure daily I just need that confirmation or I'll a quick fashion show. Lol!!!!

9 months in!!!

Hello ladies... it has been a while. My own personal life has gone thru some trials and tribulations but i refuse to let it knock me down and I definitely cant forget where I came from.

So this booty... what can I say has gotten me in trouble, kept me out of trouble, but has overall made me happy. It is truly life changing!!!

I have only gained 4 lbs since I last spoke with you ladies. From 152 - 156, my waist is 26", my hip/butt is 41" .

All pains have subsided. However I did notice a small dent or dip on my right side. You can feel it more than see it because on that side my skin is darker so depending on the lighting the shadowing can look crazy. I noticed it before but never paid it much mind but i still see it from time to time. I even made an appt with Dr. Jones but had to cancel. The plan is to continue monitoring it.
I have thought about a round 2 but that is only contingent on the dent. If the dent grows then hell yea! but if it remains the same and fills out due to weight gain then I'm good. Because if my ass got any bigger and my legs remained this small everyone would question me.
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jones is a nice guy he answered my questions & gave me advice. I really like Dr.Jones he was easy to talk to. I had my aftercare and visit everything looks good. he wasnt there but the nurse was just as knowledgable as far questions.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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