Just Scheduled my Sx!!!! Sep 11th!!! - Miami, FL

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Hey ladies, so I just scheduled my Sx for sep...

Hey ladies, so I just scheduled my Sx for sep 11th!! I'm so excited and nervous. I'm a 29 year old women of color who had her first child 10 months ago. I'm 5ft even and always been petite and very unhappy with my booty shape. As I've gotten older weight seems to stick on. I've been researching bbl for the last 4 years and I'm ready now!!! I love this sight and appreciate everyone that takes the time to give there opinions, advice and share their experience as I am on the journey to do the same.

Room and board

So I booked my hotel and flight!! So excited and unreal to me.. So I'm leaving sep 10th and returning home sep 19th a total of 9days. Would you believe what I payed?? I'm staying at the Newport beach resort in which I've stayed 3x before on vac. It was only 590pp with round trip non stop flight!!! WOW YESSSS IM READY!!

4 more days

So I'm 4 days away from sx. I started vacation on sept 4 and been running around getting all my regular doctors appts up to date. My question is to the vets that have gone through with this sx.. What are the Necessary supplies? because I can't afford to buy things I don't need or think I might need when I don't need them at all. I'm staying at the Newport beach resort in which I'm very familiar with. I'm still in shock of the vacation package I paid for with round trip and a 9 day suite at newport of just $576pp. My fiancé and daughter will be by my side for my journey. My mother wants to come and I really hope she does because I can bet that even though my fiancé said he will let me recovery that I will have my baby like any other day. She's 1 and such a great baby but I'm still mommy. I was told to lost 15lbs. I started at 186 and now I'm 172 and I'm 5 ft even. I want to keep loosing for the next 4 days

In Miami

So today I arrived in Miami with my support team which includes my husband and 1yr old baby girl and my very much concerned mother. my pre op appointment was scheduled for 2oclock in which I got there at 115 because its literally 7 mins from my hotel!!! Fabulous!!! When I stepped in the office I felt like I had made a great choice. I had to fill out some paperwork and shortly after I was greeted in by Ms Nomie. Nomie was very welcoming and explained everything and answered any and every question my mother, husband and I had. My appointment is 12pm Wednesday morning, so freaking excited and anxious. The family is going out to the Cheesecake Factory for my last meal.
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