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I've noticed that most of the reviews for Dr....

I've noticed that most of the reviews for Dr. Shahine are fairly old. I'm strongly considering allow Dr. Shahine as my cosmetic surgeon. I'm very impressed by his gallery photos, and I haven't seen many bad reviews. In any profession, especially one which involves public service, it's nearly impossible to escape the scrutiny of the public. As a result, I haven't found the bad reviews alarming enough to completely abandon ship. I've also entertained the idea of Dr. Duran, but wasn't able to find a credible web site or any credentials.

Objective Female Hoping to Meet YOU in D.R. (July 2016)

Initially, I didn't want to create a timeline of my journey. It seemed a bit superficial. However, reading other people's experiences has led me to believe documenting my experiences might actually benefits others. I don't want to bombard you with useless information nor do I want it to become a venting board. I want to remain as objective as possible, and hopefully meet and share ideas with other objective women.Expected Date: July 2016After overcoming a variety of personal obstacles, I feel like a new person. I am secure in most areas of life, but my objective is to be secure in ALL areas, specifically my body. I'm 5'6 and I'm a size 8. I feel confident in clothes, but not as confident without them. I have a few extra pounds around the tummy, waist, and I've recently discovered I have flanks. (New term for me (>:)I'm an aspiring boutique owner. Well actually I'm an expat whose aspiration is to own a boutique. I'm in love with fashion, and I'm hoping to model my clothing. My wish list includes the dresses I'm hoping to wear. (Date night only)I want conservative body. I don't want my body to be a distraction in the workplace, but definitely a distraction after hours! I haven't decided on the procedures, yet. I'd like the surgeon to decide.I've researched 4 surgeons: Shahine, Robles, Duran, and Yily.Shahine: Great gallery pictures, but communication is poor. I've spoken to 2 representatives, but neither followed up. I was quoted 2 different prices for the same procedure.Robles: Decent to great gallery pics, and excellent communication. Initial email was very professional and informative.Duran: I love her Real Self gallery pics and feedback BUT I have not been able to find a reputable website.Yily: Great gallery pics, but communication is poor. The "information email" seemed a bit brash. It seemed as though it might have been a response to the criticism posted on Real Self. Ending on a good note, she has an all inclusive package.

Which Doctor....

It's time to make a choice, but I do not want to move too quickly. As I scroll thru the BBL photos, I find that I don't like many of the photos. However, each time I found a photo that I liked and clicked on it, it belonged to Robles or Pizzoglio. I take that as a sign I should pick one of the two.

Robles's customer service has been awesome. However, I contacted Pizzoglio and I cannot say the same. Customer service is important to me, and his assistant didn't seem as inviting.

I like the aforementioned surgeons because they tend to provide a more conservative butt lift. I don't want a huge bottom; I want a noticeably shapely bottom, but not one the size of two basketballs.


I've come to the conclusion that I might as well opt for VIP package which includes surgery, accomodations, transportation, etc. I can't be bothered with the hassle of finding a recovery house anymore. Either way, it is a gamble, but if I must gamble, I'd rather do so in the most cost effective way. July will be here soon, and until them my focus needs to be on fitness, diet, and character. I literally feel as though this decision has lifted a burden. I must keep in mind that I am favored by the Universe so what shall I fear. No need to concern myself with inconsequential conceptions. *mettle

Finding a Qualified Surgeon in DR


Ladies, I think we should take advantage of the aforementioned site. It lists the members of the DR plastic and reconstructive surgery board. I found my doctor on the list which eases a few concerns.

However, my next job is to determine the criteria a doctor must meet in order to become a member. Some professional organizations ask members to pay a fee; while others force the members to undergo professional development and adhere to rigorous standards.

The site is in Spanish so if anyone can translate, that would be helpful.

Take Your Time

I'm typically led by my spirit. Hence, I feel completely comfortable with Dr. Robles. However, I still can't help but think I put the cart before the horse. Before I invested in a deposit, flight, vitamins, etc. I should have THOROUGHLY investigated my surgeon. Indeed, I investigated, but I found myself drawn into a world of can she make me aesthetically appealing versus can she ensure my safety and health. After further research, I'm even more confident but if I decide to undergo the process again--I will take more time.

Vitamins and Flight

Well, I've purchased my vitamins! Eating healthy! And pushing myself to exercise. Further, my flight has been purchased. There's nothing left except my CBC (end of the month), losing 25 lbs, and making it there (alive and well)--and leaving (alive and well).

Initially, I did not want to blog, but in all honesty, I think it's a good idea.

Oh, and here is my wish pic!

I wasn't sure how to change the doctor's name so I...

I wasn't sure how to change the doctor's name so I created a new review forum. I want to make certain I make it clear: I'm TEAM ROBLES. I'm very confident in her ability to provide the body I desire. I'm super excited as going to S. America not only fulfills my beauty goals, but it also gives me an opportunity to explore another continent. Laura, her assistant, has been awesome. I'm praying that

Lost one pound

I lost one pound!


I never realized the value of Real Self! I'm a semi-private person. Indeed, I'm an open book if I believe my experience can help someone. But for the most part, I'm pretty private.

Yet, I can't help but notice how many times I've sought and found refuge on Real Self as I prepare for my surgery--hence its's my responsibility to return the favor to the Universe.

I have a head ache. Initially I thought it might be from the vitamins, but ummmm I think it might be the head piece I'm wearing. (Random)

Removing head piece and moving forward--I'm concerned about traveling with a lot of money. I'm totally considering a cashier check, if they're even in existence anymore. I'm just not keen on traveling 3 continents with large wads of cash. To the point where it is almost a deal breaker. I've paid my deposit and even booked my flight. However, I have a lay over in NYC and maybe I can just stay there and see Dr. Shahine who was my first pick.

I'm accustomed to traveling, but not accustomed to traveling with a large amount of money. I've solved everything except the money issue,

Weight Loss (Lost and Found)

My face isn't on a missing poster so I'm not sure how "she" found me. She must have been lurking in that glass of red wine or the double croissant I found most appetizing. Or maybe she has been meeting me at the Happy Potato, or Starbucks! I though cutting back and eating mostly healthy would suffice, but obviously not! It's time to go hard. From this day forward, I will document my diet and exercise plan.

*Starting tomorrow, I will partake in the 10 day smoothie challenge. For the next ten days, water will be my favorite beverage; nuts and apples will be my snack; and a garden salad and broccoli will be my dinner.

And above all, exercise will be in full force.!

The devil is a lie! My surgery is in less than 45 days! Pounds be gone!

And seven pounds swam away...

Ladies, I am super excited. I lost 7 lbs in 4-5 days, and no, I haven't starved myself. I am so very excited. Literally, I've been drinking at least 4 liters of water per day, 2 green smoothies, a salad and a veg for dinner--and throughout the day I snack on nuts, fruits, authentic green tea leaves (drink), and water. Each morning I drink at least one liter of water. As soon as I open my eyes, I grab the water from my night stand and drink it all. This sends me to the restroom instantly. My goal is to have at least 2-3 b.m. per day. Too much information.

In addition to this, I've been hitting the gym daily. I talk a walk in the morning, and in the afernoon, following work, I hit the gym.

I was so discouraged the other day when I discovered I'd gained weight. I immediately created a group chat and invited my closest friends. I needed someone to hold me accountable. In addition to my day job, I sell hair extensions. A black chic in China, ha ha ha---why not!? Who knows more about hair than us! I love going to the factories---at any point, here is my point...

I made a bet with my girlfriends that if I did not post a picture of a smoothie and a treadmill everyday for the next ten days--I'd give EVERYONE in the group chat one free bundle of hair.

Laughing--I'm sure they are waiting for me to slip!

I'm so motivated! With my best gal pals on my team how can I lose.

However, very few of them know about my surgery. It's not actually a secret, but I really do not want any of the negative feedback. Especially since I've made up mind.


Well, I am almost there! I am excited. Deposit Paid! Flight Booked! Will purchase supplies upon arrival! Lost 7 lbs!

Now, I need to lose 15 more pounds and figure out if I'm going to pay in advance--I think I will. However, I will not pay Western Union. I think that's a bit tricky. I've read the small print and Western Union will not reimburse you in any form or fashion. I'd feel safer wiring the money.

I worked out this morning--as I have been doing everyday for the last ten days. I've been stuck at 180 lbs for the last few weighing periods. I really need to lose 15 lbs before my surgery date.

I want my arms lipo'd, too. If I have to choose, I'd rather have lipo on my full stomach, back, and arms--and injections to the hips. I know you can't have too much at one time--

I'd love a nice shapely butt, but I don't want just a butt. I want a shape! I've viewed some gallery photos---and I don't see a shape, I just see a huge rump!

Just my random crazy thoughts!



This is a very helpful article about iron intake. It's a must read!

Pre Surgery Status

I can't wait until my status changes to 1 month pre! I need to lose 15 more pounds. I know I can do it! I got this. I weigh myself daily. Keeps me motivated.


It's almost that time!

Comfy Dresses

I'm so excited! I just ordered 7 comfortable dresses--one for each day at the RH. A few of the dresses have pockets so that's pretty dope! Plus very affordable! I'm a nervous wreck about the RH--I hope it's nice. I've been speaking to the point of contact at VIP and she seems nice enough. She sent pictures, promptly answered questions, and seemed genuinely interested in my concerns.

Almost There

Today I am 79.5 kilos! I am super excited. After dinner, I will go for a run and then enjoy a spinach, apple, and protein smoothie. I'm excited about my life in general. I'm excited about the journey, and even the climb. If anything goes wrong, I will never wish I had not pursed my dreams; I'd only wish it turned out right! But the Universe is on my side. I'm doing everything in my power and will to ensure I'm healthy. Initially I used surgery as a reason to eat more (ha ha ha) but in retrospect that was quite silly.

Still working out and eating healthy...

It's almost that time. Each day I grow more and more excited. I'm working out and exercising. I'm dying to eat gummy worms though.

Less than 15 days

Sighing! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Am I writing this blog as my last testament to the world???? Haaa! I doubt it! I'm so dramatic! However, I will say this: I WILL NEVER REGRET chasing my dreams; I'd only regret it did not go as planned.

Now another note...

I'm so confused about this recovery house issue. I settled on the VIP package which included the recovery house, AND I have been under the impression that I'd stay at Virginia's (VIP) Here come the BUT---BUT I've now realized that even though I've been talking to the contact for Virginia's RH on a regular basis, there's a huge possibility that I might be thrown into another RH because simply put: you cannot guarantee your RH.

I'm also concerned that if I decline the VIP package I will spend more money on medicine. I'm prepared to spend 200 bucks on post surgery prescriptions, but without the VIP, I think I will responsible for supplies, medicine (all of these things are included in the VIP)

Another thought:

I'm leaning towards getting my own RH. I'm torn between Oasis and Visage of Grace---

Choices! Choices! Choices!

Almost that time...

Other than my vitamins and attire, I have not purchased anything! Based on my understanding, the supplies will be provided, and anything extra, I'll purchase when I arrive. I'm both nervous and excited!

Headed to DR tomorrow

Well I'm headed to DR tomorrow~I'm praying everything works out! A little nervous because I came on my monthly. Hence I'm concerned about my iron.

Keep you updated

I will try my BEST to keep you updated! I'm hoping my healthy eating and exercise will ensure a speedy recovery!


Praying my blood work tells a perfect tale.

Feeling optimistic

Feeling optimistic and that's the whole truth! But there are times when optimitism has led to grave disappointments. So while I'm being optimistic, I'm also preparing myself for reality for reality is just that-reality! Either way, I will find goodness in the situation. Traveling to a different country is always fun and I've met some great people along the way

I'm Here!

I'm in DR. I have a lot to say, but first I need to settle in. Thus far the good outweighs the bad.

Today is the DAY

Yesterday, I felt a bit frustrated. However, I'm rejuvenated! Today is the day. The doctor has shared her vision via marking my body. I'm excited and a bit nervous. It feels like a dream. Wish me luck


I made it! After I took the blue pill, I fell asleep and when I woke up, I was in my hospital room. I really wish I had stayed awake long enough to se operating room; however, I can assure you the PLASTI CENTER is very clean and smells good, especially the bathroom area. I'm a clean freak so I'd know the difference between someone who cleans for when she's having company and someone who cleans daily

Day 1 post op

I always wondered why my RS sisters seem to fall off the face of the Earth after surgery. Well, now I know! I don't remember any parts of my surgery. I took the blue pill and I can't tell you if I was walked or rolled into surgery. I only remember waking up in my hospital bed with tears in Myers because my arms hurt. Then I fell asleep again. The pain is real. However, the uneasiness in my stomach is worse. I'm not a medicine person so the medicine makes me feel so uncomfortable. I will post pics 7 days post op. I am not sure how I feel about my body yet. I don't love it nor do I dislike it. Idk


This has been quite an experience. I promise to update and include all details. Right now, I need to rest, but when I'm up (and I will be up very soon) I have so much to share. I've been skeptical in terms of believing the horror stories, but being here, I know they occur. I thank God that I'm healing fairly well, some complications, but nothing to be concerned about. I'm mainly uncomfortable. There are painful moments of course but mainly you feel uncomfortable (tons of meds, language barrier, lack of communication from doctors, and needles--the injections) Again, I haven't experienced anything unbearable, but I have been uncomfortable. So far, I love my results but would I do this again, hell to the naw, to the naw naw naw. Not in DR and not in USA
After all this, I just need to maintain the body I have. I am sure 3 months from now I will be feeling great.

Short Update

Sorry for the lack of updates. After surgery, it took about 4 to 6 weeks for me to feel like myself, and I'm still in the recovery process. My body looks okay to good. Ultimately, I think I'd rate it a good. However, there is still lots of swelling and hard spots. Based on my research, it's normal so I'm not alarmed. Each week, my body gets stronger and my waist gets smaller.

As for Robles, I'm still in no mood to write a review about her, but believe me, I'll get to it. In short, she can give you a great body, but it's all you can count on!

As for RH, Oasis RH was awesome. Had it not been for my RH nurses, plus the owner, I have no idea what I would've done. The RH was clean, and for the most part, the food was good. The nurses, especially Judy, were sweet.

I promise to add pics soon. For now I want to heal...

Oh, and just a little extra. My friend went to Dr. Mallol, and she said he was absolutely awesome. Her body looks wonderful, and his follow up was on point. He even answered a few of my questions because Dr. Robles ....

He did not know she was my doctor of course. I did not reveal that aspect,--but he answered general questions about the healing process. Wonder why I couldn't ask Robles?????

3 Months Post

Quick update! I have not posted pictures because I'm not comfortable with my new body. Most days I love it, and other days I am not sure. There is still swelling and pain, but I've gotten used to it. I guess I'm a true six month healer.

I have an idea that I'll probably need a round 2. I'd like a rounder bottom, and definitely larger hips.
On the other hand, I may be placing the cart before the horse. I know it takes 6 months to truly see your results.

I'm still going to look for a round 2 doctor--just in case. I'd love to use Robles again, but I wouldn't want to subject myself to the carelessness displayed in her office.

To be fair, I think your experience will be based on the assistant you're working with. Don't be fooled, the person who books the appointment is not the person you'll deal with when you arrive.

My friend had a wonderful experience, but she was under the care of another assistant.

Round 2

Preparing for Round 2!

Dr. Robles (Quick and Sweet)

Dr. Robles does great work! For the most part, I am satisfied with my body. On a scale of 1-10, I'm a 7.5--(body). My upper body has more definition. My stomach is flat; my waist is small; and my butt is perky.

Hence my problem with Robles isn't her work...

My problem is her staff's laissez faire attitude. I can't necessarily point fingers at Robles as I barely interacted with her which can be seen as a problem as well. Her attitude (based on my experience) is mechanical. Your body is placed on the production line and emerges beautifully.

I'd assume she hired her staff (receptionist, assistants, drivers etc.) to attend to "everything else" but (ummmm)

The driver seemed rude. Initially, he seemed pleasant, but upon questioning him about why he was instructing me to exit his van and enter another van (after picking me up from the airport) he became quite defensive. My reaction to such a request doesn't need to be explained...

When I finally reached the office, the receptionist was quite sweet. Very sweet. However, she was unable to provide information about appointment time/ doctor availability.

I sat in the office for over 5 hours--waiting on (literally I don't know). After voicing my impatience and disappointment, Dr. Robles's assistant took pictures, assigned a RH (which I declined), etc.

I did not see Dr. Robles. I did not receive pre surgical instructions although I was assured I'd have surgery the next day. And when I contacted the assistant via her personal WhatsAp to inquire about the time of surgery: no reply.

The next day I returned knowing absolutely nothing---

Blah blah blah....

Needless to say, the surgery was performed that day, and luckily the nurses at the RH prepped me for surgery. Yes, you receive the instructions via email, but emailed instructions can't thoroughly prepare you.

All in all, after the surgery, communication was non existent. It was difficult to get anyone to reply to my concerns. I made my own appointments by simply showing up and forcing them to see me.

She removed my drains before I left bc I was not comfortable boarding the plane with them.

It's hard for me to recommend or not recommend her. Her facility is clean, and she does great work. However, if you're looking for a nurturing and predictable environment then....

To end on a high note, she has one assistant who's absolutely great. I've heard wonderful things about her from other patients.

Actually I met her on a few brief occasions, and enjoyed our interactions. She made me feel very comfortable. (At the time she was 9 months pregnant so I'm assuming she'd been assigned a limited workload.)

Merry Go Round

Mallol or Robles. I vowed I'd never return to Robles, not because her work isn't great. I'm satisfied with her work; however, I wasn't pleased with the lack of communication. In retrospect, I realize it was the assistant's lack of communication rather than Robles---but still, her assistant is a reflection of her. And to be fair, it was only one of the assistants. Sighs. Choices.

I want to return to Robles because I was satisfied with her work and she is familiar with my body/her work. On the other hand, I love Mallol's work, and his communication is exceptional.

No more procrastination

Finally paid my deposit. Looking for a surgery buddy. Time to kick into gear.

Ticket Purchased

It just got real!!! Hurry up July!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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