ready for BBL with Alvarez

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Has anyone had bbl done in NYC for around...

Has anyone had bbl done in NYC for around 5,000-6,000 ? I am interested in getting this procedure done in NYC if possible but dr Schulman is charging 12,000 which is double my budget and I don't want to fly to Miami to get it done because of something goes wrong I'll have to fly back to get it fixed where as if I stay local it'll be easier to fix. Please provide your experience and how much you paid ! Thank you in advance.

Going with Llorente

Hi everyone,

I decided to go with dr. Llorente. The price seems good and he has good reviews from people that I spoke to from here.

If anyone has had used Llorente please give me feedback. Thank you.

Booked with Alvarez on August 18 !

Hi everyone,

So after stalking a bunch of real self profiles and instagrams of a lot of dolls and plastic surgery places I finally decided to book with spectrum aesthetics and have dr. Alvarez do my BBL procedure.

I contacted them and at first Stephanie was my coordinator but she never called me back and was never available. I then started taking to Stephanie after I DMed spectrum in anger and Stephanie always helped me with everything. Although you have to keep following up with her. She always answers ur questions promptly.

I had to give in blood work but I live in NY so I had to pay for my blood work to be done. The total cost was $144 at a Labcorp. Spectrum said they would credit me $50 towards the survey. So far I have paid $500 (cash) for the deposit. The rest I plan on paying through carecredit. They have a 24 month and a 36 month plan. That's less than $200 a month and basically $50 a week which is very affordable.

I was taking 2 ironpills (65mg) each with a calcium chewable tablet every day to get my hemoglobin up. I was very nervous my iron was going to be too low or my blood sugar was too high. I always assume the worst. But everything was fine.

I was following the advise of many dills that have gone through the surgery. Please take a look at my saved notebooks for their profiles. It helped me tremendously and will help you too on your journey.

I was going to book a recovery house but my boo agreed to Come with me and take care of me. We will be staying at an air b&b half the time and a hotel half the time. I will be staying in Miami for the recommended 6 days.

I will post some before and after photos ASAP.

My height is 5'3 and I am around 170lbs.

My main focus is getting rid of my stubborn stomach and dat rolls on flanks. I would love a defined waist and a round bubble butt.

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