At Last...LIPO and BBL. New York City, NY

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I've always been told that my body is perfect,...

I've always been told that my body is perfect, that it just needs a little toning up, but that I shouldn't do any plastic surgeries. But, as some of you know, no matter what people tell you, you still feel like you have to do something because that little or big area of your body bothers you. I had my son in 2010, and soon after I had a lipo procedure done for my flanks (love handles). It was performed in NYC and I have to say, I was very satisfied with it. Now, 6 years later, I've decided that I want to do lipo on my stomach, full back, and BBL. I feel somewhat nervous, but excited. Can't wait for next week! I'll post some before & after pics.

Getting ready!

Let the countdown begin...2 days left! I'm beginning to feel anxiety...yikes! These last 2 days I've been drinking natural juices-green, red, and yellow. In addition, taking my vitamin C, iron and bromlaine pills. I've been light on meals (fish, grilled Ckn, sweet potatoes, veggies, salads & soups). I was worry about drinking coffee, but I was given the green light, so I still get to have it once a day. But, I will but have it tomorrow at all since my sx is the next day. I'll continue to keep u posted. :)

Wish pics

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Since I met Dr. Sadeh, like 10 yrs ago, he's been very nice and professional.

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