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I have been planning to get some sort of buttock...

I have been planning to get some sort of buttock augmentation for several years now. But life as it is always found a way to stop me. This time I was determined to finally do this for ME!!!

My initial consultation was on 2/1/16. And Yes, it did take me a few tries to reach the office before I was able to schedule my appointment. The consultation went smoothly. Dr. D was very forward and straight to the point. He did not butter me up and was very realistic with the expected outcomes. He did however tell me that he would get me very good results (based on my wishes and areas of concern).

It took a couple of weeks to actually book the surgery date. He is a very busy and highly coveted surgeon. My pre-op was on 3/21/16. At that time Dr. D took all the pics (naked). I made sure to let him know that I was not looking for subtle results and that I want him to place fat in the buttocks and my hips. He assured me that he would suck everything out. Lol

I had my long awaited BBL with Dr. Del Vecchioon 4/18/16. 2500 cc's of fat was injected into each buttock/hip. I was secretly hoping for more but I'm still satisfied with the amount I received.

My surgery was 9 days ago. I am now aware that finding a good surgeon, purchasing supplies, taking time off of work is the easy part. The recovery is the Hardest part. The support network for after the surgery is very important and the work you have to put in after the surgery to obtain and maintain the desired results. I will post a few entries to potentially help anyone who is planning on getting the BBL and get any advice from the BBL vets who did everything right following the surgery and are now able to live their lives to the fullest without worrying about destroying their new assets :).
I will post pics in a couple of days.

10 days post op

Just wanted to document my progress. I am feeling better and more mobile. Still unable to put on clothes by myself as I'm not able to bend my back or my knees much (both legs are still pretty swollen).
I am still sore and stiff. Placing a heating pad on my legs seems to help loosen up the muscles and makes moving around easier.
I am wearing my full length compression garment from Leonisa along with compression stockings 24/7 (take it off only to take a shower).
My bruising is much less tender to touch and is starting to fade (I'm bruised from upper chest to calves).
Last night was the first time I woke up only once to use the bathroom. On day 2 I woke up every hour on the hour. Days 3-7 I woke up 3 time each night. Days 8-9 woke up twice each night.
I can now say that after day 7 things really do get better. I'm not out of the woods yet, but definitely feel like I'm on my way.
I will post a list of items that I purchased and used for this journey.

Day of treatment

Day of treatment

14 days Post Op

Today makes 14 days since my surgery. The bruising is slowly fading away. I am still swollen and sore. Still unable to bend all the way. I have had 3 lymphatic drainage massages so far. They do make my body feel better.
I am now almost sleeping through the entire night. I wake up just once or twice to use the bathroom. Mornings are the worst. I feel very stiff and sore in the morning. My arms and hands are constantly losing feeling (tingling sensation) from sleeping on them, using arms and hands to prop myself up and pick myself up after laying down.
I'm pretty much walking upright but rather slowly. I really have to applaud the ladies who return to work after just two weeks following this surgery, however everyone heals differenty. I'm truly grateful to have two more weeks off.
I have started using my ab board as the bruising on my stomach is now subsiding . I'm hoping that it will even out my stomach as there are now small dents and imperfections on it.
I will be posting a few pics and a list of items that I purchased before the surgery and actually used.

14 days Post Op

14 days Post Op.

Post surgery sitting pillows

Has anyone tried the Dr Miami Super Booth Buddy??
I bought the Boot Buddy and ended up returning it as it was too soft and sunk in very easily. I have the BBL pillow but it's very firm and although it does not sink in, it's not very comfortable. I have to sit all day at my job and don't think I want to sit on this cushion for 8 hrs.
I was considering buying the Dr Miami cushion. Has anyone tried it??

My pre op supply list

Here are the things I purchased and used for the post op recovery.

-female urinal/EZP (Life saver!!!!)
-compression garments from Leonisa (I highly recommend buying the full length garments, not the knee high ones)
-high compression anti-embolism stockings
-protein powder
-pineapple juice
-Smart water & Gatorade (for replenishing electrolytes)
-frozen fruit
-Magic Bullet (for mixing shakes and smoothies)
-low sodium foods
-Extra strength Tylenol (prescription meds were making me sick, only took half doses when really necessary)
-body pillow
-wedge pillow
-boppy pillow
-neck pillow
-Dial anti bacterial soap
-first aid spray
-baby wipes
-arnica gel and pills (didn't use much)
-Make Me Heal pre op and post op vitamins (used all pre op and using the post op off and on)

Items I bought and have not yet used:
-BBL pillow
-large pool noodles (to place on the toilet bowl for thigh support)
-lawn chair (with a cut out hole for my butt)
My thighs are very sore and swollen so I am not yet able to sit on them.

Things I would have purchased if I knew what this recovery would Really entail for me:
-grabber (to grab, pick up things)
-knee pads
-elbow pads

This is all I can think of. I hope this helps you ladies with surgery preparations. :)

15 days Post Op

6 weeks Post Op

It's been six or so weeks since the surgery and today was the first time I sat down/laid down on my new ASSet. Not by choice either (dental appointment). It was for no more than 10 minutes and I positioned my butt in the part where the chair folds and held/propped myself up with my feet a bit, but still...it was kind of like sitting. Felt weird. Uncomfortable. Foreign. I will hold out for a few more weeks before I Really sit.

My butt is Starting to soften up, but far from being really soft and jiggly. Lost very little volume and was assured by dr. D that I won't lose anymore, but I think that I still have a ways to go.

I still wear my Leonisa compression garment for pretty much 24hrs a day. I would love to go without it but my body doesn't want me to. So I listen to my body.
I swell up each time I'm outside in this NY heat. Still have hard spots on the sides of my stomach and upper back. Still have a bit of swelling in the pelvic area and thighs. Lower back is still sore. Some irregularities in my stomach. I'm impatiently waiting for this healing process to be over before I even think about any revisions.

My skin gets very itchy at night. I have tried several lotions but the only thing that relieves the itching for me is the CeraVe anti itch cream (not lotion). It's a bit pricey but it's worth the itch free sleep. I also ocassionally get sharp/shock pains in random places (butt, lower back, stomach, pelvis). I rub them to make the pain go away. I still sleep only on my stomach. Most nights I sleep thru the night. Mornings are the worst. I wake up sore and very stiff.

I hope this info helps someone.

This recover really is a Journey!
Boston Plastic Surgeon

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