After 10 Years, I Have Decided to Get a Breast Reduction (34HH) - New York

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Tomorrow is my big day! No pun intended. As I...

Tomorrow is my big day! No pun intended. As I prepare for this new chapter in my life -- relearning to love my new shape -- I celebrate my body as it is. I did a photoshoot embracing my beautiful 34HH breasts - check it out! 

2 Day Post-Op Update! - Are These Side Effects Normal? (Bloody Nose & Gas)

2 days post op!

Please let me know if any of this is normal for healing process:

bloody nose (my nose isn't running blood but there is so much dried blood in my nose. I'm wondering if it's from the tubes during surgery)

itchy and sore stitches

stomach gas (I was warned about constipation. I haven't had a bowel movement yet and it is hard to pass gas).

tight chest (I expected this)

Other than the few healing side effects, my spirits are in a good place :-). I have my follow up appointment next week.

1 Week Post Op -- Bloating,

Swelling has gone down a teeny bit. The soreness has stopped a bit. I just get these annoying shoots of pain. My Doc says it's my nerves rewiring, My right breast has a weird lumpy shape around the nipple but my dr says it will settle into a normal appearance over time. Anyone else had that issue?

The other pain I deal with is from my sutures under my breasts. I can't wait to get those out. My Dr. removed the nipple sutures last week. There was some glue left on my breast and I washed it off over a few days with the help of neosporin and bacitracin (alternatively -- not together. you can use one or the other. no need for both)

Also, sooo over wearing a surgical bra. I guess I'm so excited about smaller breasts that I'm anxious to go braless lol.

One last thing: I am super bloated! I thought I had gained a ton of weight from being so sedentary these past few weeks. Turns out many people get big bellies after surgery. Not sure why. I saw a forum on RS and others, and plenty women said they had "pregnant-looking" bellies after surgery. I hope the tummy goes down soon!

One year later...

I blogged about all the things I've learned and experienced a year after breast reduction surgery. See it here:
New York Plastic Surgeon

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