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I am 5’3”, 142 lbs, married and mother...

I am 5’3”, 142 lbs, married and mother of a teenage boy.

I’ve been on the heavy side throughout my life. I was 174 when I got pregnant and went to 225. Afterwards I’ve been between 180-200. I was able to stick to my plan of losing the weight which took me about 2 years going down to 135 – weight watchers. Within 5 years gained 25 back and then last October managed to go down to 142 and kept it off since. Since losing all the weight (about 7-8 years) I been toying with the idea of a tummy tuck but money, fear, etc cloud it up. Although the facts remained the same I decided to get more informed about the procedure to see if I still wanted it for me. I’ve read about it in different sites I googled, watched live video of the surgery and got a bit discourage, kept reading more, blogs etc. and overcame the fear. I became determined, convinced myself that the pain and struggle would be manageable and with a loving supportive husband I was going to be ok.

I looked up some ASPS surgeons in my area and decided to start with emails to 2 or 3 of them. If no one answered I would then call or walk in to inquire. Dr R office manager replied the next day and we set a consultation appointment. Dr R was very kind and informative. I told him I was interested in a tummy tuck but also was considering a breast lift. He evaluated me and also recommended lipo on the lower back. His office assistant, who is also his wife, gave me the quote for each individual procedures and then a total (16,000 vs. 17,800 for my case) if I decided on all for the same day. I told them I would talk it over with my husband and get back to them. I left with a very good feeling about the Dr.

I went home did some more research on the doctor, crunch up some numbers and talked about it with my husband for a few weeks. I made the decision to go forward with it and went back for a pre-op visit. Dr R went over the procedures again, my husband and I had our questions answered and proceeded to pick the day. I was lucky enough to have it done in 4 weeks which worked with my job.

I needed to get medical clearance which included a mammogram and was able to act on it on time. I financed 2/3 of the cost and if everything goes as plan I’ll be able to pay it in 18 months no interest.

Afterwards it was planning – cleaning, groceries, clothing, prescription, and amazingly not much nerves. My Hubby was the one worried – he kept asking me if I was sure about and saying if I decided to back of I was fine just the way I was. But I was determined this is what I wanted and since I was able to pull it off I was going for it.

Thursday May 12 - Surgery day
My husband and I arrive at 8am but I was seen at 9am. The nurse went over some questions, we talked about how I was going to feel after the surgery, how I was going to walk, lay in bed, to drink lots of fluids, etc. She instructed me to change to my gown.

Dr R came in and went over the surgery steps (1st lipo on the lower back then the breast and last the tummy).

Following came in the anesthesiologist Dr G who explained the anesthesia process.

At around 10am I said goodbye to my husband and then followed the nurse into the operating room where Dr G began the anesthesia process and just like no time had lapsed I woke up all done.

I was very sleepy but conscious, no pain. The nurse demonstrated the carrying of the drains (4) and provided us with the log and written instructions. I was feeling a bit nauseas so I was given a nausea sucking pill that Dr R had prescribed. I was helped to the bathroom, changed into my loose yoga pants, front-zipped cotton shirt, and slide in moccasins. I was sat on a wheelchair, wheeled to the front, helped walk down the stairs and wheeled to the car. My husband drove us home where my family helped me get comfortable into bed and gave me my meds.

For me drinking from a straw made me cough, it was easier to take a gulp of water and swallow it at once. I was able to have a few spoons of low sodium soup with 1 low sodium cracker – other than that water. I took pain med (vicodin) every 4 hours and antibiotic (keflex) every 6 (4xday for 7 days)

Dr R called to check up on me, asked that I called him on his cell phone if anything came up and said he would call the next day.

Friday - Day 2
No pain, just a bit dizzy and sleepy from the meds. I needed help to get of the bed to go to the bathroom. I ate small amount of foods – 1 egg, yogurt, soup w/crackers, rice w/steamed fish and applesauce. Dr R called and said to drink prune juice to help with bowel movement and to remove the faja, put on a tanktop and the faja back on. He advise to have someone do this and to make a marking on where the closure was at to put on back in the same spot. My sister-in-law did this for me. I got very dizzy with the faja off but once back on I was ok. Although I managed to sleep it was uncomfortable to sleep on my back. Began taking vicodin every 6hrs

Saturday - Day 3
Pretty much the same as day 2 – I was able to get a BM, it was not so much painful but very uncomfortable to get it going but once started very relieved. I moved to a recliner, spend the day and slept the night there - better than the bed. Began taking ½ vicodin every 6 hrs and a whole one at nighttime.

Sunday - Day 4
Again the same but no longer dizzy or sleepy, walking almost straight, small meals, mashed sweet potato with a bit of fat free milk n a dab of unsalted butter with steamed chicken for dinner. Down to 1 vicodin at nighttime and ½ midday.

Monday - Day 5
Same a day 4 – Dr R office call to check on me and to say Dr R wants to see me tomorrow at 4pm and he will most likely remove the drains from the breast.

Tuesday – Day 6
Every day I feel better than the day before. After my sponge bath I got dressed into my yoga pants, front-zipped shirt and sneakers. Applied some face powder and felt more like my old self. Dr R office called to reschedule for tomorrow at 11am.

No pics yet... I know how helful they are so I'll try later on to get them in :)

I hope you decide on going for it and that it goes as good as it has been for me or better :)

Saturday 5/28 – Day 17 Every day it gets easier...

Saturday 5/28 – Day 17
Every day it gets easier. I have not taken any pain meds for over a week. My tummy drains were finally removed Wednesday (Day 14)… they were 15cc & 25cc/24hrs – it was quick and painless for me thank God! On this day he removed all surgical tapes and clipped any stitches that were sticking out. PS instructed me to wear my binder 24/7 – this will most likely be for another 4 weeks and to put on bandage/gauze on the drain incisions until they heal. He said to expect to be swollen but it will go away as I heal. I can shower again! 1st time my hubby helped me but after on my own – just taking it slow to avoid any mishaps. I purchased another binder to have a spare when I wash it. I didn’t by another bra garment – I hand wash it and put it in the dryer for about 20-30 minutes which is not a long time with it off (I forgot to ask how if he wants me to wear it for the same amount of time as the binder but will call Wed. to find out). Everything looks good – will try to take a picture to post a before/after view.
I managed to go grocery shopping yesterday – here in NYC everything is walking distance and the market is just 1 long block away. This shop has delivery option so that was great too! I was a bit tired but it also has to do with the weather – warm and humid. I managed well to put everything away, had a small snack and rested – within a few minutes I was ok. I didn’t swell more than usual so I was happy about that. I will continue to avoid any lifting or similar stuff to insure a seamless recovery :)

Sunday 5.29 - Day17 Just added some pics - the...

Sunday 5.29 - Day17
Just added some pics - the after ones were taken today.
Everything is going well... of course swelling is an issue as expected but no pain - back to work on Wed :(

Saturday 6/4 - Day 23 I started work Wed. but...

Saturday 6/4 - Day 23
I started work Wed. but just worked for 1/2 day since I needed to see my PS. Work was good - I work in an office. Just a few of my co-workers know about my sx - the others didn't noticed anything different :)
My PS said everything is looking good, removed a couple of stitches from my back from the lipo and gave me a silicone sheet to cut into size to cover all the scars.
The other 2 days were full days but felt great even in the evening - swelling levels are getting lower every day.
I been sleeping in my bed for about 5 days already and it gets more comfortable every day. I can sleep slitelly on my sides.
No medications still - feeling better every day :)
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