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My procedure is March 19th, 2010. I am scared...

My procedure is March 19th, 2010. I am scared S**tless. I have a very very very weak threshold for pain so I can'y wrap my head around the pain.

I was always a skinny girl, 5feet 98lbs. I had my first son at 26 years old and I went up to 140 lbs and 115lbs a few months after his birth. My tummy never went down. One lady stopped and asked me if I was sure the after birth was out. I had my second son 20months later and my tummy went down a little. I got fed up of people congratulating me on my third baby and I was extremely embarassed everytime.

My sister did hers 2/14/2009 and my cousin did hers 5/15/2009 and they both looked great and felt great so here i am doing mine later next Friday can't wait. I look awesome below my tummy, I love my thighs and ass.

So Far So Good. I am feeling great and definitely...

So Far So Good. I am feeling great and definitely taking it easy. My Pain is Minimal right now. I only take colace and my antibiotics. I walk for 30 mins every 2 hours. I still feel dizzy every now and again. I'm feeling absolutely awesome.

March 24th, 2010    Today was...

March 24th, 2010

    Today was pretty well.  I have not taken any painkillers for two whole days now and I have no pain.  I still take everything VERY EASY.  I spent most of the day walking and doing homework for my online course.  I am very extremely happy that i am recovering well but for some strange reason I'm waiting for something to happen.  I go in tomorrow for a check-up and hopefully get these drains out as well see my new tummy.  I still walk a little bent over but pretty good.  I have an annoying little cough that pops up of every now and again but have learned how to do it w/out hurting too much.  I drink lots of water/fluids and those meal suppliments as well as food.  I have had 3 bowel movements w/out any problems. 

My only advice is know your body and as the minutes, hours, days go by U will learn how to help your body heal. Every move will feel tight to u no matter what the first three days but as time goes by u will know how to manuever yourself.  Your legs and your arms are ur best assest stregthen them cause u will be using them ALOT.  Be strong, stay positive and remember how SEXY and CONFIDENT u will feel after its all said and done.  Do not RUSH your results your first week remember ur body needs to heal from a major overhaul interuption so be super patient cause YOU WILL BE SWOLLEN but U will see the Big difference period.  Make sure you in sync with ur Surgeon at all times.

I will post pics after my DR. visit tomorrow but so far I look like Million Dollars even with the garment and gauze.  Cant wait for the next couple of weeks as things get better.

March 28th, 2010    I am feeling...

March 28th, 2010

    I am feeling tired.  I had my appt on Thursday and only 1 bag came out.  I think the other bag bothers me when i try to stand and walk upright.  I still have a bend a little to move around.  I am still swollen but nothing i can do but to wait ..... PATIENTLY .... Which is not easy at all.  Not much to report thus far.  The scar looks like just a regular cut so far it looks good so i will continue to take care of it so it won't get bad.  Navel looks good but weird.  There is swelling right above the cut right now.   Just taking it easy but wish I was walking fully upright ... no worries I'll get over it cause I am flatter than i was a week ago so there is hope.  My sisters' say not to worry they could'nt even do what i have done so far.  They were in pain most of the time.  Oh yeah I have a bad case of Hemmoroids so that makes things that much harder.  Well thats it for now.  My appt is on Thursday so I hope this bag comes out and I feel more like myself soon after that. 

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She is very precise and thorough

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