32 Years Old, massive weight loss after One Baby Via Csection - TT may 14th!!! New York, NY

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Hello! My name is Lisa and I am 32 years old. the...

Hello! My name is Lisa and I am 32 years old. the proud mama of a one year old. I gained about 105lbs with my pregnancy and have lost 85 of those pounds, but am left with a mushy saggy belly :( TT scheduled for May 14th I couldn't be more excited and nervous at the same time!!! Had my preop today, blood work and ekg next week . I promised update anyone who's interested on my journey . Just let me know. I'm 5'0" and weigh 146 right now. I work as an ER nurse and am in grad school right now. Taking 2 weeks off hope it's enough!! Thanks for listening :)

Two weeks and a wake up away from my TT

I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to think about my surgery and obsess over it the way I thought I would be lol right now I am working and in NP grad school. Finals may 13th and then surgery May 14th! So needless to say between work and school and my one year old there's not a lot of down time. But every now and again I realize, whoa this is happening! Am I prepared? Am I sure I want to do this? I'm like ocd and anal when it comes to my house and taking care of things, so this recovery is going to be hard definitely! And it's going to be extremely difficult not to be able to carry my son for a while :( People have told me recovery for a TT is easier than a c section... I don't know how true it is, but if it is then I'm gonna be just fine lol . today I'm going to post some before baby pics (when I was at my personal fitness best) and some after baby pics (what I currently look like at 5'0" 146lb ) I hope my experiences will help some people and please feel free to follow my journey and ask questions/ chat with me!!! Talk to u guys soon. Medical clearance set for May 7th :)

Random but this annoys me

YES! I will have another baby. In like 4 -5years. NO I don't think it's a waste to get the TT now. Sorry but that comment is annoying me when I tell people that I'm having the surgery. I want to be happy now and 5 years is a long time. Plus it is possible to have a TT then have a baby and still look ok. I gained about 105 lbs with my son which is why I am left looking like this. I will do everything in my power (eating and exercise) the second time around and will not be left with as much damage. Ugh sorry. It's my choice. And who knows I may not be able to have another baby when the time comes, and that's ok with me too- why do people care? I feel like I'll be glad I did it in my thirties instead of my fourties! I want to enjoy running around and going places with my son NOW. Ugh ok end rant. Thanks for listening. Can anyone relate?

15 more wake ups ! :) lol

I don't know why but at night my mind goes right to TT mode lol researching and obsessing over before and after pics watching YouTube videos of recoveries .... Arghhhh how am I gonna sleep the night before? What position will I have to sleep in ? I really zshould be studying but I can't help it! I'm so nervous excited and scared I think I could explode lol. Anyone have any thoughts on recliners? Do I really need one?

Exactly 2 weeks preop!

Ok now it's legit like the only thing I think about when I'm not working or on school so My phone is dying faster than normal and geez I just realized why ---I can't stop obsessing LMaO anyway today I start my pre op vitamins (iron, vit c and the bruise guard) no more Advil or Motrin etc. hubby's working on getting a used recliner for me -- I'm not about to spend big bucks on one of I won't keep it afterwards.. Errands in the morning and then work. I'll probably fill my prescriptions also- pain meds, antibiotics and lovenox (blood thinner) injections. Hopefully it just gets put thru my insurance no questions asked- I'll let you guys know what happens with that in case you wondering. Also just a piece of advice, my insurance would not approve a medical clearance for an elective surgery( I called and asked) so I ended up asking my surgeon if he could recommend an Md. He gave me someone who's doing the entire medical clearance ( ekg, blood, urine and physical) for $150 total ! :) so just double check with ur insurance so u don't end up with a huge bill down the road... Ok gotta get dressed thank god for scrubs. Talk to u guys soon!

Holy #%*@ 9 more days and a wake up!

So I wanted To update u guys on a couple things. One I'm totally freaking out now. Two, insurance covered all the post op meds. Three i have my medical clearance Thursday which is exactly one week before my surgery. What's killing me is knowing that I won't be able to pick up my one year old for a couple weeks. Today he wasn't feeling well and had a fever , what if that happens while I'm recovering ?! It will kill me not to be able to be there for him the same way as I can now, rocking him and holding him etc daddy's here and all but I know it's going to be tough. A million things run through my head every night as the day approaches... Am I making the right choice? How long will I be out of commission for? Can we really afford this? I know I'm getting cold feet I'm sure this is normal.. Ughhhhhhhhhh these next ten days can't go fast enough. And on top of it all I should be studying! I take my finals the day before surgery lol anyway ladies it's off to bed for me well I'm going to try anyway I'll update u guys soon :)

Bonus $

Oh yea and I wanted to tell u guys a really cool thing that happened for me. My birthday is May 6th and I got an email from my plastic surgeon- must have been when I signed up for their mailing list for the consultation . The email was a certificate for my birthday for either $500 off surgery not already booked, $100 off injections or some other deals . Well I called the office and they said even though I am already booked and scheduled they would honor it!!! So they credited me $500.00 I thought that was incredibly nice of them!! I don't know if any of u have surgeries scheduled around ur bday but if u do keep a look out for something similar!

Medical clearance today :)

Medical clearance today at 10:00am ! Exactly one week from my surgery day! I still Can't believe it

Ready set - countdown begins! T-7 wake ups !

Well medical clearance was easy. An ekg and some blood work and I was done! Started bruise guard today. 7 day supply (arnica and bromelian) anyone have success with using these prior to surgery? My ps recommended it to help with swelling and bruising . Thanks in advance !

Am I ready for this?!

I've been reading thru posts and people seem to be getting "supplies" and things ready for surgery and I'm just over here like ummm what really do I need? I have 5 days and aside from making sure my house is clean, laundry is done im not sure I need to get anything ready except my brain lol I will have someone here with me 24/7 for the first 5 days so I'm hoping if anything comes up that I need they can just run out and get it. Anyone have any suggestions I thought I saw a supply lost but I can't find it again . Thanks in advance 5 more wake ups til I'm on the flat side !!! :)

Surgery on wednsday!! Oh em gee !

Damn I can't believe it's 3 more wake ups til my surgery! I called to see if they had a time yet and they said the night before they will let me know. I don't know why but I'm dying to find out the time! Anyways the days just flew by I can't believe this is about to happen!!

Tomorrow night is my last night with this belly!!!!

So yeaaaaa Surgery on Thursday. Tomorrow I take my final exams for school so I probably won't be posting until late night-- I figured I'd post one more before pic ... I'm sure I won't be able to sleep tomorrow night and you guys will hear me ramble on again... I promise to keep u as posted as possible post op!

Never a dull moment :/

So while taking my final exams tonight I get a call, my son is sick and has to be picked up from daycare. My mom took him to the pediatrician and he has double ear infections and pink eye ! My poor little man. By the time I was home from school he was sleeping but is back awake now, daddy's trying to put him back to bed -- guess I wasn't gonna sleep much tonight anyway! Surgery at 9am tomorrow and with a sick one year old at home how am I going to recover?!? I want to take care of him and now I can't :/ daddy and my mom are here to help but it's not the same. Anxious stresss nervous scared excited I have a million emotions running through my mind ughhhhhhhhh


Ugh I don't know the only time I'm in a lot of pain is when the pain meds first kick in---my back is spasming from being hunched . Post op day one appointment and I'm not sure how I feel just yet I'm so swollen and bruised its too early to tell results . I'll keep u guys posted as best as I can so hard to get comfortable but once I do I try to sleep. So far here's the 1 day pics

Today was the worst

As far as pain today was the worst so far, hoping I've hit the maximum and pain will begin to lessen. Thank god I have the walker. Also today I was able to shower---- literally had a showergasm it felt so good but I don't know if I would've been able to unless I had the shower chair. Th bit water felt so good on my back which has been aching pretty bad from lip and being hunched over. I can't really tell results bc I'm still so hunched and swollen But I love my new belly button!!! Like love it love it

Feeling better today

Hey guys sorry I have been in and out with updating but I guess the first three days were pretty bad for me. I had a lot of pain! Doesn't help that hubby and I aren't on the best terms, lovely of him to act like an ass during my time of need. Anyway pain is much less today, the showers help so much I am off pain meds and on Tylenol only. Post op appt again tomorrow praying I can get atlwast one drain out!!!!! I hate these damn things. Anyway haven't felt like getting dressed or taking new photos I'm not quite there yet. Standing about 75 % strait now with way less back spasms. I still can't walk around for too long without needing to sit... Getting better everyday tho. My mom goes back to work and I will be alone tomorrow which I think will be ok, just have to remember to drink water and eat I'm terrible with that. Ok I'll post more tomorrow , maybe I'll get bored and take pics lol ... Definitely will update after de appointment at 5. :)

One drain out one to go!!!

So my ps said everything looks great at my post op appt!! :) that made me happy--I'm trying to not judge results at this point yet because I'm still swollen and see asymmetry. I know 5 days post op the last thing I should be thinking about is the end result it will take a while. One drain came out which made me ecstatic!!! It wasn't as bad as I thought but it definitely hurt! Tomorrow I can get the othe one out as long as it doesn't start draining a lot again... Then no more binder and I can wear a spanx!!! Woo hoo!!!!
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