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First time doing something like this, But Ready...

First time doing something like this, But Ready for the change, Latina 5'2,150lbs always been curvy.. Getting ready mentally, I think is the hardest part, so many mixed emotions. But thinking about all the beautiful clothes I will buy, Its actually killing me that I havent been shopping yet for summer 2012!!! But I've decided to wait till after my procedure because Im not sure what size I willl be after: Going under on 4/20 for Breast Aug and Lipo. Ive always had a problem with my weight, always been up and down in lbs, been going to the gym for about 3 yrs and it took me 2 years to loose about 10lbs and keep it off. Eating healthy, is also one of the hardest parts because I love all the wrong things, and living with a man that can eat whatever he wants doesnt help either (lol)... I used to fit into a size "0" and "smll) and was really skinny yet curvy, but after a certain age all the eating, drinking and partying oh and NOT excercising caught up to me and now at age 26 going to be 27 its been extremely hard to keep off the weight. I do have one child which gave me the kangaroo pouch that doesnt go away!

So after so many years of being fustrated, I've decided on Lipo; As for my breast; I have one bigger then the other. YES EVERYONE is saying that it is normal, but as a woman you want to wear certain things and look beautiful in different clothing especially bathing suits, and I can only wear one type of bathing suit without it being noticable, I've actually had this problem since I was little so this was not something that just happened after I had a child. So my husband saw this has been bothering me for so many years, he was determained to make me happy! Im really happy with my doctor; he so confident in fixing my flaws, its so funny because hes's cocky in a GOOD way; like "I know exactly what you want and we can fix this" He's also very calm and patient especally with any questions and concerns my husband and I had. I actually saw him about 3 times because I wanted him to remember my face and exaclty what I wanted when I saw him on my date and he was perfectly fine with that!

I got my prescrptions they gave me three, One for pain, one to prevent infections and one for a mussle relaxent... Im deffinitly nervous about being on so much medication at once.

As for work UGH!!! Its hard to keep me away from work unless I'm on vaca, but I just took a week off just in case, even though my doctor told me I wouldnt need that much time,But only time can tell... I will keep you ladies updated during my recovery! Update's Soon.... Wish Me Luck!!

Tomorrow is the BIG Day.... Taking it easy today.....

Tomorrow is the BIG Day.... Taking it easy today... no gym lots of water.. and staying focused!

Wheww!! Well the worst part is over.. I had my...

Wheww!! Well the worst part is over.. I had my procedure done on Friday the 20th I am now three days in after my surgery.
I went in at 11am filled out some last min paperwork, and also took a sample of my urine.. The nurse receptionest was talking to me and telling me her experiences just to calm my nerves. Then finally I went in Spoke with Dr. Heller he knew exactly what I wanted he drew on me where he was going to take out the fat... He also drew on my breast for the implants and mini lift i was doing.. Once he came in to talk to me I felt extremely calm and confident, he was making me laugh so that I wont be so nervous, the whole time he was keeping a smile on my face, He took my before pics,Then after this the anostioliogist came in and spoke to me.. She was an absolute doll! She told me what to expect asked me if I was excited. I also met with my nurse she was also so very friendly and nice. After I spoke with thr doc and the two nurses I went into the operating room. I took off my garmet and the nurse sprayed me with a warm brown liquid fluid.. They layed me down on the operation table.. Both nurses were talking to me and keeping me calm the whole time. They told me to think of it like a spa day.. A spa Day I will be asleep for which put a smile on my face.. I was knocked out cold......

I woke up I felt grogy they gave me gummie fruit snacks which taste so good especially after not having anything in your system. After resting for a bit they let my hubby into the recovery room and him and the nurse help me get up.. I wasnt in that much pain but I did feel sore and was wobbling from the anistisia. I got home and had a few peices of whole wheat bread and bananas that was all I could eat at the time.

Day after Surgery: Was the WORST for me.. I got up and as soon as i got up i felt extremly dizzy and everything started getting blury my husband took me to the bathroom and put cold water on my face... I felt extremely hot and I was sweating and felt like I was going to pass out.. I didnt pass out thank god, I was breathing heavly... I finally got over the dizzyness and ate something and felt so much better My breast were really sore and hard.. my stomach where I got lipo was sore and very bruised... I put ice packs on the brusing and the places where it was sore and that helped alot. I was in bed for most of the day.. I needed help getting up and using the bathroom.. I couldnt do it by myself. I spoke with my Doc this day and he asked me how I was feeling.. He told me that he made me look like a model lol he was trying to keep me smiling dispite the pain.. He told me that he took out 2000 cc's of fat!! he said he couldnt believe how much he took out, he told me that 2000 cc's are equal to two large soda bottles, I felt that was disgusting and thought back to my eating habbits and was just like "WoW" Ive been eating alot of fish with veggies for snack I have fruits which are refrshing... I refuse to gain any of that fat back!! its soo Unhealthy!

Day 2: I was feeling much better at this pont but still very sore and tender... My Breast felt soo heavy.. I was able to get up on my own but very slowly. Day 1 and Day two my husband help me take a bath.. I took off my garmet for 30 mins washed my stiches with warm water and soap and rebandaged them, by the time i was done it was time to put the garmet back on. The doc said i can do this everyday so thats what I've been doing... Im only bleeding through one incision which is pretty good the beeding has slowed down a bit.. I slept for most of the day aswell.. Its hard for me to sleep on my back but im trying to get used to it.. I was also able to walk but again very slowly...

Day 3: I woke up feeling way better then the last two days... I woke up but then went back to sleep.. when I woke up for the second time I got up on my own and standing up became easier for me... I ate bfast and took my pills like ive been doing the last few days.. Ive only been taking the pain medication one time a day before I go to sleep.. I have been taking tylenol during the day to help with the sorness.. My body still does feel tired so I slept for most of the day aswell.. Im happy I took off for a whole week because there was no way I was going back to work and would make it lol... Im not able to see my full results yet, obviously it is still early but I do see my shape forming.. I bought a brazillian waist crincher to keep my waist tiny and slim I havent put it on yet, But I will as soon as I ask the doc if its okay..
I do regret it only NOW that is because im all black and blue but I assume that feeling is normal because its still fresh... I cant wait to heal so I can be my normal self again.... Im so used to being up and out and busy all the time. Staying at home sleeping for most of the day is very new to me lol but I need as much rest so I am able to go back to work. I will post some pics of my before and after once most of my swelling has gone away. So stay tuned to that!! I do say the procedure was worth it because I've learned alot and so happy the doc took that much fat out of me, it just makes me more motivated to go back to the gym again also makes me realize how unhealthy my eatting habbits were..As for my Breast I cant wait to see them when I go to my appt on wed. I also can not wait to go shopping!!! Having a positive attuide during the healing process is very important it has deffinitly helped me in getting better.....

So today makes one week after my surgery and I can...

So today makes one week after my surgery and I can honestly say that I feel great!!!
I see my hour glass shape forming and guess what! No more kangaroo pouch!! Which Iam extremely happy about!! Taking a week off from work definitely helped a great deal in the recovery process,I recommend that if you are getting Lipo and Breast Aug like I did. The only thing I'm not too crazy about is the bruising but in due time that will go away!! I bought a Brazilian waist clincher to help keep that hour glass shape.My doctor told me the more you wear It the better the results. As for my Boobs they are so beautiful!! Lol except for my stiches around the nipple area but I go back in 10 days to get them removed,Still sleeping on my back but hopefully I can go back to my side soon. I cant wait to go back to the gym to work on getting everything firm and tight. My husband played a major part in my recovery he was there every step of the way and took great care of me and still is. Iam so lucky to have him! :) As for my Doc he was great I am happy I choose him to do my procedure and would recommend him to anyone looking for a change!!

Lost so much weight im down to 140lbs now.. I wear...

Lost so much weight im down to 140lbs now.. I wear the Brazilian clincher my waist is soo small!!
Im having soo much fun with my new body so is my hubby =).

So Happy I did it!!

2 years in and Happy!

Hey all the RS Dolls out there! I've been following all of your stories! 2 yrs in and I do feel great! I also have kept my weight down I am more fit then anything, but there are areas of fat the doctor left which I am not crazy about SO with that said, Im looking to get more work done. BBL journey here I come!!!
Not sure if it's going to be Miami or DR!? Still on the search! I've been reading a lot and it's so true, US lipo is conservative! I can def say that first hand since I've had lipo In The US..
Leaning towards DR but skeptical.. I'm obsessed with booty and I do have ass, but I don't have the projection I'm looking for.. Both Dr Salhzer and Dr Baez work are amazing just not looking forward to the heeling process!
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Doc and his nurses are Soo friendly..They make you feel really comfortable.. They even give you advise from their experiences. Great All around I am very happy I chose Dr.Heller. and his staff.

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