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I am a 40 year old woman, 5'3ish and 148.5...

I am a 40 year old woman, 5'3ish and 148.5 pounds. Like many others on this site, I workout regularly and watch my diet but continued to have stubborn areas of fat. I had my surgery on Aug 9 so today is my 12th day of recovery. I had my upper arms, flanks, inner and outer thigh to knee and upper and lower abdomen done.

As far as the procedure itself, I found parts of it to be very painful and uncomfortable. I had taken one Percocet and a valium prior to surgery and took another Percocet during surgery as well as the first dose of antibiotic. I've had root canals done without Novocain if that gives you an idea of my pain tolerance. I’m no sissy! The surgery took a little over two hours and I was cleaned up, put into the compression garments and stayed in recovery for about an hour.

The first evening was definitely the worst of it. I took two more Percocet and was in and out of sleep. While everything seemed to be draining, the most drainage was from my outer thigh area and arms. I used a plastic throw used for painting that I bought at the hardware store to sleep on. The following day I was VERY sore but I took Extra strength Tylenol once and I have not taken anything for pain since. I have had significant bruising of my inner thighs, lower ab (including mons pubis) and arms, but I have faithfully taken the Arnica by mouth and rubbed Arnica gel on the bruises. This has helped significantly. This is a "must do" if you are on the fence about supplements. My doctor also requested that I start with Vit C with bioflavenoids, beta carotene and bromelaine two weeks prior to surgery to two weeks after. I also have numbness in many areas, as well as itching and burning but nothing that is intolerable. I have not been back to the gym yet but I have walked outdoors when weather has permitted. I find I feel better if I move more but it is also a little rough of the inner thigh area. I've just taken it slow. The compression garments are definitely a drag. I have one from under my bra line to my lower leg and a vest with ¾ length sleeves on top. I would have rather had this done in the winter but my job affords me more vacation time in the summer. Personally, I feel my body has really needed the time to heal. I see the doctor tomorrow for the first time since the procedure.

Now, in terms of results, I know from reading reviews here and elsewhere that results are NOT immediate and that a final result is really not achieved until 6 months to a year. That being said, I also went into this knowing that I wasn’t going to come out looking like a supermodel. My biggest worry from the beginning has been how my skin will hold up given my age and yo-yo weight gain and loss since I was a teen etc. I definitely see a size difference in my lower abdomen. I think my thighs seem a bit smaller although I was and am still hoping for improvement on the inner thighs. My sizeable thighs are what brought me to this procedure in the first place. I’m not so sure about my arms yet. I was 150 lbs the day of my surgery then 155 after and this morning 148.5. Just as an fyi it is very hard to overeat with this garment on! That might be a bonus LOL

Although I’m not so sure about my results, I have no regrets. If I didn’t do it I would have always wondered if it would make a difference, if that makes any sense. I will try to get some pictures up and update as necessary.

Today is my 18th day post-op. Things are status...

Today is my 18th day post-op. Things are status quo. I saw my doctor this week and she was shocked and thrilled with the condition of my skin and the bruising. I can really attribute this to the Arnica gel and oral tabs, as well as lots of water with lemon, detox teas and cran-water -- keep flushing everything out! I do still have considerable swelling. I have also been moisturizing like crazy. I am still wearing a compression vest on my arms but switch between a compression garment and a bodyshaper on the bottom. The doctor told me from her personal experience, things seem to really shrink and tighten between 6 and 8 weeks, so still hopeful. Not to give out TMI, but I am menstruating for the first time since the surgery and it has really been horrendous. The doctor said that this might happen because of the work on the abdomen. I have been laid out today with cramping and swelling on top of swelling on my belly. No fun.
A shout out to anyone here on the East coast. Looks like we’re in for a wild ride with Hurr Irene!
I know I haven’t posted pics yet, but, be patient, I will :)

Just wanted to update. I am at the four month...

Just wanted to update. I am at the four month mark. I am still healing. I have more swelling in the evening. I still wear a bodyshaper on the bottom half during the day and one on top at night. There is still numbness in my arms, abdomen and the front of my thighs. In terms of results, it has been a bit of a roller coaster. I've gone down a size or two in pants. My weight has been up and down because of stress from work, etc. The contour of my bottom half is somewhat improved. I just added strength training back into my gym routine so I'm hoping to see some more changes by summer. Also, I have some loose skin that may or may not tighten on my lower ab and arm. I moisturize twice a day. I have no regrets BUT, just as others have said before me here, the road to recovery is LONG and bumpy. Patience helps and the understanding that this surgery won't totally transform you. I feel I have a slightly lass flabby version of my body before surgery, but still squishy and cellulite-y. I see the doctor again in January and I hope to have some before and after pics to post then.
Enjoy the holiday season :)
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