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I am day 13 of my first asianrhinoplasty ( also...

I am day 13 of my first asianrhinoplasty ( also combined with Septoplasty and inferior turbinate reduction) . No words can described the regrets I had for going under the knife and so very unnecessary. I should done more homework and not have taken this prodcure lightly. I always been called pretty and sweet in my life even thou i have a typical asian nose with very flat bridge but it somehow just looked well with my face. Now, I just want to go back to my old self and learn this lesson of loving myself.

My nose looks so BIG super hard. My doctor used donor rib graft for my bridge and tip... he told me I am still very swollen and I still have tape on my bridge to help with swollen. I been hiding out at home but I have to go back to work very soon and I just don't know how to face this new face? I never knew a rhinoplasty will have a drastic change!

I am now 16 days post ops and the reality of this...

I am now 16 days post ops and the reality of this mistake is beginning to sink in me. I asked friends and family to stay by me so I don't go into panic attack. The severeness of my haste decision and my consequences are so hard to bear. I look into the mirror I don't look like me and my nose feels like a rock and it hurts! How can this be? My nose is so BIG and so ugly... there like no win in this situation. I am trying to get myself together as I need to get back to work. I don't even know how to face myself... I looked so different or how others would not notice! I regret and remorse. So now I am beginning my journey of reverting back to me. I spoke to my surgeon and he said its possible to get my old face back but " he needs to do some medical technique" ... next week when I see him, I would like to know what that is. I don't think I will have him touch me again, as I don't think he ever had to take any rib graft out before. So, I am seeing Dr. Minas Constantinides on Tuesday for a consultation. I want to share with everyone what I am going thru and the journey I believe will be very positive & appreciative as I find my old face back! I love her and missed her so much. I just want implants gone so I can feel as nature as possible.

Oct 28 consequences I look horrible and I am...

Oct 28 consequences
I look horrible and I am still hiding out. I tried to make my once pretty face, pretty by using make up. Oh boy, it looked bad and I can't tell you how scary it is to look in the mirror and not see the you looking back. It's heart breaking and beyond what words can described. I hate some mini panic attack and taking medication. How did i get to this point? I keep telling myself it's fixable. I will share with you on the two PS consultations tomorrow as I am tired.

I just want to share my revision rhinoplasty with...

I just want to share my revision rhinoplasty with everyone and hope it may be helpful to others. I am extremely grateful to Dr Edmond Kwan for his skills and dedication. He did a wonderful revision for me in end of July 2012. It's almost 5 months and I am very pleased with the outcome! I thank God everyday when I see myself in the mirror as the familiar face staring back at me...make me burst into smile. I can never describe the horrible experience of my 1st rhinoplasty.... I still look back the very few pictures I allow myself to take .... It was not pleasing at all. So please please people, do your homework! Never allow yourself to rush when it comes to your face. The price of the surgeon does not determine how good he is at all. Trust me, my 1st rhinoplasty cost $10k and my 2nd was much less and I got the nose I wanted.
Dr. Kwan was very patient with me and especially I was referred to him by another famous ps in NYC. I went to many coultations with many famous surgeons in NYC but the fee was so outrageous and I didn't get the comfortable feelings for any. I took my family to see Dr. Kwan many times and he always took the time to go thru the revision with me and very honest about his opinions. His staff is super nice as well. The thing that made me feel very comfortable was that he has many years of experience with Asian rhinoplasty. So after many visits, I finally gather enough courage to scheduled my revision surgery. After the surgery, I went back to visit him as often as I want and he never told me to go away but instead he was so very proud of his work and I was happy of the results! The nose gets better each month and it's vey natural looking. My family and friends( the ones who knew) said the same.
My revision was complicated as my 1st rhino was done with donor rib and the 1st surgeon made my bridge way to thin for my nose. The bridge was way too tall and it stretched my skin ( you can see shadow from both sides). I looked angry and worse of all... I didn't even look like my sweet self anymore. I was so depressed for 9 months and I hide from friends. It was a very dark time and not knowing who can fix it was hard. I wore glasses the first few months because I was too embarrassed to be seen that way. I didn't know how to explain to my friends how I did this to me, but the most hurtful part was I didnt know how to even explain to myself! How did I spent $10k to look so much worse than what God has given me.
Please let my first experience be your warning. My nostrils were uneven and my bridge was also crooked. So needless to say, nothing about the first rhino was pleasant. My first surgeon was inexperienced and I was inexperienced. So when you put two inexperienced doctor and patient together.... You get very bad results.
If anyone want more detail on my experiences with my revision with dr Kwan... Please let me know. I would be more than happy to share my wonderful experience with you and he is a great rhinoplasty surgeon.
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He did any outstanding revision on a terrible primary rhinoplasty from another plastic surgeon

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