The Pros and Cons of Lumineers, After the Fact

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My experience with Lumineers has been a mixed...

My experience with Lumineers has been a mixed experience. I like my dentist very much, and he followed the directions from Lumineers exactly. That didn't always work. For instance he had to order a special diamond saw to separate my teeth from being uni-tooth when he cemented them. One of them didn't fit right, and he asked me if I wanted a new one made. I chose not to , but to wait see how this one worked, and from the stories I had hear, if this one fell off or not.

So far it has not. It sticks out a little bit but not annoyingly so or conspicuously so. I was sick of dental work, and felt If and when it falls off, since my dentist has already ordered a replacement, I would deal with it down the line.
For anyone considering getting Lumineers, this would be my advice:

1) Don't do two many at once. Do maybe two or three at once. They are not like “contact lenses for your teeth by any method of description—that is just straight up a lie.

2) So, you should go in to it understanding that since, they are NOT the thickness of "'a contact lens" your teeth will be thicker. They also are not flat—they wrap around the bottom of your tooth and make your tooth thicker on the biting surface as well. This makes it difficult to bite an apple or something like that. It also makes the space between your front and back teeth thicker.( ie your front teeth will be more prominent.)

3) If your Lumineers are significantly whiter. They will look more prominent as well. This has pros and cons. More “toothy" looking, but good-looking teeth.

4) Once they are in. look and see if they look how you want. If not , mess around on the computer and shape then. Then show this to your dentist. My dentist shortened and thinned my front teeth so they didn't hit my lip. this made a big difference. Make sure your dentist is committed to your happiness with the Lumineers. My dentist was/is wonderful like that.

5) Don't expect them to look as opaque as your natural teeth, they are more solid looking, so they don’t look just like your own teeth—but then you probably aren’t that fond of how your own teeth look if you are considering this .
6) If you are doing it mainly for whitening, BY ALL MEANS--try all the whitening procedures first. If they don't work, well then maybe this is for you.

?7) I don't LOVE the way mine look, but when I see pictures of myself before, the yellow and misshapen parts of my teeth did make me look older. (I am already older than all the check here choices being in my 60s)

?8) Remember to really work hard to find a dentist committed to making sure that he or she will adjust the Lumineers, as long as necessary until you are okay with them--no matter how long that takes,?

?9) Find out all you can and BE Aware: There is more pain and more chemical stuff involved than they indicate. Not killer pain, but you may need to be numbed for some of it. Be aware it isn’t two visits. It takes longer than they say if you are getting multiple teeth done. Your new teeth will be more bulky and they will need to be tweaked. This is common sense. Teeth are not as thin as a contact lens to begin with and You will need to get used to them being about double.

On the plus side, my teeth are much whiter (one of my kids loves them and wishes she had them-she is an entertainer) they are shaped better now (finally) and I have gotten used to eating and speaking with them.

They make me look different, more "toothy" which is good and bad. My teeth are more prominent, but at least they are nice looking teeth now.

So, I guess the most important thing is to make sure you know what you are getting into, and decide if this procedure will give you what you want or not.

It is expensive and despite what they say, there really is no going back , (no matter what they claim) because they do shorten your natural teeth. Unless your teeth are too short to begin with , they have to because if they don't (as was mentioned by another poster) your new teeth because of the bottom wrap of the Lumineers , are too long and may hit your lip.

10) I probably would not do it again, if I had it to do over, but now that it is done, I can see up-sides to it. They have been holding up very well and I now notice how stained the teeth are of most people in their 60s. They have no vertical lines like they were developing, and I am hoping for the best.

They are easy to care for, I don’t wear the night guard because it bothers my jaw, and have not noticed any wear from not wearing it.

Dr. Richard Polgar

My dentist and staff were wonderful. They always accommodated me if I had any problems. They worked around what I wanted and did so with good humor and common sense. My dentist did everything the way that Lumineers said to do things. I read the information myself and they shared it with me. Some of the stuff just didn't work and he had to improvise, which he did well. He is a really nice person and tried to make it as easy as possible. I have gone to him for over 20 years now and have always had a good experience with him and the staff.

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