Coolsculpting of the Abdomen, Flanks, Back and Bra Area

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I haven't done the procedure but i chose this...

I haven't done the procedure but i chose this procedure because i didnt want an invasive sugery. I'm really looking forward to it, and I hope to God it works, because it's a quite expensive and I trust no one wants to waste that kinda money, but I'll be posting pictures soon..........................

Coolsculpting done

Ok so I had the procedure done today 6/23/16, it was painful but bearable, the massaging part is OMG!!!!!!!!! but you will live lol. Anyways I had 8 areas done flanks, back, bra area and lower abdomen, so let's see how it goes, I would really love to see a difference.

Bearable pain

Ok so it's been 4 days since the procedure, my back doesn't really hurt, my stomach kinda hurts when I bend or touch it aggressively, I felt the most painful when my boyfriend was goofing around and he carried me by the stomach, I screamed so loud, saying put me down it hurtssssssssssssssssss. Oh and the swelling is going down really fast, but I hoping to see good results doe (fingers crossed). I'll be posting a week pictures in Thursday ?


Ok guys, the tingling, stabbing or whatever sensation in my stomach started in the middle of the night of Monday which was day 4. I was literally miserable at work the whole day. Every other part I had the procedure done was fine, except my stomach, I'm thinking it's because the large applicator was used. I'll be posting one week picture on Thursday.

1 week update

Ok guys, the needle stabbing, nerves spasm or whatever was going on in my abdomen was freaking annoying. I woke up couple of times to put ice on my stomach, It doesnt hurt as much, but i was very uncomfortable. On a scale of 1-10 the pain was 6.5, but I think I'm feeling better now, hopefully it doesn't start again while I'm sleeping. Anyways this is the one week picture I promised ?, OH AND Sorry about the mess in the background, I'm moving, so yea
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