31 Years Old, 2 Kids - 275cc Mod Plus - 32AA to 32D!!!! New York

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Hello ladies! After reading everyone's stories, I...

Hello ladies! After reading everyone's stories, I wanted to share mine and hopefully get some feedback. I am 31, 2 kids (ages 3yrs and 6 months), both BF for just a few weeks. I'm 5'4", 110 lbs, BW 11.5. I went from a 32B before my first, to a 32A after and then a 32AA after my second.

Even though I had always dreamed of bigger boobs, going down to totally flat after my second baby sealed the deal for me. So about a month ago, I start seriously looking into options. I picked my surgeon and was ready to go. He kept telling me not to be married to a size because he would go with what looked best in the OR. I wanted 300cc Unders, Mod Plus, but he ended up going with 275cc. He said he tried the 300's and they started to look fake.

I have attached my before and afters. I'm really very upset at the result. I think he did a beautiful job, and the final result after the drop and fluff will take some time to be seen, but I feel like I'm back to the size I was before kids, and the point was to go bigger if I was already going to do this. I still fit into my XS bathing suit tops =( I feel even more depressed now than I did before the BA because at least then I had a dream of bigger boobs. I'm not going to spend the $ all over again now to go bigger, and I'm sad. What does everyone think??

Feeling a bit better today

So with the meds out of my system and having seen the Dr for my post-op today, I feel a little better. Im sure that once all is settled and im in a regular bra I'll feel a lot better. I appreciate that my PS cares to make sure I look natural and have a result I'll be happy with in the long run. Here I am Day 2 post op.

I have tape around my nipples where the incision is, they should fall of on their own. I go back to see the doc next week.

5 days out, now getting a little bruising

So I'm 5 days post op now and just now I'm stayig to bruise, which is annoying. I also feel a little lopsided today. I hate wearing the surgical bra and wish I could ditch it and go braless at home and get a regular bra for work. It's going to be so hard to find clothes to wear that don't show the surgical bra for two whole months! I definitely look exactly the same now without a bra as I did before with my super duper padded bra, so no one can tell I got my BA, which is depressing. Hopefully you'll be able to tell when I'm in a regular bra :(


Well, I knew they looked off. With my boobs being uneven and having worse pain in my left, I called the Dr yest and sent a picture over. I went in on emergency this morning and had to get a drain put in under full anesthesia :( now that the left is draining I can see that all the beautiful fullness I noticed in the last few days is just fluid and it's all going to go back down :( im so upset and in so so much pain.

Getting there...

I'm 2.5 weeks post op now! It's moving very slowly, it feels like it's been forever! I'm happier with the way I look now (except for that gross belly which is my next project post 2-kids!), but im pretty sure I'm still very swollen and the final resolut will be smaller. If I stay this size I will be content.

I don't know when the tape and stitches are coming out, I'll call the Dr on Monday. That's what hurts the most, I think I'll feel a lot better once they're out.

Bathing suit!

So only a few of my old bathing suits fit, obviously better than before. Here is one. Time to shop for more!! I finally made it out bra shopping. I didn't buy any because I'm only 3 weeks post-op, but I was in 32DD!!! I'll wait three more weeks to buy, more excited now!!

4 weeks post op already!

So here I am, 4 weeks post op. I'm excited that I'm this far along, but I also feel like time is moving soooo slowly! The steri strips are finally off, and here's my first bra pic, 32D :) Still would have went bigger if I could go back, but I'll take it for now and go bigger in a few years.

5 weeks!

5 weeks down! I have a rash now on both boobs. I don't know what it's from but I see the doctor on Friday, I hope it's some contact iriritation and nothing related to the implants. I think my progression is going well and I see a real difference week by week. Can't wait to see the final result! I wore a bra for two hours tonight for the first time and showed off the girls, here are the pix!

7.5 weeks and counting!

Well, time goes by really slowly and really quickly all at the aame time! Here it's been almost 2 months. I don't see that much of a difference in my breasts anymore. They're nice, I like them. I still think they're tiny :(
My scars are healing slowly. The one that was opened twice is taking a while, I hope it catches up.

Regretting the nipple incision

My Dr recommended the nipple incision from the get-go so I didn't really consider infra-mammary. Now that it's done, and I had to my have my left re-opened a week after surgery, I really regret doing it through the nipple. The nipple is really the first thing you see when you're standing in front of the mirror or someone else and you can see the nipple incision. I also lost nipple sensation in my left breast. It's taking a log time to heal and I think the incision hurts more. Yea, the incision may be a little bigger under the breast, but it's hidden better. I'm so sad I'll never have perfect nipples again. Add another thing to the list of the things I regret :(
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bienstock is a great plastic surgeon. He is a perfectionist and it shows in his results. He is experienced so he is set in his decisions, which may be conflicting with strong-willed patients, but it comes from a good place. Surgery day went beautifully, the staff and nurses were excellent, I was very impressed.

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