30 yr old. 5'9" 142 lbs. 325cc Silicone. New York, NY

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So my surgery is Friday! Ahh waited over a decade...

So my surgery is Friday! Ahh waited over a decade for this moment and a little nervous. I can't decide between 300, 325, or 350 cc silicone. I'm going with the "gummy bear" implants Bc of the natural feel to them. They are lighter and work better with small chested woman like myself. But I want to look very natural. I am a 34a and want a nice c cup bra. I don't want to look pornstar huge but want a nice size chest. Anyone have any advice on the size? Also any suggestions what I should do the day before or what to get to be prepared. Can't wait to start this new journey. Finally going to feel like a woman.

Day of surgery! Ahhhh

So today's the day! Too many emotions to think about this. I decided that I willbgoneith the flow and let my doc choose the size. I am leaning towards the 325 although I asked her to pull 300 cc just in case. Enough of this research and enough stressing out over the size. My surgery isn't until 5pm which stinks so bad. Can't eat or drink all day :( . Decided to work from home half day to not think about the surgery. Keeping my fingers crossed for today.

1 day post op

Surprisingly I feel great! I got home last night almost 11pm and took some pain meds and Valium and passed right out. Slept until 2am, my Bf helped me up to use the br and I fell back asleep (took another pain pill). Woke up at 7am and don't feel pain at all. Just a little sore and very very tight. Haven't taken and meds yet, waiting until my bf makes me some breakfast but he's still sleeping. (I think he's more exhausted than I am haha) Other than that I can actually lift myself using my ab muscles and can sit up and lay down with no problem. My biggest issue right now is I can't get Netflix to work. Grr. I also woke up with a sore throat. Hope I'm not getting sick. Anyway I will post some pics later on in the day. Since my surgery was so late I don't want to take the surgical bra off just yet. But so far I'm sooo happy with them. I ended up with the 325 cc silicone mentor moderate plus. (Kind of being boob greedy and wished I had done 350. But well see once they drop) :) natural look... Check!

1 day post op

Day #2

So recovery is seriously a piece of cake. I wish everyone had this kind of recovery. Maybe it's the pain meds but today I only took 1 Valium when I woke up and a perk around 2pm. When I woke up I was super super sore and as the day went on I feel better and better. Was even able to take off the surgical bra and wash my chest a little. Doc said I can't get the incision wet so I can't take a full shower but a little rubbing alcohol and wash cloth helped. I am able to sit up alone and walk around. I love the look so far. My left side is a little bugger than the right but I'm hoping as they settle hey will even out a little more. My left was bigger to begin with but hoping it won't be such a difference once they settle :/ other than that I am very pleased with my results.

Day #3

So not much has changed besides my greed for going bigger. Maybe Bc I stuffed so much before my BA that they look the same to me . But hey now I can wear dresses with no bra. I decided to work from home today for a couple hours Bc I was getting so bored of watching tv all day. Took and oxy and antibiotic this morning and decided to wash my post recovery bra. Had a little bleeding on there. The girls still feel stiff and hard, can't wait to go shopping! I slept pretty good. Slept with literally 5 pillows around me. Here's a couple of day 3 pics. Not much has changed.

Day 4

So today isn't as good as the other days. I've been trying to take less pain meds and it feels like my skin is stretching and pulling apart. My right boob is kind of numb. :/ Hope that's normal. Anyone else experience that? I feel like a major bruise in the middle of my gap. Hope that's normal too. But I when I sleep I found a great way to kind of sleep on my side. I place a little plush pillow under the side on the boob and it helps with the pain and helps become comfortable when I turn. My follow up apt is tomorrow so I can finally start the massaging process. When does this soreness go away? Going back to work Thursday :/. I'll post some more pic later. But not much ha changed.

Day 4 pics

Day 5

Had my post op today and Doc said everything looks good. Still have soreness and tightness but that's normal I guess. Not much has changed in the drop. Still swollen. Going back to work tomorrow. Back to reality.

Oh yea...

Forgot to mention I was able to wash my own hair today and blow dry. I am having bm issues. Any suggestions. Here's some before and after pics. Day 5. 325 cc silicone memory gel, dual plane procedure

Day 6

So looks like my pain is going the other way. First couple days weren't so bad and today..holy pain. Especially my right boob. It's still looks bigger than the left and it keeps hurting. Today I tried a different bra, since it was my first day back to work and bad idea. I had to go during lunch and buy a full cover up sports bra. It felt my my boobs were being pulled down and soo much pressure. I couldn't wait to get home a lay down. I still have a lot of pressure and so much soreness. When does this feeling go away? Ugh I keeping to hold them with my cold hands. :( not a good day 6.

Day 9

So I figured I'd wait before posting since not much has changed. I contacted my dr and she said having pain in one and not the other is normal. So it calmed my nerves a little. The right side is still higher than the left and is still more numb than the left. The right nipple is numb also. I try not to take the pain pills and today I was finally strong enough not to take any. I've been using some essential oils on them to help with the healing process. Hoping that helps. Anything at this point. I'm still happy with them and the boob greed went away. Any bigger and they would be too big for my frame. I just wish the one month mark came fast and the pain in the right side goes away and I'm back to being nice and healthy :)

When is this pain going to be over?

So I'm 11 post op and this dam pain in the right boob is still persistent and won't go away. The boobies look good so far and I'm happy with the outcome but the pain in the right side hurts. Did anyone have this issue? Everyone says it's normal but I can't help it to freak out a bit. I keep trying to get off the pain meds and when I do this pain gets so severe I just can't I have to keep putting a cold compress on it to take the pain away. Could this just be my nerves trying to "reconnect"? Any feedback would be great.

Things are getting better :)

Ok so there is a light at the end of the tunnel! 12 days post opt, right breast still needs to settle and drop a little better but the pain is getting better. Didn't hurt all day, but towards the end of the day it started up again. On a scale of 1-10 it's about a 2. All in all the recovery really was a piece of cake. Make sure you work on your ab muscles prior to surgery Bc they really help. I tried on some clothes and bathing suits tops today and the pain is well worth the look and confidence. I finally took out all the additional padding in my bathing suits and cannot wait for summer to wear tops with no bra. Never have I ever thought this time would come :) ladies anything is possible if you just believe.

Over it

Ok some im over two weeks now and in so over these tits. This uncomfortable pain is such a pain in the f** ass! I did go shopping yesterday so it was nice to try on different dresses and shirts but came home and was in so much pain. I'm so over this uncomfortable pain. I'm still popping perks. Not as many but at least 1 or 2 a day to take the uncomfortable pain away. There are times I literally want to rip my right boob out of my chest and throw the implant against the wall! Sry I'm venting but just getting annoyed and need to let it out. I feel like im constantly feeling myself up and massaging this thing. I swear this pain and annoyance better be worth it. It's more annoying than painful I think. Everyone says the weeks after BA fly by. For me is all dragging and pissing me off. :/ I'll post some more pics later.

Feeling better

Saw my doc yesterday and what a relief! I explained my concerns and she told me it was normal. I know it was but still so nerve wrecking. I have to get off the perks Bc they make me feel sick now and I just want to sleep. She told me to start Motrin for two days around the clock and see if that helps. I took some today and haven't had that pain in the right side. She gave my some techniques to finally move around and stretch. She also said the main reason the right was hurting is Bc I'm using the muscle more and it's very tight. So ladies remember to stretch! That's one thing I didn't Bc I was scared of them moving or displacing but little arms movements at least one week post should be ok. I stayed so stiff for two weeks that I can barely put my arms to the back or above my head. Very important for recovery. Even a little a day by day. I'm finally off the pain meds which is a ginormous relief. Finally took off the steri strips. And the scars look great. Pics will be up tonight:) thanks all for reading.

Here's some incision pics

Couple more that didn't upload... Here's a better perspective

4 weeks

So 4 weeks tomorrow. Finally a month has gone by. My left looks normal and my right is still super high. Is this ever going to drop? What's going on here? The right is still much harder than the left and the muscle still hurts. I've stopped all pain meds, it's manageable just sucks and worries me. I've been doing my massages and Hoping that makes it fall. I'm supposed to go to a bbq this wknd and I'm nervous to wear a bikini Bc it's still so obvious. I feel like they look super fake. Thinking of not going and acting sick. It kind of suck Bc I was hoping that after 4 weeks they would have healed by now :( sometimes I feel like I want them out and that they aren't for me. I'm sick of the discomfort and the worry. It causes more anxiety than anything else. I miss working out, I have a 5k next week which I will probably have to skip and now in nervous to wear a bikini. Ugh. Hate being trapped inside when I should be on the beach :(

Funny little story

So I decided to be active this wknd. Went for a 20 mile bike ride and kayaking and felt amazing. Went to the pool and people didn't even really notice. Some of my closer friends did Bc they know how flat I was before. Then Monday I decided to go for another bike ride except this time the pedal to my bike broke and I fell over and scrapped my entire right side and dislocated my left index finger. Boy let me tell you, that took all the pain and discomfort away from my chest right away and I forgot I even had them. Although I managed to fall on my side to avoid the contact with my chest. (Subconsciously I guess) I saw a doc and nothing is broken just a bad sprain. So ladies... Thighs could always be worse. I do have to say though that as I approach week 5 they feel more and more natural and softer. I was even able to wear a dress without a bra this weekend and it felt great! A bra would have totally ruined the image of the dress. (I did have to use those petal nipple covers.. I always had hard nipple but now they are like bam.. Right in your face. ) so once the emotional roller coaster of emotions pass by things aren't so bad. Thanks for reading and happy healing all!

6 week update

So 6 weeks has passed and my right is still a pain in my ass! Doesn't hurt but is still sore at times and needs extra tlc. I was re reading my post today and time did go by quick. I guess when in pain it feels like time is stand still but it does get better and better with each day. I'm still nervous that my right side hasn't dropped nearly as nice as the left but I keep saying .. Be patient... Be patient. Not even two months post. So I'm being patient. Laid out by the pool last couple of days but not ready for the triangle top bikinis yet. Still being a little conservative. Maybe next summer I can pull out the triangle top. Praying they drop soon and start looking more real. I'm getting tired of this "fake" look. "Be patient" ok.... Will update in a couple of weeks. Happy healing all :) thanks for reading. Hope it's helpful. I know how stressful this time can be... And a major emotional roller coaster!


Anyone know what this could be? Only when I flex my muscles I can see it. Kinda scares me a little :(

Almost 2 months

So apparently what I have is animation disformity and it's common with little breasted people. Since I had such little tissue, it doesn't cover the muscle on the inner portion of the breast. Sucks :( but on the up side, you can't see it at rest. Only when I flex. :( I saw my ps yesterday and Bc my right side was smaller with a smaller pocket for the implant its creating this "look" (hate that word disformity). Hence the reason behind all this pain in the right breast from the beginning. Everything needed to stretch that much more. I'm hoping righty catches up w lefty. I need to continue to massage the upper portion of the breast to help it drop a little more. Here's a comparison between pre, 1 month out and 2 months out. They have dropped a lot in one month. Overall I am pleased with the results and love having boobies.

6 month update

Soo... Things have turned out well. The ladies look A LOT more natural and I love them. Still have that animation when I flex but it's not as noticeable as before. Maybe I just need to work out more? I don't know but I'm over it. Oh and the right boob dropped a lot more too.
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