LIPO; Was It Worth the Price?

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I had lipo on my anterior & inner thighs, knees,...

I had lipo on my anterior & inner thighs, knees, love handles, sides and lower back with a little bit of fat transfer to my butt (i have a butt, just needed to perk it up a bit) 3 weeks ago.. My thighs were priority & I cant say Im thrilled with the results so far.. I wear the foam with girdles/compression garments as advised by my Dr. My ankles and feet were severely swollen since day 3 of surgery.. Now they're not so bad but still swollen. I bruise easily so i was surprised that i didnt bruise much and the bruising was all gone within 2 weeks. I took pain meds for 2 weeks only & my insicions started healing within a day.. I didn't drain much, only first day.. I'm thinking that's probably the reason my feet & ankles are swollen..there is pain; especially the first 2 days, but its subsided.. I don't see much difference to my inner thighs, they still rub together! I'm hoping I'm still swollen & they will improve. My love handles are gone but I have a lump in the middle of my lower back which is painful.. I'm hoping all these negatives will clear up & improve with time.. If they don't t then I truly threw away my money. I feel as if my surgery was rushed & my results won't be what I want, expect or paid for.

4 month review- Dissappointed

Today is month 4 of my surgery. I am so Dissappointed in the results so far. I had 7 lipo procedures done in 1 hr and the results so far show the rush job. I've included before and after pics. I still weigh exactly the same as the day of surgery, as I should, so there has been no loss or gain in weight to affect the results so far. Yes, I am aware lipo doesn't affect weight which is why I'm mentioning it. It should however affect inches if fat is being removed. Since my 20lb weight loss 2 yrs ago, I weigh myself everyday & take my measurements on the first of each month. My hips, waist and butt measure EXACTLY the same as the day of surgery. My thighs have only gone down 1" & my knees are: left 20", right 18.5".. So, on top of the fact that my knees are not even, my inner thighs, which were my priority, are still rubbing together and are now worse looking than before the surgery. Sure, I look great with my girdle on but I am now embarrassed of my naked self. I am disgusted, Dissappointed and depressed. My husband hasn't even noticed a difference. He is to this day unaware I had this surgery. I wanted to surprise him but with no noticeable results why bother to mention my wasted money.. Let me also add that I workout 3-5 days a week for 1hr and exercise in the pool for 1 hr 3 days a week.

I regret having this procedure done

Almost 7 months since my surgery and I am regretful, disappointed, disgusted, depressed, saddened, & embarrassed by my decision & results. I can't stand to see myself naked. I can no longer wear a bikini. The lumps, bumps, indentations, wrinkled skin, and rolls where there never were before is horrible. My inner thighs still rub together. I still wear shorts under my dresses & skirts because of it. I had this surgery so I wouldn't have to do that anymore. My thighs are wrinkly, & jiggly like a deflated balloon. I have a very visible indentation on my right thigh above the knee. The measurements have not improved or lessened. I have a roll that appears over my pants, & when I lay on my stomach my butt lays up on my lower back creating a huge roll of fat. I tanned today and you can see where my butt covers up my lower back. Where are the curves & small waist the Dr promised. I didn't have rolls of fat so my results should have been much better & noticeable.. I've gained & lost weight many times throughout the years but I've always loved my body.. I HATE my body now!

7 month review

I feel my surgery was botched. The more I see & feel my body the more defects I find. Below are pics of what I now look like laying on my stomach, side, & back. I look worse in these positions than before surgery.

Disgusted with my results

Today marks my 1yr surgery anniversary. I am very disappointed & dissatisfied with the results. Wrinkles, indentations, lumps and bumps. I try not to think of the money spent. I spent 4 hrs in the Dr's office and the actual surgery was only 1 hour. I think that's part of the problem. 1 hour for liposuction on my interior and anterior thighs, knees, lower back, love handles, sides (waist) and butt fat transfer. No way is that the correct amount of time. I workout at the gym 5x a week & yoga 3x a week and if I don't do that I look worse. I no longer wear shorts outdoors nor a bikini to the beach. I've been wearing a bikini for 35yrs now I wear Lycra shorts to my knees for the beach. No difference in measurements either. Where's the small waist the Dr kept insisting he was giving me.
Dr. A. S.

No follow-up from Dr or staff. Dr Ayman Shahine 1 W 34 St NY NY 10001

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