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Hi- I wanted to share my experience - I did a...


I wanted to share my experience - I did a lot of research and the posts written by others definitely helped me as there are so few resources for really good information on acne treatment. As someone who's stress has always showed itself all over my face I found myself in the perfect storm that put me in the worst shape of my life right before the start of this summer. Intense stress from a new job and a move, combined with weather and environmental stress of seasonal allergies and NYC pollution + acne prone and extremely sensitive skin = the worst acne outbreak of my life that would not go away.

With the help of my caring, persistent and experienced dermatologist, we found a solution. I knew that an oral treatment wasn't for me (extreme sensitivity to oral meds I had tried before included intense migranes, nausea and blurred vision)! She suggested a new option...clyndamycin had worked for me in the past, but alone it wasn't enough this time around.

I started with Differin .1% and worked up to .3% - it sucked! My skin looked even worse for nearly 6 weeks...but my doctor had prepped me for this. I knew I had to stick it out as this was my only option.

I started Isolaz around my second week of Differin and I could tell my skin was changing but it wasn't getting better. I thought that after 3 treatments it would clear. It didn't! I waited 3 weeks instead of 2 between one set of treatments and that might have set me back.
I finished with 3 more treatments exactly 2 weeks apart. My skin still broke out a bit after my last treatment as it really does bring everything to the surface (for real).

My skin is flawless!! My skin looks and feels the best it ever has. It takes me 5 minutes to "do my makeup" in the morning and I am no longer embarrassed to work out without coverup on. I am not scared of what I will wake up to every morning.

This worked for me:
Clyndamycin every day
Differin .3% every night
Isolaz - 6 treatments - 2 weeks apart

What I learned:

  • Allergies do affect acne
  • I am allergic to a lot of the chemicals in most sunscreen
  • Anything that irritates skin can make acne worse - including really hot water or scrubbing/facials
  • Patience and persistence are very important in treating acne
  • Not all acne is created equal and is as unique as the individual - so what worked for me may not work for anyone else!
  • Its important to share!! There is just not enough info out there - so I will keep everyone posted and I really hope this helps someone else out there who is as frustrated and hopeless as I was.
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