People with Darker Skin Should NOT Use Fraxel for Acne. Use EMatrix - New York

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I spent numerous hours looking at this website and...

I spent numerous hours looking at this website and many others on reviews for Fraxel on African American skin and could not find any. I was scheduled to get my first Fraxel treatment on Sept 15, 2010. I was very nervous due to all the reviews I did read and the lack of information for people with darker skin. I spoke with my doctor about my concerns and he recommended I use eMatrix instead of the Fraxel because Fraxel has been know to leave additional marks after the procedure on darker skin. I am so glad I did it.

It was painless. All that you feel is a small stinging sensation and there was virtually no down time. He told me that it would take a week to see a small improvement and three months to see a big difference. I look like I have a little sunburn and I can still see the tiny dots that the eMatrix left on my cheek. I'm sure with time and making sure my skin is moisturized, it will fade away.

I am scheduled to have another session in Oct since my doctor prescribed I have the treatments a month apart. I am so glad there finally is some innovative technology for people with darker skin that suffer from acne. I am also keeping in mind that this isn't a miracle product I know it will take time to see improvements.

I hope my information helps.

4th treatment

So I just had my fourth ematrix treatment yesterday and I am a little worried about the results. It seems that she used a higher level and she went over the area two times and now I have dark spots instead of red spots like last time. I'm hoping this is just something from the higher level used (She used Program B this time). The picture I'm posting is the difference between my 3rd (bottom) and 4th session(top). I will definitely keep everyone updated on my progress and I hope everything turns out well for me from this procedure.
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My doctor was very helpful, patience, and gave me all the pros and cons.

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