Silicone Removal: My Honest Experience with Dr. Antun, Dr Mir, and Dr. Rios.

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My experience went like this: I went to a woman in...

My experience went like this:
I went to a woman in Florida to have injections in my butt in 2009, and paid $500...the next day, it traveled to my ankle. The woman told me to elevate my leg, and it would go never did. I started having pain in 2010, which was right in my butt...but I didn't attribute it to the injections at that time. I went through a lot, to many doctors, not knowing why I was so sick. No doctors could come up with anything.
Around 2011-2012, I started feeling little lumps in my butt. I started searching the internet for silicone injection information. I was afraid to do the open surgery I was hearing about. I had gone to Dr. Mir in NY who told me that my case wasn't critical enough even though he didn't seem to think I would be alive in a year...I was shaking and crying during and after that appointment, and he was so cold to me. Not a bit of compassion. Then I saw Dr. Antun in my search and he advertised he could do a procedure that was non-invasive, using cold laser to remove the silicone. I contacted him and spoke to him on the phone. He told me it was the best decision to do it this way, because he could get 80% of the stuff out without winding up deformed. He told me the technique he used posed a lower risk for complications or disfigurement, since it was noninvasive. I went to Florida for the surgery in July 2013...I was feeling okay afterward. But when my inflammation went down after the surgery, I felt the SAME LUMPS in my body, as if nothing was removed. I started feeling worse, a lot of pain! My skin was actually burned from the laser he used (mind you, it was a COLD LASER). You can still see the burns on my thighs. After surgery, no one from the office ever contacted me. He stopped answering my husband's calls when I became sick....he told my husband "I have my lawyers". The product in my body became hard, VERY hard. Prior to the surgery, it had started spreading a bit, but afterward it spread all over the place. My abdomen had lumps in it, and from my waist down-everything!! It spread everywhere. Slowly, it is spreading into my legs. It has reached one ankle already. Not only did the product harden, but it was hot like a boiler...the pain became 24/7 NONSTOP. I went back to Dr. Antun and he said I was "looking great" and that I need a psychologist...he said it was all in my mind, I was fine. My husband was furious. I never went back after that....
In 2014, I went to have surgery with a plastic surgeon in NY -Dr. Zakir Sabry, who thought he could remove the product-he didn't know what he was getting into. When I woke up from anesthesia, he told me gently that he had to close me back up after making a tiny incision...he said he was scared to proceed and didn't know what was in me. It was devastating, but looking back, I appreciate his honesty.
I then went back to Dr. Mir in NY (he didn't remember me), who told me in my consultation that he would help me but also asked me to go on a national TV show. I went on two shows to help this doctor show people why laser lipo is not a solution...Basically, he exploited me to promote himself. In the first show, they helped me conceal my identity. Dr. Mir then made me apply for a certain type of insurance...I did so, even though it was $800/per month and I already had insurance. When I got my insurance in the mail, the doctor told me to go to the ER on that Saturday and that I would be admitted for testing and then have the surgery. On my way to the Lenox Hill ER, a few blocks away, I called Dr. Mir to ask him who to ask for when I got to the hospital. He told me that since I still had my previous insurance from my job, he couldn't help me since I was covered under two plans. He told me I need to quit my job and get another job that would offer me an insurance plan that would cover the surgery. I went home devastated. That Tuesday, he called me to tell me he would help me but there's another TV show that he wanted me to do for him...I first turned it down. He told me if I did the show, he promised he would perform the surgery in 2-3 weeks. He said not to worry about the insurance, he would do the procedure if I did the show. I thought about it that night, my family and I discussed it. We all agreed it was the best offer I could get. I was focused only on getting the surgery, not about how vulnerable the experience would leave me. In my heart, I never wanted to do the show. I went to the show that Friday., despite my gut feeling that something was wrong. It was horribly embarrassing...all my friends started asking me about it, and I just denied that it was me. I did it because I thought I would finally get the help I desperately needed.
When I showed up for the filming of the show, I had to act like it was my first time meeting the doctor. It was so staged. He pretended nothing had happened prior. The show made me record a video at home for them to use...they asked me to do normal household things, but to act really sad so that the video clip would show this sad woman at home. Everything about the show was contrived, it was not a genuine scenario. They would not let me conceal my identity, except for my name. I felt very exposed. After the show, I cried so much. I regretted doing it. A few days later, I called the doctor to ask when he would be doing my surgery. It was just before my vacation from work, so I wanted to know if the doctor could do the surgery at that time. His answer was "Oh no's not like that. You have to wait." He told me that my insurance doesn't cover the surgery and we would need time to figure it out. I lost it. I was crying and yelling, reminding him of his promises...he told me since I have been living with this for so long, it wasn't that much difference. That was the last time we spoke.
I planned to go Venezuela to see Dr. Cesar Olivares. That was the only other doctor I knew of at that time. Then my friend told me about Dr. Rios in Cali Colombia. I looked at his website and started watching his YouTube videos. I found his cell phone number somehow! I called him and he told me to send pictures...I told him the whole story. He called me right after he saw the pictures to explain how he does the procedure...he answered all my questions very patiently. The next day someone from his office contacted me as promised. Everything went smoothly. I booked my flight with a lot of hope. After I arrived here in Cali, I had to get my MRI, blood work, the whole nine yards to be medically cleared. Then I met with Dr. Rios. He viewed and explained my MRI to me, he showed me the areas he needed to work on first. Prior to my surgery, I received special infiltrations to soften the areas. I also received treatments in a hyperbaric chamber to promote blood circulation so that my healing would be easier.
My surgery was on March 7th, 2016. It was major, involving two incisions (my back and my lower waist). I woke up in recovery in a lot of pain. I was glad that I was still alive. The doctor told me that he removed 3 bags worth of my tissue that had been affected, and a lot of the product. I saw what was removed in the bags...I will have to post the pictures in order for anyone to understand what that looks like. It weighed 7 kilos, or 17.5 lbs. He showed me the video of my surgery, because telling me was not sufficient to really understand what he was the video, when he cut me open...I was on fire. SMOKE billowing out all over the room, the staff were waving the smoke away from their faces. He told me that whatever I had injected into my body must have been something flammable!! Every time he made an incision, smoke came out. The doctor worked hard to remove as much as he could at one time, but because I am of small build, he stopped after about 5 hours because he had to see how I would be able to recover from this. (I already knew before we started that I would be having several surgeries). I am staying at a recovery house, I go daily for treatments in the hyperbaric (oxygen) chamber and for lymphatic drain massages. I am also receiving injections into the tissue of my lower back which is purple/red in color to stimulate blood flow to the area, so that it doesn't become necrotic. I'm happy that after all that happened, I ended up here with Dr. Rios...I am sure that no other doctor I met (or didn't meet) along the way would have been able to handle my case. I am sharing my story to give information and hope to anyone who needs help.

After surgery

Thats what dr rios took out from myback and part of butt. I still need more surgery

Mi historia en espanol

Mi experiencia fue asi, fui adonde una mujer a que me pusiera silicone fui enganada me dijo tantas cosas buenas sobre esto que no me iba hacer dano etc le crei me lo hize.
Al otro dia de me bajo al tobillo, la llame me dijo que subiera el pie que se me bajaria la inflamacion, nunca mas se me bajo hasta el sil de hoy.
bueno con el tiempo me fui poniendo muy enferma dolor de estomago, cansancio, desanimo, ya no queria hacer mis actividades normales, pense que tenia anemia o por mucho trabajo, fui al doctor me dijo que tenia gastristis , despues de tanto tratamiento fui a donde otro y asi todos me decian algo diferente, al caso que para todos tenia algo, despues de tantos medicamentos y remedios caseros un sin fin de cosas. con el tiempo me fui dando cuenta que me estan saliendo unas bolitas en los gluteos, me quede un poco sorprendida, pero como que me olvide luego mas adelante veo que tengo mas y mas hasta que me comenzo a doler los gluteos, la espalda. Nunca se me ocurrio buscar en el internet ya que de verdad no soy muy cibernetica para nada. Esto lo hago para ayudar a otras persona pero es raro que este pegada a un pagina en internet. Dejando esto dicho. Un dia me dice mi amiga ve adonde el dr mir el me ayudo a mi me salvo la vida. Bueno fui en ese entonces el no tenia experiencia en ese tema. Ayudo a mi amiga porque estaba entre la vida y la muerte. Cuando fui me dijo o su piel esta muy bien yo solo atendio a personas en criticos casos. Venga dentro de un ano si esta viva. Asi tan frio y sin sentimiento me dijo eso. Me vio llorar y ni tan siquiera un im sorry. Me fui llorando descansolada sin esoeranza de nada. Con el tiempo se me ocurre la brillante idea de entrar al internet me sale dr antun que hace la cirujia tipo laser frio lipo. Llamo a la oficina habla con la secretaria luego el de me llama hablamos mucho, me dice es la mejor desicion para que tu cuerpo no se deforme yo garantizo el 80% todo va a estar bien. Eso de cirujia abierta no lo recomiendo. Fui a miami hago todo el proceso, cuando se me baja la inflacion que me toco que me siento todas estas bolas en mi cuerpo las mismas que estaban antes de la cirujia me queria morir. Me dijo que era parte de la inflamacion que le diera tiempo, bueno me fui para mi casa con el tiempo veo que mi piel se esta poniendo oscura como quemadas en las piernas y gluteos, me fui poninedo mala pare a emergenciAs los sintomas empeoraron bueno in desastre. Me voy de nuevo miami cuando lo veo me dice que yo estoy muy bien que wuooo que bien estoy, le dijo a mi esposo que yo necesitaba un psicologo que yo estaba mal que eso era mental mi esposo de volvio como loco cuando escucho algo asi, con todo lo que habia pasado en emergenciAs y los dolores. Buenos lo ultimo que dijo ese hombre porque doctor no se merece llamar fue cualquier cosa yo tengo mis abogados. Nunca mas volvi. Ahh y luego de la cirujia nunca me llamaron a ver si yo estaba bien.
Luego del tiempo me dice mi amiga el dr mir aprendio porque fue a venezuela y ahora sabe sobre biopolimeros un poco vuelvo a donde el dr mir en ese momento me dice que si que me puede ayudar porque tomo un entrtamiento en venezuela para aprender de esto con su poco experiencia que tiene, me alegro, ya con mi piel danada vuelta un desastre. Me pide que salga en la noticia que me van a ocultar yo para ayudar le digo que si, hago el show todo muy bien luego me dice que el seguro medico que tengo el no lo acepta pero que si yo puedo aplicar para un seguro medico que lo haga o que deje mi trabajo para conseguirme otro y me puedan dar mejor seguro que cubra la cirujia. Bueno aplico para un seguro me la dan. Lo unico que no hize fue dejar mi trabajo porque ahy muchos compromisos y tambien tenia que pagar el seguro medico que bien costo es.
Luego que me llega el seguro medico lo llamo me dice perfecto vete a emergenciAs y ahy nos vemos. Como a tres cuadras llegando a emergenciAs me dice todavia tienes el otro seguro le dijo si claro tu no dejaste el trabajo le dije claro que no. Me dijo de todo y me dijo devuelvete no te puedo ayudar me fui a la casa llorando sin esperanza otra vez. Al par de dias un martes me acuerdo me llamar de mir y me dice tengo una solucion para ti me estan llamamdo para hacer un programa y como tu me caes muy bien pense en ti de una vez le dije claro que no, me dijo piensalo si lo haces te prometo que te hago la cirujia con o sin seguro yo en ese momento pense wuaoo que buena propuesta por fin voy a salir de esto. Hablamos hasta que me convencio. Al otro dia le digo esta bien lo hare. En el fondo de mi corazon algo me decia que no lo hiciera pero el deseo de recuperarme fue mas grande que todo. Bueno fui a su oficina a hacer el montaje del video y luego fui al show di mi cara no luede ocultar quien era eso fue muy duro para mi. Despues del programa llore tanto me arrepenti pero ya lo hecho, hecho estaba despues del show en par de semanas lo llamo y le digo que cuando sera mi operacion y me dice ohhh no no no las cosas no son asi las cosas se deben de hacer muy suave no es de un dua para otro porque no tienes seguro medico cuando ese hombre me dijo asi yo perdi los estribos le dije de todo y el a mi. Nunca mas despues de ese dia lo llame ni el a mi. Solo me utilizo y jugo con mis sentimientos ahora estoy expuesta porque todos en mi trabajo saben lo que me paso y no quiero volver a trabajar a ese lugar por su culp por hacer ese show. Personas asi no merecen ser doctores y aparentando que saben y son aprendiz y lo hace porque es el unico aqui en NYC. Pero ahy un Dios que todo lo ve.
Luego busque nuevAmente ayuda con el dr cesar oliveros se me hizo imposible ir a venezuela.
Se me olvido agregar que fue a donde un doctor llamado zabry tenia todo el deseo de ayudarme, lo hizo pero cuando estab en pleno procedimiento que me hizo una pequen incision en el gluteo me cerro de un vez porque no sabia que tenia. Cuando desperte de la anesthesia me dijo que lo sentia pero no pudo ayudarme porque no sabia que tenia. Fue un balde de agua fria. Llore pero no me di por vencida. Ahora le agradesco que fue sincero y lo mejor fue que no lo hizo.
Bueno para acabar este cuento sin fin. Mi amiga me dice del dr RIOS. Busque internet encontre su numero lo llAme le hago toda mi historia me dice mandame foto lo hago me llamo hablamos muy pacientemente mis responde todas mis preguntas me dice una asesora te va a llamar manana, asi fue nos pusimos de acuerdo y en una semana ya tenia todo preparado voleto comprado. En colombia me hice la resonancia los analisis de samgre. Me hicieron infiltraciones para suavisar el producto, camara hiperbarica, todo eso amtes de la cirujia. El doctor rios es muy profesional y se asegura de todo Antes de la cirujia que todo sobre nuestra salud este en orden. Me hicieron la cirujia fue algo complicado y extenso. Cuando el
Doctor hizo la incision lo primero que paso fue salir fuego de mis tejidos y mucho humo que no podian ni ver. Fue algo que no puedo describir ahy que ver el video pero desafortunadamente no lo tengo al otro dia de la ciruji me conto todo eso y me enseno el video. Le doy tantas gracias a Dios que fue el Dr Rios que me opero si me hubiera operado alguien inexperto yo mo estuviera viva. Si me hubiera operado dr mir ponre de mi no estuviera esceibiendo est historia. El Tiempo de Dios es perfecto. Gracias a Dios cai en las manos del Dr Rios es un ser humano calido humanitario que se preocupa por esta enfermadad . Estoy muy agradecida con el porque me dio esperanza otra vez y estoy muy contenta con los resultados. Tengo que hacerme mas procedimientos pero estoy confiada en Dios que todo me va a salir bien. El Dr Rios es un Berraco que no cojio miedo con lo que tengo adentro de mi y no cerro y se dio por vencido. Porqueno tengo siliconesi no algo inflamable. Y no todos saben lidosr con algo asi. Solo el Dr Rios que Dios me lo puso en mi camino despues de tantas puertas que toque. Pero ahora entiendo porque Dios no dejo que nadie me pusiera la mano.
Espero poder ayudar con esta informacion

Como estoy ahora luego de un mes y semanas

Asi estoy luego de la cirujia estoy muy contenta con los resultados. Se que con el tiempo y ese wound vac me voy a recuperar muy rapido. Y voy por mas cirujias si Dios me lo permite.

This is after surgery. Im very happy with the results. I have a wound vac on and i know i will get better in few months. And then back for more. If GOD willing.
Dr. Antun, Dr. Mir, Dr. Rios

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