Has Anyone Successfully Corrected Under Eye Fat Transfer? - New York, NY

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I had fat transfer under eyes in my early 20ties...

I had fat transfer under eyes in my early 20ties to plump up the hollows. It was way overdone and I have been getting cortisone shots to dissolve it and it is fine for maybe a month and then it starts growing back. Within a few months, it is all back and looks very abnormal - see pictures. I have to hide behind glasses or else... It's been almost 10 years and now I am reluctanlty considering transconjunctival blepharoplasty (or maybe 5 FU or whatever else) but can't seem to find an oculoplastic surgeon that has dealth with a reasonable amount of these cases so I am sure they are qualified in this. It could get worse AND still need shots.

Can any of you that have successfully corrected a similar problem please tell me how and who you went to? If I could get the result I get with cortisone permanently so it doesn't grow back, I would be satisfied (as per last photo). You can contact me privately or reply here. Thank you in advance. I just want my life back.

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