Hate my Hollowed Eyes After Blepharoplasty - New York

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Went to a well respected top plastic surgeon in...

Went to a well respected top plastic surgeon in new york. Specifically asked md prior to surgery, "will my eye shape change" "will I have a sunken look" and I was told no to both questions. I had some bags under my eyes at the time &thought removing the bag would just give me a more well rested appearance. Well, I hated the results the minute I looked in the mirror after surgery & hate it even more today, five years later. I had beautiful almond shaped eyes, that truly were my best feature on my face. I regret the surgery every day I see my changed face in the mirror. I feel so sad that my beautiful eyes are gone forever. The plastic surgeon made me feel like I was just being overly critical, but I am not. I honestly would do anything to have my eyes back, bags and all. My eyes are now round, when once almond shaped, hollow when once full, now in a downward slant when once slanted upwards....so regretful.

I feel this surgery is just not a surgery that will make anyone more youthful looking or better. By removing fat, that God has placed there for a reason, it can only make one look older and hollow! Today many plastic surgeons are repositioning the fat instead of removing it...oh how I wish one would have suggested that to me.

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