Chin Micro Liposuction - Hoping for Great Results - New York, NY

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I never post on forums/message boards, but I...

I never post on forums/message boards, but I learned so much from this site, I decided to pay it forward and write about my experience.

I went in to my doctor's office last Thursday for chin mini liposuction. I was given local anesthesia and was awake for the whole procedure. The tugging/pulling sensation was strange but not painful. Only one small incision was made right under my chin. The procedure took about an hour.

Afterwards, I was sent home with a chin compression garment on. The first day post op, my chin looked great. Since then, the swelling has kicked in so my chin looks the same pre-op, if not slightly worse. I know that the swelling takes at least 3 months to completely disappear so I just need to be patient. I had some bruising, but nothing too bad. I thought about going back to work on Monday but ended up taking another day off and going back on Tuesday. I wear turtlenecks, scarves and light makeup to cover the bruising. I've been taking Arnica 30c pills which may have helped with the bruising. I also started applying Arnica gel and taking Bromelain pills (to help with the swelling) a couple days after the surgery. For the first 2 days, I applied frozen bags of peas against my chin to also help with the swelling. My doctor told me to wear the compression garment for 3-4 days all day and then for 2 weeks at night. It's a pain wearing it for so long, but it's worth it as it helps tighten up the skin and minimize the swelling.

So far I haven't experienced any hardness, lumps, numbness or ropiness (knock on wood), but my chin is tender and feels sore when I touch it. I'm hoping after all the swelling goes down, my chin will look like it did the 1st day post op. So for that, I'm cautiously saying my surgery was worth it.

On day 12 post op, lumps started to appear. I've...

On day 12 post op, lumps started to appear. I've been trying to massage them several times a day - not fun!

It's been 3 months since my procedure and all the...

It's been 3 months since my procedure and all the swelling and most of the lumps have gone away. I'm pretty happy with the final results. I wish my doctor had taken out more fat, but I'd rather too little be taken out than too much. I'm thankful I had no nerve damage, tightness or skin puckering. If you're considering getting this procedure, just know that you will experience swelling, bruising and most likely lumps. You should expect to take at least 5 days off from work. I know some doctors say you can get the procedure done on Friday and be back to work on Monday, but I think that's impossible if you don't want people knowing what you did.

All in all, I'm glad I got the procedure done and think it was worth it.
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