More asymmetries than before surgery

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This would have been worth it if it was done well....

This would have been worth it if it was done well. I just don't have good luck with dr's. I once again feel disfigured by a surgeon and will have to go through this again spending several more thousand dollars. Why aren't you dr's more caring and careful even after we give you our entire savings?

I wanted to go down to a small B from a D-DD and I'm a very large C. My initial concern was to remove several painful cysts but most may still be there. My insurance covered the surgery but I paid a very high deductible.

Both breasts are 2 different sizes to the point where I have to pad one side. They were asymmetrical before but not as obvious. The areola on the right is also larger now. I'm 2 weeks post op in these photos and feeling very defeated and upset knowing I'll most likely have to go through this ordeal all over again not covered by ins and somehow come up with the money.

I can really use some words of encouragement or advice. I have friends who were considering this surgery who are so excited to see me and I can only avoid them or I'll burst into tears if I show them.

I've gotten great referrals from a couple of you...

I've gotten great referrals from a couple of you and I thank you sincerely. I'm posting new photos about 9-10 mo's post op. Same shape, size, disasters. I've lifted my right arm to exhibit the issue though it was not easy, feels like my skin is going to rip so I avoid it most times.
Dr. Belinike seems to be the one to see but I'm very open to more referrals in the NYC vicinity. Thank you all!

Discomfort from large size.

Discomfort from large size.

Nov.3 2011: I went to see Dr. Christina Ahn today....

Nov.3 2011: I went to see Dr. Christina Ahn today. She spent a bit over an hour with me examining and thoroughly discussing my possibilities. Great insight and completely informative, she was great and I believe fully competent. Unfortunately, breast reduction revision provides more challenges and Dr. Abramson had already done damage. Blood flow to the nipple can be compromised in a second surgery. Great. But I'm thankful to have met an honest dr. with ethics and listening and communication skills. She prescribed me a mammo/sonogram before taking the next step. She felt some dense mass that raised concern. Wow, imagine that, a doctor with integrity who exhibits care! Such a rarity.

Hi everyone.....Really sorry for being MIA. I've...

Hi everyone.....Really sorry for being MIA. I've been a little apprehensive about updating my review because last I had posted I was overjoyed and couldn't have given a more glowing report of my revision. I don't feel the same as I did back in March/April. At this point of being 9 months post op, I'm pretty disappointed. Dr. Ahn is really great however A) she didn't remove enough tissue. I'm only maybe 20% smaller. I brought in several pictures to illustrate exactly what size I wanted. She convinced me that 80 grams would be enough. I later learn 80 grams is nothing. She proceeded to say that for my height and build, the size is right and that I don't want to be flat. Of course I don't want to be flat but there's a lot of sizes in between now and flat. B) My left breast is so oddly shaped, just like before, no different. My left nipple looks like it has an overbite and the bottom hangs like a double chin. The right breast is better but areola is still huge. The only positive is that the nipples are in the same line, one is not higher than the other. I have another follow up appt with her this week and I'm nervous about what to say. She's so sweet and nice, it makes it very difficult. I think she's probably terrific for primary surgeries, I'm not sure about revisions. I had a pretty shape originally and now I don't. Really not sure what to do. Have her revise it again? If she couldn't make a better shape out of that left breast, can she do it the second time? Spend several more thousands of dollars for a third surgery with someone else? This is so not what I bargained for when I chose to do this. By the time I'm done I could have bought a really nice house with all this money going down the drain. Sorry. I wish I had a better report. It was too soon for me to rave and rave as I had. My scars don't look so great but that's just the way I heal. The scars are pretty thick but I don't even care about the scars, never have. I really don't mind scars if they both looked the same and were pretty.

New York Plastic Surgeon

Updated on 12 Oct 2011:Poor surgery. One breast is a full cup bigger than the other and one nipple is double the size of the other and furthermore, I'm not even much smaller in size. Awful experience.

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