Bbl with Lipo Sculpting - Miami, FL

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Hi everyone, I'm in need of help serious enquirer....

Hi everyone, I'm in need of help serious enquirer. I want to get Bbl with lipo sculpting. Nothing too expensive nor am I looking for cheap work. Decent price with board certified surgeon. Quality work! Not looking to get botched lol lol but please could someone anyone point me in the right direction, pics including by the way I'm 29 NY can willing to travel! Thanks for any help

Surgery Down Payment Made

Hey guys this is my real and honest review hope you guys will follow my journey as I'm also looking for people to buddy with or follow your journey, I've been wanting Brazilian butt lift since forever. I tried going with a doc here in NYC about 4 months ago but later found out he wasn't board certified and he was very unprofessional. So I started researching and found Real self, this site here is a life saver your amazing women are amazing ????????????????Anyways I've now booked with Spectrum in Miami with Dr.Alvarez, I really love and admire his work. Liz is my Coordinator. I like her she's been helpful I haven't spoke with Dr. Alvarez as yet. I'm 5ft 5inches and weigh 238 but I really don't look like I'm 238lb people always say this......I wanted surgery in October or November of this year and Liz told me that I have to lose weight..... Yes I know I need to lose weight, I've been trying to, I was 245lb now down to 238lb but she's saying I have to be 200lb now this really scares me because I really want my surgery for my birthday in 4 months and I'm afraid I will not be able to lose all this weight I know I can lose some but 38lbs in 3months is almost impossible. I don't know if anybody understand how I feel! ???????? by the way I have a YouTube channel which I will be vlogging my journey in hopes to help others.

Dr Alvarez haven't talk with him as yet but heard great things

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