28 Yrs Old - A. American Woman Lipo and BBL - New York

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Went to a couple other Drs in the NY area but as...

Went to a couple other Drs in the NY area but as soon as I talked to Dr. Tehrani I knew he was the right Dr. for me. Him and his office staff are very attentive and made me feel like I knew them for years. Of course when I went in the office I forgot every question I had in my mind but after I simply emailed all my questions and they were answered same day. I cant wait for my BBL procedure Dec 14th... ill give updates and before and after pics then

Almost there!!!!

Hi everyone!!!! The day is almost here. Im getting my BBL in 2 days with Dr. Tehrani in NY (which is why its expensive... NY is OD)!!!!! I am getting lipo to my abdomen, flanks, and my back (including bra rolls and all that jazz). Been running around today picking up anything else i may need and just cant wait for the day to get here. Will keep you all updated!! Here are some before pics

wish pics sent to Dr Tehrani

Day 2

Hey Everyone!!!!!
So I got my BBL yesterday!!!! Let me just say this 1st... Dr. Tehrani's surgical center was gorgeous and so clean. As soon as I walked in my jaw dropped because the outside of the building is was just brick with white pillars and the building looked old but the inside was just breathtaking. Once I was in the nurse made me do a urine sample (to make sure I was not prego) and then took me to a room to change. The office provided a real bath robe and socks which was nice because it was freezing in the office. Vitals were taken and the anesthesiologist came in to listen in on my medical info. He was amazing and just cool as hell to talk to. Within a few mins Dr Tehrani came in and asked if I was ready. He lead me to an all white room with all these lights and a modeling platform (so frikken cute). It was the perfect lighting for any woman to take pics in. He took his time with the pictures and then started marking all over the spots that needed lipo. Next I said see ya later to my family and they took me back to the surgery room. Again it was all white bright lights. IT was a bit scary seeing all the machinery. I laid on the table, the anesthesiologist put my IV in and next thing you know I was out. Woke up in the recovery room in pain and immediately got meds. I was able to recover at my own pace and didnt feel rushed at all. My overall experience was great and I would recommend Dr. Tehrani to anyone. I have my garment on and the foams underneath so I cant really see my results just yet. But from what I can tell just looking at the top of my back which was fatty before and now its sleek and skinty! Today im in a lot more pain than yest. Its hard for me to get on and off the bed and I just feel very stiff. Naps are very necessary. Ill put pics up and up and update again on Friday after my follow up appt.

Rollercoaster of Emotions

So finally at Day 5.... lots of laughs and more than enough cries. I had my follow-up appt with Dr. Tehrani this morning where he took off my garment and my results are amazing. EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. The Dr. didnt take the foam off my skin and instructed me to take it off after i wet it a bit in the shower. Got home and attempted to follow instructions.... ripping those adhesive foam things off my stomach was more pain than anything the surgery itself caused. I screamed and cried while my friends snatched these things off my weak skin. Once off i took another shower while my garment was in the wash and took a nap to calm my nerves. After waking up I took more pics and fell in love again. Dr Tehrani is literally the best. Im still very swollen so the "rolls" are going to go away and everything will be smooth soon.

1 more pic

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