Botox to Forehead and Crow's Feet and Belotero to Tear Troughs - New York

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Saw a reputable Dr. On 10/1 & he suggested we...

Saw a reputable Dr. On 10/1 & he suggested we start with Botox; I did my gabella, forehead and crows feet and made an appt for Belotero injected into my troughs. 6 days after Botox, I developed malar edema. My next appt with him was 10/20, I explained that I thought the Botox caused festoons & he said he didn't think so, but after seeing my before pic, he said perhaps. I've never had under eye bags in my life, indents yes, but not bags. He said that I could still get the Belotero for the tear troughs and that it wouldn't add to the problem. My eyes were a little swollen after, but I figured it was normal. I am now 1 week post Belotero and 26 days post Botox. The malar swelling is terrible, worse than the photos show. I'd much rather have people ask if I'm tired because of my troughs, than have huge puffy, fluid filled bags that make me look much older. I am so mad at myself, I should never have gone through with the Belotero.
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