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I have a pot belly that has stuck with me through...

I have a pot belly that has stuck with me through all my sizes. At one time I was my smallest 132lbs...even at my smallest I still had not only a under pooch but a very stubborn over the belly button pooch.

I know I could probably benefit from a tummy tuck. I have stretch marks, loose skin...but I also am 4 months postpartum and I do not want to be out of commission for my infant for that long.

I honestly am willing to see the best possible result with lipo only with my body type. I am 32 years old, I have had 3 children...1 of them natural and the other 2 by csection, one emergency, one planned...and lastly I had my tubes tied with my final child (so done! Lol) ...but wow! All the things I did to lose weight in the past are not working? I have cut calories, done exercise, and its a hige struggle...all I can assume is that the tubal ligation has caused some hormonal issues in helping me lose weight.

I have somehow even with a less than 1400 calorie diet actually gained weight and in new Incan no longer do this. i have just decided on lipo. Life is too short to live on smart ones and watch the scale go up and my body morph.

I am in Germany. Stationed overseas as a military wife. Unlike the states, doctors here do not post before and after pics of their patients on their websites or on here like in the USA. It was worrisome at first (i have a breast aug) but I noticed almost none have them. So maybe I can start a trend? The consultation I am going to is in Nuremburg, seems legit. We will see. I will take some before pics. Also try to post an update about how my cpnsultation went. For the record I am currently at this time only interested in lipo on my full abdomen and hips...back/dorsal roll. Cost is unknown yet. Will post more soon!

Bloodwork and VAT

My lipo for my full stomach, hips and dorsal roll is scheduled for OCT 5th. I go this Tuesday to have my bloodwork done, and to start paperwork.

So many feelings right now. Excited, ashamed, nervous, but most of all anticipation.

I ordered two compression garments last night, I really had no idea what size I would need. I hope they get to my overseas military address before the surgery.

I'm doing this. I just hope it is the right choice.

6 days from the surgery!

Hi people! I want to say I have no idea why my pics are turned sideways, it must be an iphone 7 problem. Apologies!

had my bloodwork and pre-op appt rescheduled from tuesday to today. Scheduling issues from both me and the doctor.

Alot of paperwork and signing things. 3 fat vials of my blood for whatever reason they was vague when i asked the front desk. I had a sit down with the doctor Christina Guenter; while she is not the surgeon performing the surgery she has met with me for both my initial consultation ans my pre-op today. She is knowledgeable and has a nice sense of humor. She takes her time with your questions and makes sure you understand.

I was given the option to purchase something called Curetin after I inquired about taking any supplements to promote healing or to prepare my body. She said that she helped to formulate this and it has several positive controlled studies which caused patients to heal faster. Its basically a drink mix of highly concentrated vitamins, amino acids, proteins, and a collagen derivative to promote healing faster. Its supposed to be started 2 weeks out but I only have a week left before my surgery. So 1 week before 3 weeks after. It tastes like crappy cherry but its ingestible. You can translate the website which has info about it (and buy online) at

The whole staff seemed to think I was going to look great, lets hope so I am excited and still scared. Its projected 4+ liters to be removed.l I will stay overnight and full anesthesia. Posting a few pics in my jammies to show pre-op in a dress. ll post another update soon. Sleepy! Thanks for your support!

Waiting for the clinics profile to be live.

I did tell the clinic I was going to post my review/progression on realself, this is a newer concept to the Germans but I was notified by the office that they were going to add a profile on here so i can link to them. For some reason my profile will not allow me to update my provider, only my review of the provider. I have the clinics name wrong; its actually "Nürnberger Klinic" with Dr. Jens Baetge. Anyone know how to fix this?

Uploading my wish pics, the bpdy style I hope to have. I am trying to have a realistic concept of what i may look like.

4 days pre-op

Not expected and not something I have seen many people post about. My husband seems to have suddenly realized that my rediculously thick hips/curves and super soft (warm) 'baby batter' belly as we have called it will be gone. As much as this particular concept could have caused
Issues in my relationship it has in fact done the opposite; my husband is taking me:::sexually rather often, I know he will enjoy my new body, he has even told me numerous times that this surgery is not necessary ect...I think he appreciates the conecpt of a changed body; this is his loving way of bidding it farewell. I feel close to him about all of this without saying a word. Who knows what we may feel or see or be turned on by in the future. I feel blessed to have a man who loves my body for what it is but also does not want to see me starve myself or simply eat diet frozen meals constantly. He only wants me to be content and confident. He deserves that. He has never understood why i am So ashamed to wear a bikini ect (Never in my life *EVER* have I felt comfortable to wear one)...neither do I have expectations to be able to. My weight has changed so much---smallest 132 biggest 262. We'll see if this makes a difference!

Less than 24 hours out from my lipo

This time tomorrow I should be under sedation, having my lipo. How quickly this came up. I stopped drinking but I have been smoking still, trying to cut back. I have been so hungry the last two days, but for the next 24 hours until my surgery I will be eating broth give my body a break and prepare for the surgery. I have been doing well to drink the curetin everyday, I forgot on Saturday...but drank it first thing in the morning. Ive noticed since I started drinking it that I'm really tired all the time. Or maybe I just havent been getting enough sleep lately.

I got a call from the anesthesiologist yesterday on my way home. She simply asked if I had any questions.

Finally my other two extra compression garments were delivered. Im sad they seem so tight, I was able to get them on with some struggling over my big hips. :(

My husband has a hotel within close proximity to the clinic he will watch my children there and be close if I need him. Unfortunately I will be forced to stay overnight, even though I requested to go home after the surgery but they want to be extra safe. At least they have wifi? ????I will do my best to update with new pics before/after surgery. Wish me luck! ??

Omw to the clinic!

Well today is the day. Surprisingly my husband is getting cold feet last minute and is basically stressing me out right before my operation. Perhaps his way of dealing with the coming op was to pretend it isn't happening. Suddenly this morning he is asking tons of questions, watching youtube videos and having doubts. I however am not a fan of waiting, as of right now its a LETS DO THIS mindset; the sooner it is done the sooner I can heal. Very excited to see the new me. ????

I'll try to post again asap! ????

Done but owww

Omg pain when I woke up. Doctor called my husband and said it took longer than expected because they had trouble penetrating my lower level of fat and took more than expected.

Took a sleeping pill.

Heres to hopeful sleep!

Slow wifi

Trying to update with pics.

I slept like sheeet last night.

My bed was so hard, -all I wanted to do was sleep so I could wake up and take care of my children again. I miss them so much. Hurting but not like crazy hurting; Im sure it is coming. I am my toughest critic, I dont see a huge difference. But the bandages ect are still on

Bruises and swelling everywhere

Well, this is frustrating. I took my compression garment off for a quick shower and wow...Im purple allover. Everything is swollen. This pic is from inbetween my tits. Why in the world am I bruised here? I asked the doctor about it and he said it was probaby from the straps to hold me down?

My body looks strange right now, whats even wierder is that when I was showering it felt like I was still wearing hips felt hard and heavy.

The medications the germans give for pain are no bueno! I am lucky I had some percocets in my cabinet left over from a dentist visit and my breast surgery from 2012! They only gave me some 500mg of ibuprofen and another supplemental pain pill which does nothing. Its been a rough day.

Really hoping things look up and that my body will even out soon so I can see some results. The surgeon said he removed 3.6 liters, I feel huge with swelling. Drinking tons of water and trying to avoid too much salt/carbs.

4 days post op

I finally washed my garment. Took the bandages off and replaced them with the help of my husband. Bruising and swelling like crazy still. Today was pretty bad in the morning, getting out of bed is terrible...but once Im up its better (still hurts)...washing my garment made it fit tighter which is great! I actually feel compressed now...probably swelling more since I took it off for the duration of cleaning. My dear husband; cleaned the whole house and has spent most of the weekend taking care of me and the kids, which he is not used to. I am blessed.

Day 6

Everyday it gets a little easier to move my body about. Yesterday was my first day on only the ibuprofen and anti inflammatory pills, I did have a glass of wine with my man. I started massaging gently, seems to help alot. Getting out of bed is still a struggle. I feel like it looks much better in regards to swelling. Tomorrow is my first post op appointment and the first time I will drive since the surgery. Happy healing!

Dark day

This evening will be the 7 day mark since my operation..."ultrasound assisted tumescent lipo" of the whole stomach, hips, and dorsal roll (the bra fat area). I was supposed to go to my 1st post op appointment today but woke up extremely swollen, emotional, and just a mess. I called the office and told them I would not be coming today and to please have the Dr call me. My husband has been away with work for 24 hours and I really see how much he helped me when he was here. Just one day (yesterday) on my own with my 18lb 5month old busy 6 year old and I woke up bigger looking than pre-surgery. I had planned on taking my garment off today and taking some pics but Im a swollen egg shape today and I absolutely hate it. I've cried for the first time in a long time 3-4x today...after speaking to my dr on the phone I was told this is all normal and that my hormones will be changed due to the missing fat. The swelling, I was told I wasnt eating enough protein, and probably taking in too much salt.

;( Just not feeling today. Baby kept me up alot last night and we have 3 flights of stairs which is normal for a german house I guess...running up and down making bottles all night.

I guess Im spoiled, complaining isnt going to get me anywhere. Really hooe tomorrow is a brighter day.

Finally seeing some tangible change.

It has been a while since my last update. I had my two week checkup last week and as I suspected I have a hematoma on my pannus. This is something I had also in the same area after my csection in May, thankfully this one is not as bad but still slowing progression at least in that area. I personally am still surprised at how much swelling I still have, but slowly and surely I can see my body taking shape. The overhang I had is already lifted so much and surprisingly I almost have a tangible belly button! The area around my mommy pouch is not nearly as bruised as it was so I feel like the hematoma is healing nicely, it still feels like a soft rock under my skin. My hips are still very swollen which is frustrating, I can tell they are smaller but my whole stomach, back and hips are still very tender/swollen. I took some pics last week but honestly I'm not happy with them, I'm gonna take some this week, maybe I'll make a before/2week/3week collage. This week seems much better. This website has been so helpful...even the few people who have commented! Its been a lonely road of healing for me, only my husband knows of the surgery...I haven't told anyone. I'm not sure why. Thanks RealSelf.

Pic update 3 weeks post-op

Just want to thank everyone for their ongoing support. Honestly the first 2 weeks are pretty tough both physically and mentally because there is so much pain and swelling and you naturally expect results so fast but it takes time. I am seeing improvement and its quite amazing (I think) when I look at pre-op photos. I have been wearing my compression garment everyday and night like I was told to...even though I feel like it should be tighter. The doctor said 6 then I will be so used to wearing it, it will be strange not to. I can finally say that I think I made the right decision not to do the tummy tuck right now and see the best results possible with lipo. Its clear he had to be aggressive to work on the areas that were big since I was a kid, i think thats why its so swollen still. The area I would like to see more change is my stomach I never expected as much lift so anything from their is awesome but my massive hips I still feel alot of swelling there too I guess. Keeping to a low carb low sodium diet is a straight pain in the butt lol...Ive had my good days and my not to good days. Cutting out alcohol is def a good idea. I had a crazy weekend and I could tell my swelling got worse. Not drinking while living in Germany is harder than you think! Anyways I see my doctor next week, cant wait to see what he says! Will post again soon!


So its been about 2 mo since the lipo. This is a day to day struggle with me on my body. Two days ago Id say it seems like a significant improvement and today I feel swollen, lumpy, and uneven.

I had honestly hoped by now I would feel like this was all worth but for what I paid this seems really like a bad joke. I find it hard to believe when the doctor said 6 mo for full results that I will see much more of a difference.

Trying to keep my head up about this and my body that seems to constantly be still healing.
Nürnberger Klinic

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