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I learned about fat grafting about 6 years ago and...

I learned about fat grafting about 6 years ago and I am FINALLY going through with a BBL. I have a very small frame. I am 5'1 and my weight fluctuates between 107-110. Right now I weigh 115. I have a very boxy shape. This is the reason why I want the BBL. I want a more femenine shape. Ideally I would LOVE a HUGE behind-- Kardashian and JLo style...but I have to be realistic (but I'm not discarding the idea :) )

I have several quotes from 4 different doctors: Yili, Jimerson, Salama and Mendieta. Here's the breakdown:
Dominican Republic
$3100 (all inclusive except room and board)

9,200 (includes dr and surgery fees, 2 garments, massages and also a driver to pick you up from AP and to all appts)

9,850 (includes only dr and surgery fees- no driver, massage or garments provided)

9,030 (10,030 if wanting to add hips)

Right now I am leaning towards Mendieta. He has a date available in June of this year. All 4 doctors would be out of state for me so I am still trying to work out the logistics. I will be doing this alone so it's a little daunting. I spoke with someone from Mendieta's office. She was really nice and answer all of my questions patiently (I had many, many). She recommended I bring someone with me for the surgery to help the first 2 or 3 nights. Since I am going alone she said there are nurses available. The cost is between $350-400 a day (yikes!). I can't afford that so I'm not sure what I am going to do now. (I was a little discouraged about that).

Right now I need to find a driver, a nurse and a place to stay in South FL. This seems almost an impossible thing but I am determined.

Is anyone else going to South Florida in June? I would love to talk and maybe get some pointers or at least we can be of support to each other. :)

Will update with pix soon. :)

I feel a little overwhelmed. And I keep wondering...

I feel a little overwhelmed. And I keep wondering if this procedure is right for me. I want it soooo bad and I want it to work out. But I want to be realistic too. Has anyone had the BBL that had a small frame to begin with?

I am 5'1 and right now weigh abt 117. I don't know if I have enough fat to transfer--and gaining weight is not an option any more.

I was able to find an after care person. She had reasonable prices and was available on the (tentative) dates I asked about. I'm still working on finding reasonable hotel accommodations.

If you are petite and had a BBL done can you message me? Would love to hear how it went for you.

Still trying to upload pix.


It seems those going through the BbL journey usually bring someone with them (like their BF, friend, husband, mom or other family member). I was wondering if any of you ladies went through it alone? Is it doable? I would love to talk to you. Really, really would love to talk or just hear your take.

Is anyone going down to South Florida June 18th or around that time?
I am looking for someone to share the cost of a room with.
I found a place near Hollywood Broadwalk. Here are some pix. If you're interested let me know.

Thanks so much for all the support you ladies have provided thus far. I've enjoyed the interaction. Good luck to those having their surgery this week or recovering. Sending lots of hugs your way.

Studio in Hollywood

Still looking...

I found a two bedroom apt near Salama and Ghurani's office (like 5 miles I believe). Would love to find a roommate.
Please let me know if you are interested. :)



If you are going alone and need a care taker I can give you the contact info of someone. She's super amazing. She provides aftercare, room and board and transportation. Her house is about 5 minutes from the OR and about 10 from the office. Her price for everything is also very reasonable.


3 weeks post op

New pix

New pic

4 weeks post op

I am 4 weeks post op today. I want to write a detailed review of my experience but writing on this iPad is aggravating.
Mainly I'm feeling well and recovery is going good. I love my hourglass figure-- some days almost more than by behind. I mean don't get me wrong I like my curvy behind but I love, love having hips. I hated having the body of a 10 year old boy.
Right now...
The itching is driving me crazy but I'm taking Benadryl and that helps. My butt is starting to soften and is kinda jiggly. I'm still not sitting, still wearing my garment, still keeping up with my massages (3 a week with ultrasound therapy) and still sleeping on my stomach. It's misery but I realize the aftercare is very important if I want great final results.

I bought a small squeem which became too big too fast. I now have an xs vest from lipo express. I really like it. It's pretty tight right now. I wear it with the foams and the board. I also use a heating pad and it's amazingly soothing.

I have BioCorneum for scars. You can get that at your Drs office. It's kinda pricey but for me it's the only thing that works. I'm very prone to scars and keloids so BioCorneum is amazing.

An FYI: If you're taking antibiotic, take it with yogurt. It's a great probiotic and helps against yeast infection.

That's all for now. If I can answer any question let me know.
Happy healing to all. Praying for a quick recovery for all of you.



Here I go again...

Hi All! I'm on the bbl train once again. It's an exciting thing yet also feeling a little antsy.

For anyone looking for a caregiver I can give you a name. She is amazing! Her rate is $175/day. It's a lot cheaper than others I've contacted and she's just fabulous. I plan to use her again. Mostly I will need someone for about 3 days. After that I can do things on my own.

I've started looking at garments. I'm kinda leaning towards Design Veronique. They have a bbl one with the butt-in. Have anyone tried this kind? Would love to hear any feedback on it.

Ok. That's it for now. Happy healing to all. :)


Medical clearance

I went to get my lab work done and get clearance from my dr. For some reason feelings of insecurity mixed with sadness envelope me as I answered my doctors questions about the procedure. The nurse also met my response with a high brow when she asked what kind of surgery I was having. I'm not sure why I felt this way. I'm very happy about going through with this procedure. But I guess talking about it in public makes me a little skirmish. Specially at a doctor's office where they cautiously but very poignantly talk about elective surgery as unnecessary and vain. I understand people's reaction to cosmetic surgery but for me it's been a life saver. At the risk of sounding too dramatic, I have to say this surgery changed my life--it changed how others perceive me but most importantly it has molded my own view of myself. It's given me the confidence, the energy and the balance I needed to pursue life goals I had for so long placed on hold. I understand doctors have their medical ethos dictating their protocols but being made feel awful--albeit unintentionally about such a personal choice, sux.

Well in other news--
I have ordered my recovery kit from makemeheal. I should be receiving it sometime soon. I have decided to wait and order my garment until after surgery when I'll have a better idea what size I'll be. Also I found a driver for $250 for 10 days. After calling several places this was the best rate I found (if interested I can give you their info if your needing a driver).

That's it for now. More soon I'm sure. Happy healing to all. :)


Recovery has been going well. For the pain/discomfort the first couple of days I took Advil. I tried to avoid taking the Percocet because in the past it has made me feel too drowsy and weak. The antibiotics also give me terrible side effects-- nausea, headache, dizziness. But those I have to take.

Had my first massage. Painful as expected. But felt really good afterwards. I drained quite a bit and even had tissue come out. Eeek! A little gross. But just another reason to keep up with your massages. Getting out as much of the tumescent solution and everything else is important in order to avoid seromas.

I had my inner thighs lipo'd. It's not painful at all just sensitive to the touch. I'm very bruised but nothing a little arnica won't help. After the massage my legs also felt good. Overall I'm ok I'm just ready to be better. I'm looking forward to sitting, sleeping on my back and garment-free days.

Happy healing to you all! :)

Going back to work

I went back to work today. I was ok until about noon and then I was just ready to go home. Unfortunately I had to stick it out the whole day. It wasn't so much about the pain. It was more that I was so uncomfortable. I felt tired and a little suffocated in my garment. The garment is so tight and not being able to sit was just too much. Add to that the heat and humidity and I was quite miserable.

Still swollen but not as painful. Just sensitive to the touch.

I'm still bruised but not as bad as right after surgery. Using Arnica gel has def. helped. I highly recommend.

For my scars I started using silicone sheets and Bio Corneum Plus.

Still taking my antibiotics--and was still getting sick from it. Thanks to MissRT who suggested taking it with orange juice --that has definitely helped some.

Some of you have asked...
I started in a size large, stage 1 garment. A few days later I got into a stage 1 small garment. I have now switched to a stage 2, small garment with foams and board. I also have a 3xs waist cincher that I will add to my small garment eventually but I just can't handle so much compression just yet.
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