42 Yo in Need of Volume Replacement - Leicester, GB

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Well after 5 years of thinking about this I have...

Well after 5 years of thinking about this I have finally decided to go for it and do something for me. I have never really had much in the way if boobs but I have lost most of my volume in the past 2 years. Had several consultations with mr offer and feel very safe in his hands. As I want a more natural lower falling breast I will be going for a natrelle 420cc moderate profile full projection shaped implant. Surgery scheduled on 7th April. Scared but excited. Just really hope the result is what I want ????.

About me..........42 YO, 5ft 4", 126lb or 57 kg in weight. 1 teenage son

As per many of you lovely ladies I have found this site a life saver. I have spent many hours pouring over before and after pictures and reading review after review. Therefore I have decided to do my own review. I have found that there are limited reviews on here in the UK too so hope that helps someone in the UK like me.

I have lost much of my very limited volume in the past few years. I was never particularly blessed with big boobies so the loss of what little I had has affected me. In the past year I have had multiple cysts aspirated; every time this led to my breasts looking more and more hollow and uneven.

Had my consultations with Mr Offer in February where we discussed options and settled in shaped implant at 420cc with moderate + projection.

To be honest I have gone around in circles trying to decide if this will give me the result I want. Im drawn between wanting a natural result that suits my body shape to total booby greed. My pre op is on 30th March and surgery scheduled 7th April. Nervous and excited!!!

Pre op

Well who thought this would come around so soon. My surgery will be undertaken at the Nuffield Hospital in Leicester. Had the pre op and every thing was fine but I must say i started to realise i was being a bit optimistic with my recovery times. So I got home and made a plan of things to do and get and prepared my son and partner for the post op period. I'm really starting question my decision on implant type and size and so have asked if Mr Offer could see me again before m planned surgery next week. Luckily he has fit in a session with me on Monday to go through our choices again. He's being very patient and understanding.

Another consultation ..........

As per my last post I had started to get nervous that my choice of implant wasn't going to deliver the results I wanted. Mr Offer has kindly squeezed me into his clinic 4 days pre op. We went through the whole sizing experience again with mr Offer explaining why he thinks shaped will actually give me the results I want. He explained about why this would give me bearing n mind my body shape, projection of my rib cage etc. We ended up back where we started at 420cc shaped m+ profile. But I feel very confident this is right now. Mr Offer will try a 470cc in the table and see if I Can accommodate the larger implant but he will only do this if it looks right. Also he will only undertake the nipple lift if required. I'm so nervous now. Mainly about being out of action for a few days and the pain afterwards. I need to remember that they will be high and pointy and not to stress to much!!!!

Today's the day .......

7th April.........wow it's finally arrived. Scheduled to arrive at hospital at 12:00. No food or drink after 6:00 so got up at 5:00 to have some eggs and juice to eat. Made myself busy doing chores to stop the nerves. Still by the time I was admitted I was sooooooo thirsty.

Admission was smooth and everyone u dealt with at Nuffield was fantastic. Very in control but reassuring. My OH dropped me there as he had to work but my 15yo son stayed with me to ease my nerves which he certainly did by taking the mickey out if me!!! Lol

Took me down at 15:00. All was smooth and I was very calm. When I came around I was frantically shivering and needed a hugger blanket. This soon got to work.

Pain was manageable but felt sickly especially when given the iv antibiotic. This was managed with anti sickness meds. Tried to get sleep but to behind not sure I got any. In sure it will get better.

3 days post op

Well I did it. Really pleased with result so Dari know they need to d&f so am being patient. Ended up with 420cc. Mr Offer tried 470cc but he said one side couldn't take the size and would have looked misshaped. I trust he made the right call for the best result. A bit dissapointed but respect he would go for what looks best. I'd rather that than main about a misshaped breast. He's done an awesome job for few days op. Will post some pics tomorrow. Pain had even difficult but I followed all instructions to the letter. Have found sleeping upright is the only option and have found sleeping overall really hard. Starting to get wetter today though. Also purchased a heat pad firmly back today. Is working wonders on back pain. I'll post pics tomorrow. Not been wearing bra as PS said ok not to. Have ordered a Macom bra. Hope it arrives soon.

4 days post op. 420cc shaped implant moderate profile

Here are a few pic. Some taken while I was changing my dressings. My prescribed meds have run out so using over the counter meds and boy don't I notice a difference.

It's strange but although I'm pleased with the result so far I feel quite down. I think it's the combination of not much sleep, discomfort and being at home alone so much. Like most of you my life is normally quite the opposite and I struggle to fit everything in. I have decelerated to 0 mile an hour and feel quite isolated.

Pain the right breast is minimal but the pain in the left breast is way stronger. I can't see anything of concern so assume it's the muscles and nerves coming to terms with the implant. My scars looked good under the dressing. Going back to the hospital on Friday for a wound check so I will ask any questions about pain management etc then.

Most of all The two things I miss most are I want to:
1. Give my son and partner proper big strong hugs
2. Lay in a normal bed on my side
3. Play with my two labradoodles properly. They are like two coiled springs right now.


14 days post op

Wow what a few weeks. Thought I'd post an update and progress pic. It's been a roller coaster. Whilst my healing has been good I have struggled with pain. Not so much boobs but my back and bowels!! Sleeping on my back has caused havoc with my back. Purchased a electric heat pad from Argos about 4 days in and that helped enormously. Still use it to sleep in 2 weeks po.

Ended up realising what an adverse affect codine has on my body and got very very badly constipated; as in 10 days not going constipated!!! Pain was horrendous and finally when I did manage to go I got serious anal fissures. Oh my word!!! Wish I'd known in advance so for anyone out there that may feel this is happening or are prone to this id recommend daily lactuose and eating foods that soften stools and drink lots of water. Not the greatest of topics but wow I wish I'd known as it really made me feel unwell.

My dressings were removed after a weeks and the nurse said my scars were healing really well.

I'm two weeks po now and I think things are settling. Swelling lasted a week to 9 days but that has now gone and things are looking slightly less high and pointy. I'm really pleased with the results so far. Mr Offer has done a great job. I had a few questions that I emailed to him and got a quick response too.

I'm still bloated around the belly area but I guess this will go as I resume a normal routine. Frustrating as many of my trousers are too tight to wear comfortably.

Anyway a few update pic from past few weeks
Leicester Plastic Surgeon

So frame offer has been great. I feel like he's really interested in getting me the best result and has given me advice on what i can carry off

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