26yr Old, Mastopexy Reduction, Implants Due in 6 Months - Nuffield, GB

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I had a mastopexy reduction just 12 days ago at a...

I had a mastopexy reduction just 12 days ago at a private hospital called The Nuffield in Exeter, Devon. My surgeon is amazing and I'm so happy with my lift that I am waiting 6 months to decide whether or not I would like implants. The implants used here are Nagor, manufactured in the UK with an excellent reputation. The total cost for both operations for me was £6410.
Usually it would cost £5042 for the lift and £4800 for the implants.
I was offered a reduced price to have a "mini-lift" and breast augmentation at the same but I decided I wanted two separate operations because I might be happy with the results of the lift and not want the implants as I have a good amount of breast tissue (a full C cup)
I am SO happy!
I am lacking in upper pole fullness which the implants would achieve because a well-fitting bra will only give me good cleavage but I've decided to give myself 6 months to decide whether or not I want the implants and my surgeon offered the reduced price still, which is incredible!
My reason for doing this is because I am only 25, I went from a UK clothes size 12 to size 16 and now I am size 10 and in weight I went from 9st 7lb to my heaviest at 14st 12lb to now being 9st 1lb and my breasts went from 34E pre-pregnancy and severe weight gain to a whopping 36GG to a droopy 32D / 32C but I had A LOT of excess skin.
I wish I had it done sooner! Don't wait! You will not regret it x
I will keep updating my journey and if I decide to have the implants I will of course tell you all about it ????

"Mummy's boobies looks funny" says my darling 3yr old at a family BBQ

I haven't told everybody what I've had done. They know I've had skin removed but not from which body part. I want to avoid the stereotyping of "she had a boob job" because like many of you, this means a lot to me and was not done in vain.. people will eventually see when I have my implants because I will be slowly sharing my journey and people will notice a huge change in my personality. Besides, when you're paying this much, you're going to want to show them off! Here is my first boobie purchase; a bathing costume for my holiday to Turkey in July :-D

Seeing my incisions for the first time! 10 days Post-op

I'll be honest it wasn't a nice experience, changing my micropore tape, but if I want to heal well then it's something I must do every 3-5 days. So far I'm happy with my incisions but I have been advised that they will darken as they heal :-( hopefully not too much!

14 days Post-op & Healing well

Changing my micropore tape for the second time was much easier than the first! I seem to be healing better on my left breast which was in fact re-opened to remove more tissue! I have full sensation in both breasts :-)

Let's talk IMPLANTS - high profile? round? silicone 360cc, over the muscle or under?

Sooo my breasts are the smallest they have ever been and whilst I am so happy with my lift, I am lacking in volume and as my breasts heal from the mastopexy and the swelling goes down, they are becoming smaller. I have 6 months to decide but I'm already researching. I know for sure that I want silicone implants no smaller than 330cc but I have discussed 360cc with my surgeon. My waist is 31 inch. Initially, because of my petite build, he was set on placing the implants under the muscle, otherwise known as sub-muscular/sub-pectoral but recently, following a seminar he attended with other surgeons, he has recommended going over the muscle, otherwise known as sub-glandular. He mentioned this is better for patients who have experienced significant weight loss but we spoke more regarding my upcoming msstopexy and so we will talk more about this when I see him in 6 week time. I'm unsure which to decide on seeing as he has recommended both for my figure? I'm also unsure whether I want round implants or teardrop, looking at my breasts now which would you recommend? I would like the implants to be placed as high as possible without this making my nipples appear downward facing and I would also like really nice cleavage (before pregnancy and weight gain then weight loss, I had lovely cleavage and so I know this can be achieved) ladies, please help me to decide x

Why :( Bra change every 1-2 days, micropore tape changed every 4 days, never touch breasts without clean hands..

I have been routinely caring for myself, making sure I'm clean, eating well, not lifting anything I deem too heavy including my 3yr old little girl. I change my post-surgery bra every couple of days, sometimes everyday. I am gutted this has happened and hope it doesn't affect my scarring.

I suspected last week that a problem may occur as it looked like my skin hadn't been pulled together enough at the join of my vertical and horizontal incision.
My right breast began to feel hot and itchy yesterday and I noticed weeping today in the same area that caused concern last week.
I am seeing my surgeon on Wednesday so he can check me over but today my GP covered the wound with a patch of iodine and prescribed antibiotics for 5 days just to be safe.
Apart from that I'm healing well (on my other breast) and feeling well.
I cannot wait to return to the gym!

P.s my post-surgery bras were from ASDA and only cost £12 for two! They are perfect! and I bought them following my surgeons recommendation!
I originally bought two 'Macom' post-surgery bras totalling £68 but they weren't comfortable and I could not have slept in them for 8 weeks. It just goes to show "you get what you pay for" isn't always true :)

My AMAZING & extremely comfortable post-surgery bras which are £12 for two!!!

In the UK this is so cheap for two bras it's unbelievable and I wouldn't have bought them if my surgeon hadn't recommended them.
I've always been taught "quality over quantity" and "You get what you pay for" which translates to: if you buy something very cheap then it is likely to turn out to be of rubbish quality.
Certainly not the case here!
I've told everybody I know about these bras because I just can't believe how great they are!
(I bought and returned two MACOM bras which were £68 because they were not as comfortable)

Is anybody else having an issue with the site? I haven't been able to upload photos since my last post! SO ANNOYING

I want to be part of this community but I have no idea what is going on. It's very disheartening!

Long time no update! Please recommend implant 'cc' size, profile and placement (submuscular or subglandular)

I've haven't been on here as much lately because of issues with the site and being unable to upload photos! and so the photos being uploaded are actually a mixture from last week (6th June & 9th June) and today 17th June. I saw my surgeon Weds and he's happy with my healing and has told me I can stop wearing the microporous tape and I can return to the gym :) (which I did that day haha)  the week prior, I completed  a course of antibiotics to clear up the infection and he advised it shouldn't affect my scarring at all. I now need to have a long think about implants. I'm concerned about the implants projecting my breasts outward more, when really, I want the implants to lift my breasts a bit more and give me upper-pole volume and cleavage. Please recommend implant 'cc' size, profile (high/ultra high) and placement (submuscular or subglandular). I believe round implants will gibe more upper breast fullness than teardrop?

I'm measuring 32D/ 32C and I'm pretty happy with them but considering implants for upper pole fullness

I'd like to be able to wear a low cut dress/ top without a bra and know that they look amazing. I'm still unsure on implant CC and positioning?

BA booked for March 2017, 300cc ? Currently 4 months post bilateral Mastopexies/reduction

I recently met up with my surgeon for a review and I have decided I would like to go ahead with implants in the New Year.
He has recommended I go no larger than 300cc and to consider 275-300cc. I'm opting for round silicone with high profile and he has recommended placement under the muscle so as not to interfere with my breast tissue because my Mastopexy was so recent. I am currently a 34C but my waist usually measures 32inch (guilty of gaining some weight but I've enjoyed myself haha) I'm 5ft2 and weigh 9st 3lb.
I have some assymetry but I'm okay with that and don't think I need different sized implants.
I keep reading about 'boob greed' and wondering whether I should have bigger implants than 300cc to achieve a DD cup?

Random name change and profile photo removal as a work colleague found my profile

So awkward.
The shock on her face as she asked about my 'before' boobies was mortifying. She is not someone I talk to.. ever. I secretly hope she is in a similar position which is why she is on this site.
Anyway.. I'm now bigboobslittleboobs ????

Surgeon said unders then overs and now unders again

Ladies I need your advice please!?
When I first met my surgeon before my mastopexy in May, he discussed implants no bigger than 300cc going under the muscle because my waist is 32". At a follow up consultation he suggested overs because I have enough breast tissue to cover the implant and this would give me the most natural look and cleavage I desire but since, he has gone back to his original suggestion of under the muscle because he is concerned about damaging tissue/blood supply because my uplift was so recent, and warned that if that happens, cells could 'die' and worse case scenario my nipples would turn black and require removal. Now, you might think 'WHY would you risk that?!!' But I have seen a lot of under the muscle implants where the muscle barrier has prevented the implant from creating a nice cleavage and leaves a large gap between the breasts. I REALLY don't want that. Do I go with what he recommends and hope that my pectoral muscles are quite close together or try to sway him with going over the muscle? Sizing between 270-300cc. Currently a C cup. I want the look of fullness and a youthful shape more so than big breasts.
Thanks girls!

Can't decide on my post-surgery bra

I ordered MACOM before but didn't like it and ended up buying ASDA post-surgery bras for my Mastopexy. I do feel like I need a more supportive bra for my implants but I need a little help please? I have been searching like mad and have only found two that I would consider buying. Which out of the two would you recommend? Which bra did you use and how was it?

Bra photos wouldn't upload, specs to compare

Bella-Z front-zippered cotton medical/sports bra;
Inner-cup support system
Contouring moulding cotton knit cups
Comfortable under bust stabilizing band
4-row adjustable back hook & eye closure
Adjustable hook shoulder straps with opening

Georgette fully adjustable implant stabilizing bra;
Seamless moulded contouring cups
Front hook & eye closure
Adjustable/ reversible compression breast bands
Adjustable hook & loop shoulder straps
Comfortable 2" under- bust stabilizing band
Adjustable back hook & eye closure

Operation for BA moved to 22nd Feb

They look and feel saggy again and I feel rubbish. Can't wait for implants next month! I will be having either 270cc or 300cc round silicone, high profile, under the muscle. I am worried that my breasts won't lift at all and instead just project in their current position and I really wouldn't like that. I'm more interested in shape than size now. Has anyone else had a mastopexy followed by implants?

Counting down.. 24 days to go. So worried that I'm starting to talk myself out of it : -(

A lot of friends and male "friends" (haha) have advised me not to go ahead with implants and have told me that my boobs look great. I agree that my boobs look good especially in comparison to my before pics but I'm not comfortable in a top bra-less or during sex when in certain positions and my stretch marks from weight gain are very visible where I am lacking upper pole fullness. I have scheduled another meeting with my PS on 8th Feb which is also my pre-op appointment. I've paid up and I'm pretty much good to go however I've read a few explant stories and I'm so worried about regret that I'm beginning to talk myself out of it. I don't want a large gap between my breasts or for my nipples to stretch so much that my scars from my lift are very visible because my scars are barely visible now. I'm asking my surgeon to order 250cc along with the 270cc and 300cc he is going to trial whilst I'm on the table. Do you think I should be grateful with what I have and not risk being worse off or will the implants make me really happy?

Surgery tomorrow!! :-) currently 34C. Having either 270cc or 300cc

Current bra size 34C (UK)
Having either 270cc or 300cc
Hoping to achieve 34DD
Round silicone implants
Submuscular placement
Re-opening of anchor incision (underboob)
Current weight is 9st 7lb
Height 5"2
Clothes size 10 or 12 depends on gym.

Hi Girls,

My admition is at 1pm tomorrow and I am so so excited!! I haven't slept well over the past couple of nights and tonight is my last night to sleep on both sides and on my stomach before I need to be propped up in bed and sleeping on my back for the foreseeable future haha

Here's hoping it will be all I have dreamed of!

I have just sat and typed a huge update on my review but this site wouldn't upload more than one image and then crashed!! It's b

I can't even contact customer services to complain. I hope this feeback is picked up by admin!

Surgery completed!! They are huge!

I woke up at 6am yesterday to eat a toasted bagel and green tea in hope to prevent nausea follow my anaesthetic and thankfully I haven't been sick at all.

I was admitted for 1pm and initially told I was third on the list (all I could think about was how long I'd need to wait for food haha)

I met my surgeon to go over my procedure and he then advised I am going first : -)
This meant all systems go as I had all staff members in the room to fill out paperwork.

Anaesthetist was lovely and didn't mind the Dr Numb cream I applied two hours prior so as not to feel the cannula.
I woke up in recovery at 16:40. They advised the operation ran over the 90 minutes however there were no complications.

I was kept in recovery for two hours because I was out of it when I first came around and gave full details of my holiday plans to Thailand next September before nodding off and then waking up promptly again.

I didn't and still don't feel like anybody is sitting on my chest which I was worried about.

Breathing is a little uncomfortable and I keep being reminded to take full breaths. Coughing isn't pleasant either but partly due to the drains which are coming out this afternoon. I have had two doses of morphine since the anaesthetic worse off and my observations have been every two hours.

Overall I'm feeling really good and the staff here are fantastic! I'm glad to be stayinh until Friday afternoon.

I met with my surgeon again who advised the operation went really well and once the swelling goes down and my cleavage comes together, he is confident that I will be very happy.
At the moment they feel too big and far apart so I just need to have a little patience.

I've had 300cc
High profile
Round textured Nagor implants
Under the muscle (submuscular)
Underboob incision where he reopened my scar from my mastopexy last year, removed scar tissue and stitched new skin together.

I have sensation in both breasts.
Full sensation in my right nipple.
Waiting on sensation to return in left nipple.

I will keep you updated throughout my journey :-)
Sorry for the lengthy update but wanted to give lots of info.
Happy to answer any questions X

Photos from BA Day one : to my frustration I can only upload one at a time.

Photos that couldn't be uploaded in my updated review.

Another photo from BA Day one : thanks for being a pain Realself.com!

Photos that couldn't be uploaded in my review.

BA Day one photo number 4 : side view

BA Day one - Side profile- photo #5

Photo of my breasts taken the night before my operation

21.01.17 - preop

I'm feeling regretful : -(

I have zero patience and I know they are swollen but they look so low and it worries me because part of the healing process is that they "drop". I don't want them any lower! I want them higher!

My one main request was to have great cleavage but the gap I currently have is pretty big. PS has said my bra will bring the implants together to create cleavage but I need to wait for the drains to be removed.

Aah girls. Please give me your honest feedback?! I won't be offended. I have seen such nicer results on here. I'm regretting not having both the mastopexy and implants at the same time as my breast would have been higher on my chest.

The photo upload for this website is driving me crazy! here's the side profile of my new boobies

I feel like the dressing is pushing them down

Can't sleep but pleased to see changes already!

It's 00:05 here in the UK and I'm still in Exeter Nuffield private hospital. The staff have been brilliant and have made my stay so far, very comfortable and pleasant. I've been experiencing pain in my left breast which feels firmer than my right and so the nurse is going to keep an eye on it but might need to contact a Dr to check I haven't got a haematomama. The pain is sharp and coming from the incision site. Drains are still in and uncomfortable too. I have woken up sweaty and had a strip wash and my entire bedding changed. I've had another dose or oramorph (morphine) and I'm hoping to drift off to sleep in a moment. On the plus side.. boobs are looking better than earlier and drains will be coming out in the morning : -)

Goodnight girls x

Dressing off and bra shopping to look forward to in 6 weeks

All done ???? I am pleased. I think they look very natural. I had a proper shower today which was so nice! I have been advised to change the microporous tape on my incisions every 3 days and that I can shower normally. No swimming, lying on my stomach for sleeping, massages or chiropractic sessions, no gym, lifting heavy things and no vigorous sex for 6 weeks. I also need to wear my sports bras for 6 weeks but after 6 weeks it's important I buy a supportive underwire bra to replace the sportsbras. I have full sensation all over both breasts and my surgeon is very pleased. I can't wait to be measured on Friday and I cannot wait to go underwear shopping in 6 weeks : -)

Cannot upload more than one photo

Please message if you have any questions. A bit fed up with the website right now.

Cannot upload more than one photo

As mentioned previously

Cannot upload more than one photo


Cannot upload more than one photo


Cannot upload more than one photo

Day 7

Cannot upload more than one photo

Day 7

Cannot upload more than one photo

My black bra from M&S £25- extremely comfortable- Returned MACOM

Both bras I bought from M&S for £22.50 and £25 and they are so comfortable and well fitting. I highly recommend them both.
The black has thin cross back straps which is ideal for clothing.

Another photo show the thin straps on the black bra

£25 Marks & Spencer

6 weeks post-op

6 weeks post-op and feeling great.
Full sensation
Can't even feel implants or really see them
Scars healing well
I was told to wear underwire bras from 5 weeks but after 5 days wear I am back in sports bras.

Another photo at 6 weeks post BA

Dr Andrew Watts

Professional, skilled, understanding and comforting.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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