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Hi there. I have been so thankful for this site as...

Hi there. I have been so thankful for this site as it has really helped me to come to terms with the decision I have had to make. Well it was made for me really. At 33 I made the decision to have a BA . Before children I never really had large breasts probably a 34B but I was happy with myself and my body image. I have always been active and kept fit and healthy. My husband was never a 'boob' man so that was never an issue haha!. When I had my daughters I successfully breastfed. My breasts were so huge (full of milk of course) I looked like Dolly Parton! However, once I finished breastfeeding I was left with virtually nothing, in fact I reckon I was a 34A/AA. I did start to feel a little self conscious about my body and when my mum confided in me and admitted to have had a BA in the 1980's, I thought to myself well if mum can do it so can I. My mums breasts looked so natural; she had the op when I was a teenager, I hadn't realised. She told me at the time she had a breast lift and being a teenager, I believed her as I didn't know any better.
So in 2006, I took the plunge. I was so excited to having a pair of boobs! I couldn't wait to buy gorgeous bras, low cut tops etc. I could have a new wardrobe. My consultant Mr Morris was great. He could understand why I wanted to have a BA as I had very little breast tissue. He recommended silicone tear drop implants, under the muscle as I was slim, fit and active. I went for 350cc and had a practise at home with bags of rice to get a feel of how big I would be.
The op went well, although being a red head I'm a bleeder and needed drains. They were taken out a day after my op. Recovery was a little slow but I was so chuffed with my new breasts!
Let's fast forward a little. I loved my boobs. Unlike other stories on here I would not chose to have them removed if I didn't have any problems... But I do :-(. I realise now I have probably had issues since 2009. I unusually started suffering from mastitis which I had never had before, even when I breastfed I had never had any problems. The doctors could not give me any reasoning for this. I have had mastitis about 4 times, last year my left breast was so engorged it was about twice the size of my right breast. I won't go into too much detail as I could write a story but everything came to a head in December. Again my left breast started to swell and become uncomfortable. The GP was concerned and sent me for an ultrasound. In January this year I was told my left breast was suffering from inflammation (still unsure of cause) and there was a slight tear in the implant. Ironically the right breast which haven't had any issues with was completely ruptured. I wont't lie, I was devastated. The NHS said they would remove the implants for me as it was a health issue.i agreed to be put on the waiting list. However, I decided to see my consultant who initially did my BA Mr Morris. He explained that implants don't have a guarantee which I appreciated, however my mum has had hers for 28yrs with no complications. He could see I was absolutely gutted, but my philosophy is once bitten twice shy, I didn't want to go through this again. So i have made the decision to have them removed. Mr Morris has written to the manufacturers as I am looking for some kind of compensation. He did agree that I shouldn't have suffered these ruptures and a close friend of mine who had the same implants also has ruptures. I also feel that my health was in fact affected by my implants and I am hopeful that once they are removed I will notice a positive change. I am absolutely dreading what my boobs are going to look like. This site has been great as I have been able to read other ladies stories and the pictures have been beneficial for me. I know everyone's breasts are different but I am going to keep everything crossed that mine won't been too saggy and maybe a miracle will happen and I will have a bit more than what I am expecting...

Implants have gone!!!

Morning ladies. Well the operation is over and I'm surprisingly not in too much pain. Didn't have the best nights sleep due to feet pumps but I will have plenty of time to rest. I have had a little peek but am covered well in bandages so hard to tell. Will try and post a pic sometime. Have drains which was expected, left drain is releasing lots of fluid/blood, this was the boob that I had inflammation in. Ironically though the implant was in tact. Apparently right implant was pretty awful. Consultant will explain more when I see him later. Am I glad I've done this? Well I didn't have an option due to rupture etc but I know I will get through this. From what I can see through the bandages my boobs look quite small but not droopy (well not at the moment) if they stay like that I will be well happy. Hoping to go home today but will depend on drains. Food is lush though so I'm happy with that.

1day post-op

I'm home! Drains are out. Not in too much pain. Taking paracetamol 4 hourly. Have uploaded a couple of pics but can't really tell how teeny, tiny small I am as I am bandaged up well. Need to stay bandaged up until post-op appt in 2 weeks. One things for sure I'm not droopy or saggy, not big enough haha. Will be lucky if I'm an AA cup. Feeling positive but there will probably be a roller coaster of emotions to come.

The big (well small haha) reveal!

So, I'm now 15 days post op and the bandages are off! Wasn't sure how I would react, but I was absolutely fine. My consultant asked how I've been over the last 2 weeks. I told him I've had no tears and have actually surprised myself. He told me I'm a grounded girl! As you can see from the photos I've uploaded, my breasts aren't even, but that's to be expected. Now I need to do plenty of massaging so the 'fluffing' can commence. Ok, so they are a little droopy but you know what, so are most women's and I do think I have a little more than 10 yrs ago! My consultant has put some micro pore tape along my wounds to protect them for the time being.
Oh, and I've put a picture of myself in a soft crop top. I think these will be all I will be wearing for the next few weeks until my wounds have properly healed.
Am I happy? Yes I am. As I stated before, I loved my breast implants, but I am now back to the natural small me and hopefully with no more health issues.

3 weeks post and feeling good!

So, I went back to work on Monday. My work colleagues have been very supportive which is great!
Still positive. Left breast still looks a bit squished but that's to be expected. Slight pain under right breast along with numbness but spoke to consultant and he has said its nothing to worry about.
Bought a loved non-wired t shirt bra 34A at the weekend, but after a few years had red marks, so back to crop tops for the time being.
Itching to get back to the gym, but feel my body is still in recovery mode, so need to continue to be patient.
Put a few pics on, I feel there is a little progress but can't expect miracles and it's only been 3 weeks!

4 weeks post and now back on my bike yay!

So, I have been taking it easy and have now decided on a little exercise. Went to a spinning class last night and a leisurely 21 mile bike ride today and I'm feeling great! No niggles, no pain. Going to keep taking it easy for now, no running yet and another 2 weeks before swimming, but I'm getting there!
Went bra shopping again today without success. I have 1 non wired soft bra from Marks and spencer which is fab, but that is the only bra that seems to fit me well. I'm not going to get despondent though. Still a 34A, I think that will be my size, but it's a handful and more than a handful is a waste so they say.
Put a pic up, don't think there's much change since last week, but I'm still smiling. Xx

Exactly one month post explant and very happy with my natural 34A boobies!

I can't believe a month has gone by already and i have not had one tear, felt low or even missed my 34D breasts. I truly thought I would be distraught, miss them so much and be thinking about re-implanting. But no way. After reading the stories on real self, the trauma you ladies have suffered, the friendships I have made, to be happy on my own skin and the way God made me, has made me realise that never again will I be placing a foreign object into my body.
Even though my PS suggested I keep replacing micro pore tape on my wounds for 6 weeks, I feel they have healed well and need some air. So here are some pics. My PS went through the same incision, I can't believe how big my boobs used to be as the wound is quite a lot lower than my natural boob. However, I have put on a bikini and you really can't notice the scars and over time they will fade even more. I'm already pleased with the results after one month.
So I have been on my bike a couple of times and felt great, just the running to tackle now, will probably leave for another week as have a stinking cold at the moment. And then back in the pool. PS recommended I wait until 6 weeks puts to ensure wounds have completely healed, although I think they have already. Will wait though just to be on safe side.
Wishing all you ladies healing wishes and will be thinking of those who have their ops this week. Lots of love xx

So chuffed, I've bought a 32c! !

So I went into marks and Spencer again today. Currently wear a 34A soft and sumptuous bra. I did think the cup may have been a little small. Sales lady told me to try a 32c and it fitted almost perfect! I sound huge haha!! Will post a pic later if I remember. They aren't sexy but so comfortable. Xx

Non-wired sumptuously soft t shirt bra

This is the best bra ever! I have tried lots but this is the only one that's seems to fit almost perfectly and it's a 32C!
If you have a marks and spencer try them out. Xx

2 month post and I feel great!

Hey fellow explanters and the soon to be explanters! Just thought I would post a little update as to how I'm doing. GREAT!!!!
To be fair I have posted a couple of pics. Don't think there is much change from 1 month but I am so happy with my natural breasts. From the side pic you can notice how much lower my scar is but it has healed so well. Been advised to put lavender oil on the scar hoping they will fade. But I'm not too worried.
Back fully exercising which I am pleased about and can flex my chest muscle and my breasts look perfect. Yay!
For any doubters that are due to explant due to health reasons, I know how you feel. I was devastated when told in January I would be losing my D cup breasts, but I do not have a single regret now and am loving my new slender body. :-)

One year on (on the 2nd March)

I can't believe where the last year has gone... a year on 2nd March I had to sadly say bye bye to my 34 D breasts. Have I missed them? I would by lying if I said never, however I have embraced my small natural 32 B/C boobies. I have not shed one tear since the op, have not been psychologically scarred, have changed my dress style slightly and won 1st place in a triathlon. Can't get much better than that haha! My scars are fading well and I honestly feel blessed and happy that I no longer have foreign objects inside me. So if there are any ladies who are due to go through this shortly, please read my full story. I know exactly what you are going through and experiencing but this site really helped me through. Xxx

Fantastic PS. Would highly recommend.

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