42 Years Old, 8 Year Old Implants and Tired of Being in Pain, Exhausted and Want to Feel Like Me Again........time to Go!! - GB

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I had my implants put in 8 years ago after years...

I had my implants put in 8 years ago after years of wanting them, especially after breast feeding I felt they were tired and saggy. Unfortunately I had them put in quickly with a last minute change to go bigger than I first decided. I was a 32A/B and wanted to go to a C. At the last minute I decided to go to a D cup. Crazy decision as I ended up with a 32E. When I went home I cried and wanted them out immediately. I was in so much pain and remained so for a couple of weeks. I gradually got used to them and I guess I enjoyed the attention periodically but most of the time I felt embarrassed to have such obviously fake boobs.
2-3 months after implant I started getting exhausted and needing to sleep lots and was diagnosed several months later with an underactive thyroid (connected?). Over the years I have had a love/hate relationship with them. I hate they make me feel so uncomfortable, I have almost constant back pain and have to take painkillers to sleep, my nipples hurt, I get stabbing pain, pins and needles and numbness in my arms and hands, the sensation still hasn't come back on the underside of them and just a general feeling of fatigue and feeling "heavy", I wear sports bras as the "pretty" ones hurt, Its hard to find nice bras anyway in my size in any normal shop. Instead of feeling shapely I feel mumsy! Naked I love the look of them but hate them being touched as they make me feel squeamish. Cant wait to get them out and be comfortable to sleep and not have to wear a size bigger clothing just so I can get my boobs in.

Feeling positive

So only 5 sleeps until my consultation and hopefully a date for explant. Just spoke to a friend of mine who had them a couple of weeks ago. She said her backache has gone, her nails have started growing, she's lost weight and just generally feels loads better. Excited and just want it done now.

Consultation and explant date

I had a brilliant consultation yesterday and left feeling elated that I haven't got too long to wait. I was initially given a date of 1st April to have it done in the Nuffield hospital under a general. I was a little disappointed as I wanted it done before then. He then told me there was other options and I could have it done at the consultation venue which also has two theatres on site. I took that option and I've been given a date - 16th March, so only a week and half to wait.
My PS was fantastic, very supportive in my decision and didn't try and talk me out of it or suggest replacing or a mastoplexy yet. He said to get them out, let them heal and see how I feel in the future. He was positive about the amount of breast tissue I have and the fact I've put on a few pounds should also help what I have left after they've been removed.
I've decided to have them out under a local anaesthetic under sedation. This will avoid all the horrible effects of a general as i took so long to recover after the last one. He reassured me that they will give me as much pain relief as I need so I don't feel it or as much sedation so I can be as "out of it" as I need to be, this can be changed and increased if I need it by the anaesthetist. I then shouldn't have any "hangover" feeling from a general and will be well enough to leave in a few hours. He listened to all my concerns about the operation and made notes to minimise any procedures that I felt uncomfortable about eg drains, using the "skin burner" as I called it!
So now all I need to do is make sure I'm on top of my work and got plenty of supplies in for afterwards :-)

panic attack

I got my appointment card and surgery instructions through yesterday and had a panic attack! Not had one for a long time but maybe the reality kicked in. I still know I want them out and can't wait for it all to be over. Only 5 days to go...... Thank goodness for this site and my new friend.

All done and home!

I couldn't write anything yesterday as i was an emotional wreck before going in today. I really had nothing to worry about-it was so easy! I had them removed this morning under a local anaesthetic with sedation and i honestly couldn't feel happier about that choice. The procedure took about 40 minutes and apart from being uncomfortable when they were cleaning out the right boob which had ruptured, it wasn't a bad experience. I left pain free and with no nasty groggy anaesthetic feeling. The clinic and their staff were fantastic and i felt comfortable and safe.
I am horrified though at the state of the ruptured inplant, and theres no knowing how long it has been like it. I had no idea it was ruptured as the boob was still soft and there wasn't any misshape to it...only a slight droop of the natural boob. I am so relieved to get them out and feel light, no pain so far (although i imagine the local anaesthetic will wear off at some point.... but its been 5 hours and i feel absolutely fine. To think that has been inside me turns my stomach.
I can't recommend David Oliver and his team enough if you are in the south west of England.

day 1

A couple pics of day 1

day 5

Day 2 and 3 I felt a bit tired where I overdid it a bit on the 1st morning......If you having explant soon make sure you rest!! One boob swelled up more than the other but I think it's where it was given a thorough clean out from the ruptured implant.
Day 4 and 5 I feel more amazing with each day.i love my new body shape and i feel like a new woman, so happy with my decision, I can't believe I waited so long to get them out. Please please please go for it if you think it's right for you. To sleep comfortably at night etc is just blissful :-) Possibly psychological but i already like I have more energy, healthier and about 2 inches taller!
A big hug to all those ladies who supported me to make my decision.

over two weeks gone......no regrets.

Well 2 and a half weeks post op and I haven't regretted it for a second. Had a few little aches and pains but nothing that's warranted any pain relief. So glad not to have to take them for my back anymore too.my energy is coming back and im probably doing far more than I should but I feel so good without them. I've lost about 4lbs in weight too! They seem to be less swollen and are even now. Gradually becoming firmer and not so jelly like. Bought my 1st bra the other day :-) so good to go into a shop and have the choice of all the pretty ones.any ladies in doubt....... don't be. It's so liberating to be comfortable in your own skin.good luck to all of you that are going through the angst of making the decision to explant.much love and positivity to you.x

6 weeks on....

It's been a few weeks since I updated. I has a scare a couple of weeks ago when I was taken my top off and one of my scars had gone black and a lumpy bit and I was also having a few sharp pains:-(. Obviously had a bit of a panic, as it was a Friday night I couldn't do much about it but rang my surgeon on rhe monday and he reassured me it was probably a haematoma and saw me the next day by which time it had faded and lump almost gone! He was happy everything was fine and since it's gone down I've had no more pain etc. I think I probably only have myself to blame as sanded down and painted the outside of the house 2 1/2 weeks after surgery.so ladies if you've just had it done or going to please take it easy!!
My boobs are slightly smaller than post op but then I've lost 8lbs since weighing myself the day after surgery so it's all relative to my body shape and really loving being a little person again. Still feel quite lucky with my result. I went to get measured for bras last week....not conclusive as came out with a 34b, 32c and a 34c that all fit??! Crazy to think that when I went to have implants my initial desired size was 32c. Most of my clothes that I thought woukd be no good still fit and little jackets etc look so much better as they don't look like I'm about to burst out of the seams!!
Every day I appreciate that I don't have them inside me anymore. It's such a relief. I took photos but I can't get them to upload but they're not much different from the last ones apart from slightly smaller body and boobs.

1 year gone!

Well its almost a year since I explanted and I haven't regretted it for a single moment. I love my natural breasts and they are so much better than even before I had the implants. Can't believe I spent wasted so much time having them in. My confidence is better now and I know I'M being talked to - not my breasts. Felt great last summer on holiday not being stared at! Fabulous to walk into just about any shop and find a standard pretty bra.....in my size. Couldn't be happier.
For all those ladies thinking about it- do it. You can always have more put in but I think in most cases you won't want to.
I've lost a stone in weight, my "dry eyes" have gone along with my backache. I love lying on my front and not feeling like I have hard lumps under me.
Good luck and all the best :-) xx
Exeter Plastic Surgeon

Really happy in my choice to explant with David Oliver. I felt he listened to everything I was concerned about. I suggested mastoplexy and he advised me to get the implants out initially and that I would probably be pleasantly surprised with what I had left. Then to wait and if I wanted it done later on then to look at it.... but his guess was i would be happy without. He was absolutely right. I felt throughout whole process I was listened to, positively reassured and comforted. Such a completely different experience to having the implants in the first place with another company! The surgery day was easy and relatively painfree. I was in and out in a couple of hours....my choice as i felt so well after having a local and sedation. The theatre nurses were lovely and trying to make me lots of tea, biscuits and keep me sitting down post op. The anaesthetist held my hand when things briefly got a bit uncomfortable but was so easy under sedation and a great way to say goodbye to the boobs!! Bonus-no nasty recovery from a general. I can't rate David Oliver and his team highly enough. I felt well cared for and that I was listened to throughout.....even when happily chatting away under sedation!! I haven't returned for my check up yet so will rate follow up then.

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