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I have my BA coming up on the 5th of December...

I have my BA coming up on the 5th of December 2016, I had my initial consultation in September at Nuffield health in North staffordshire. My pre op assessment is coming up in 2 weeks and the nerves are kicking in, I hope it all goes well. I am a greatly addicted to herbal tea but after reading people's suggestion on herbs intake and surgery on here, I realised to quit herbs and spices 2 weeks before my surgery as it does contribute to thinning of the blood which could lead to excessive bleeding and bruises. I have always wanted a breast augmentation and decided to stop all herbal teas and spices cos I do not want to have any complications. My pre op-assessment is coming up in 2 weeks, I will be letting you all know how it goes.

pre-op assessment 24/11/2016

My pre-op assessment was initially booked for the 21st of November but had to reschedule it to 24th of November. I got to the hospital (Nuffield health) at 10:50am and sat at the reception till 11am which was the scheduled time for my appointment. At 11am, I was met by a nice nurse that led me to the pre-op assessment room. she started the pre-op by going through what to expect on the day of surgery. I was told not to have any meal after 7am and not to have water after 11am as my surgery will be taking place after 12pm (I was not told the specific time I will be going into surgery cos they do not like patients getting worked up about timing, but I will be given a vague idea on the day of surgery) I was told the surgery will take approximately 90 minutes and I will be staying overnight at the hospital. The nurse went further to ask me some basic questions about my health, she drew some blood for blood tests, did my height, weight and blood pressure and finally the MRSA swab (armpit, nose and groin). I was also told I will be having a shower at the hospital on the day of surgery rather than at home and I will be given one of those disposable hospital knickers to wear.
I need to start getting my things together, I haven't even got my sports/surgical bra yet (saw some comfy looking ones at M&S the other day) but I plan to get everything I need including my v pillow by next week.

Cold/cough symptoms one day pre surgery

I have my BA surgery coming up tomorrow 5th Dec and I'm already having cold/cough symptoms. This is the last thing I need right now, I really really pray and hope that my surgery does not get cancelled because I want to get it done and move on to other things.

Surgery day and having breast brfore christmas

So two days before my surgery, I developed a sore throat and cold and was so scared that my surgery could be cancelled. I made sure I drank lots of lemon, water and honey and lots of green smoothie which worked wonders for me. My surgery was initially supposed to be in the afternoon 12:30pm on the 5th of December but I got a call from my hospital on the 2nd of December that my surgery has been shifted to morning (7:30am which I was happy about as I did want to have to wait all morning). On Sunday the 4th of December I packed my hospital bag as I would be staying at the hospital overnight, I also bought 2 post op bras one in 34b and another in 34c as I was not sure about the one that would fit best due to swelling.
On the day of surgery I woke up at 5am, had my shower with my regular soap cos I was told at my pre-op assessment that I will be having a shower with a fancy sponge at the hospital. I left my home at 7:25 am and got to the hospital at 7:31 am. I reported to the reception and I was taken to my room which was en-suite and looked like a hotel room. Shortly after getting comfortable in my room, my doctor ( Mr Prinsloo) came in to draw on me and went over a few details including size (270cc), with me and also signed my consent form. After a while, I changed into my hospital gown, had a shower, wore my socks and my fancy surgical pants feeling super excited for my surgery. The anaesthesiologist came in to introduce himself and told me what to expect and if I’ve got any questions which I didn’t as I have spent a lot on the internet prior to my surgery. Then a nurse came in to take my blood pressure and temperature, after she left I crawled back into my bed to take a nap as I was feeling sleepy and I had my sister with me. At 2pm a nurse came to my room and told me it was time for surgery, I said goodbye to my sister and went down stairs to get me some new boobs(I was not nervous having the surgery because I had so much trust in my surgeon due to his years of experience and success rate). Immediately I walked into the OR, I saw my surgeon and the anaesthesiologist who was very friendly, minutes later a cannula was inserted into my left hand (which I did not feel ) and he said he was going to give me something to make me happy and started feeling drowsy, I remembered the oxygen mask being put on my face and that was all I could remember.
I remember waking up in recovery with boobs some minutes past 4pm but was feeling so sleepy and ordered dinner with the help of my sister which was tomato soup and bread which I didn’t finish as all I wanted to do was sleep but it tasted yummy, I also had a big jug of water by my bed side table. Minutes later my doctor came to check on me and said everything seemed great then I went back to sleep, a little while later the nurse came back in and helped me put on my sports bra (I picked the 34c one).About 9pm, I woke up feeling sick and called the nurse and was given a bowl. I eventually threw up and felt much better. I managed to sleep but the nurse was constantly coming in to check my blood pressure and temperature and encouraged me to keep drinking lots of water as I told her my throat was dry. I was able to go pee after drinking a whole jug of water with the help of the nurse as I felt dizzy initially when I got up. I eventually slept and woke up the next morning on my hospital bed still feeling tired and sleepy. By about 7:30 am on 6th December the doctor came to check me and said I could go home after I have had my breakfast at the hospital which was oatmeal and smoothie, Cannula was taken out, I was given my meds and time for 1 week post op appointment then I left for home.

Day 1-7 post op with before and after

Post op day 1-3: I will start writing from day two as I slept overnight at the hospital one my first day post-op which was very comfortable. As I was being discharged from the hospital my doctor said I could have a shower right away but not to get the dressing wet, to be honest I was scared to shower even though I had my sister around the house to help me. My second night back home was so uncomfortable , I couldn’t find a comfortable way to lay down, I had a horrible cough, just couldn’t fall asleep on my back were and the codeine which I was taking was messing up with my stomach. I also had to go to my local boots store as the cough was making my sternum hurt each time, I coughed and it was beginning to affect my sleep. On day three, I stopped using codeine and switched to paracetamol. I summoned up the courage to take a shower while sitting on a chair and also check out my breasts which I loved at first sight. Later that day, I had shooting pain in my right breast which lasted for a couple of minutes and heard/felt a squishy sensation on my left breast (which my surgeon told me to expect) and the discomfort had significantly gone down by the third day.
Post op day 4-7: On day 4, the implants were not as high as day 1, guess they were beginning to drop and I woke up very sore (felt like someone was grabbing on my boobs and wouldn’t let go). I also had a bowel movement which I was happy about as I was consuming lots of green smoothies and salad before and after my surgery and no junk food. By late afternoon, that same day just before I was about to have a shower, I noticed some dried blood stains on my bandage which gave me the scare of my life. I cried for a few seconds(I think I was emotional) and immediately rang my hospital and was told not to get to worried since the blood was dried but to keep an eye on it if anything changes. When my sister got home from work that evening, I told her what had happened and she also said it was normal because she is in the medical field too. Day 5-7 nothing had changed , I was off the paracetamol, my cough was almost gone, I was sleeping longer at night without waking up, I was still having the morning boob and still having my smoothies and salads and bowel movements everyday as normal. Will be updating my one week post op appointment shortly

one week post op

Sorry that my posts are far behind, I have been so lazy after my surgery. I had my one week post op appointment on Monday 12/12/16. The bandage was taken off (which was a big relief) and my doctor said I’m healing excellently well which we were both happy about. He said I can have a full shower now and to use bio oil to moisturise, I am not allowed to lift things or stretch , he also did not recommend any massages as my implants are textured, he only said to move my arms more often and things would soften up as time goes on. He also said that I need to keep the sports bra on for 3 more weeks, but I can take it off at night time. I am very happy with my size and my surgeon, he’s absolutely the best. I am currently wearing my 34c sports bra which I got from M&S , I am still curious about what my size will eventually be, I know its still very early to think about this.

2 Weeks post op

- I am still sleeping on my back which I have kind of gotten used to. I am able to move and lift my arms more but still taking things slowly and not lifting anything heavy. I miss working out a lot, I went for a very long walk on Friday which felt super good. My right breast seems to be dropping faster than the left one and I have noticed that my sports bra is getting tighter perhaps it’s got to do with the dropping. The lower part of both breasts feels very numb which I find very weird especially when I’m moisturising them and my nipples are so sensitive especially at night because I do not sleep with my sports bra. I have been having a weird shooting and uncomfortable pain from my right nipple which makes it difficult for me to move my arm, I had to take a paracetamol last night, I have had it for 2 nights in a row. Has anyone had this sort of pain before?

four weeks post op

Happy new year!!! I am four weeks post op today. The acne on my chest and shoulder which I noticed a week after surgery is beginning to disappear. I am taking things slow with lifting and stretching but still cannot raise my arms fully. They are beginning to drop but I would say that they are taking their time to drop especially the left one, so far I am totally happy with them as I have gone bralette shopping lately. I am waiting for them to drop further before going for bra shopping. The extreme sensitivity has reduced but the lower parts of both breasts still feels numb.

6 weeks post op

My right breast seems to be dropping way quicker than my left. I am able to move my arms more but still taking care not to over stretch them when reaching for items as I still feel some soreness when I overstretch. The left one seems to be healing slower than the right cos its taking its time to drop compared to the right one, the underside of my left one is still very numb while the right one is not so numb and the left breast still feels sensitive when clothing items rubs off on it while the right one is less sensitive. All I can say is I love how my boobies look when I dress up as they are the perfect size for me but I can’t wait for the left one to drop, I guess I need to use my left hand more often perhaps it will help it drop faster.

8 weeks post op

I am now 8 weeks post op. This week, I went to see my doctor about my left implant not settling as fast as the right one. He has recommended that I massage it and with time it will eventually settle. I have also been cleared to resume workout which is something I am really excited about. I wont be posting as frequently anymore, I will be updating you guys on a monthly basis as things change

12 weeks post op (3 months)

Left breast still slightly higher than the right one. My PS recommended a massage after booking an appointment to see him four weeks ago. Both breast are getting softer day by day and looking great in clothes but the left one still feels super numb on the lower part compared to the right one. I was told that the numbness will reduce as time goes by as I still have a long way to go. Cant believe its been three months already, and i am glad I didn't go any bigger than 270cc
Daniel Prinsloo

He was recommended to me by a family member who had heard about him. About five minutes into my consultation, I knew I would be having my augmentation with him. I did a thorough research and found out he's got years of experience in plastic surgery, he is friendly, professional and patient. He answered all the questions I had during my consultation and after surgery to my satisfaction. I would definitely recommend him to anyone

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