45yrs Old, 6 Children, 7 Pregnancies Having 600cc Implants - Brentwood, GB

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After breast feeding all my children and losing...

After breast feeding all my children and losing 4st 8lb in 7 months my 34 E boobs have gone flat and empty..now around a 36C ish...been advised that the biggest implant they do (600cc) will give me back volume. Very nervous and expecting a lot of pain too. Does anyone find living life restrictive after having them done? Ie., going to the gym or lying on their front sunbathing etc? ... Any experiences appreciated...pre op photo to follow.

Day one after the operation.

I have had mentor 600cc silicone put in on top of the muscle as the surgeon has suggested. He said there was enough fullness left to be able to do that.

After driving myself to the Nuffield hospital in Brentwood (UK) at 7am I did start to get butterflies....that tummy flutter before a big date feeling, but Certainly not worried or scared...just felt confident knowing my surgeon is rated one of the top ten in the country! So I know I'm in safe hands...

The whole process only took one hour to complete! Think I should have done better in my school life and been a plastic surgeon! ????????

The pain on waking was unpleasant (nowhere near as bad as having a hysterectomy though) and the sedation did make me feel sick after, but the nurses gave me meds to counteract that. The surgeon came to my room twice to check on me and the service from everyone from the tea/food lady to the senior nurses was second to none! Fabulous!.

I was allowed home at 9pm after having surgery at 10am.

Slept quite well sitting up! A lot better than I thought I would. My chest doesn't feel sore just a bit bruised and feels like I have that feeling of trapped wind or pulled a muscle behind my boobs and round the sides...not even any pain from the incisions.

I have been given a new brand of surgical bras x 2 to test out and give feed back on, apparently a lot cheaper and more comfortable to wear recovery wise....so will see what they are like. The one I have on currently is being squished and covered by this huge belt/strap thing across my chest which apparently can be taken off on Wednesday so I can shower and I don't have to wear it after that.

Been given a lot of pain medication and antibiotics to take over the next few days too.

I didn't go into this whole surgery in mind with wanting porn star boobs or the biggest type I could get....I just would like the fullness I had pre babies back and to be able to wear all the lovely bras I have had to store away as I couldn't fill them anymore...part
Of me feels am I being vain? Then I think... well....I'm nearly 45 and I'm going to maintain myself and not let go of trying to look my best. I have lost weight hugely from weighing nearly 17st last November to 11st now....no more type 2 diabetes, and I feel a lot healthier. After having so many babies it does take its toll....and every child has been worth it though that's for sure. ????

My height which I forgot to add in the description is 5'8".....

Will update after day three when I remove everything for a shower ????????

Day 4 post op

Have to say as time has gone on the pain I'm feeling has increased. Particularly on my left breast, but I know everything pain wise is perfectly normal during early recovery...

...no obvious differences in shape or size between my two breasts, all looks quite even to me. I would say the pain feels similar to that of a stitch you get when running with a little added heat! , that pain increases when I try and get out of bed or get up from a sitting position. I have been walking as much as I can but I get very tired quickly...but I also put that down to it being few months post hysterectomy recovery for me too.

This new bra the surgeon has got me wearing is driving me nuts! Keeps riding up and digging into my scars! The straps over the shoulders are rough too so not very happy there knowing I have to wear them for the next 5 weeks....no pain no gain though right?!?!

Between my breasts is a little swollen and bruised and when pressed it feels crunchy and makes a bubbling noise which is 'normal' from what I have read on this forum.... the bottom of my breasts when touched from underneath are very soft unlike the tops of them...I'm thinking that the implants have to drop to fill that up which I'm hoping they will in time.

Mobility wise I'm not pushing, pulling or lifting anything as instructed, but when in the shower I do need to raise my arms to wash my hair to a certain degree so hope I'm not doing anything wrong there?....

Scars seem to be healing well, no leaking or seeping and I'm keeping the gauze on them to keep them dry.

I was told that 600cc were the largest ones my surgeon uses and to be honest I think size wise they suit my frame and are close to my original size pre babies. My husband said I could have gone a lot bigger!!! That's men for you! Haha!, But I do not want to look hugely noticeable and have people staring at me so I'm happy with what I have been given....

Sorry if I have rambled...will post more pics today and again in a week x
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