38 Yr old, Ready for Reshaping March 2 2017, Nvo Laredo, Tamps, Mexico

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I'm am so ready for a BBL! Although I'm tempted to...

I'm am so ready for a BBL! Although I'm tempted to get a TT as well I don't want to push my luck. Want to ensure a full complete recovery with awesome results so one thing at a time. Besides am really hoping that after the lipo done on tummy, hips and flanks I won't really need the TT. I can live w a little bump versus the scar if it the lipo flattens me some. So I'll just wait and fully recover from BBL first. Had breast aug done 4 yes ago and love them, got Ds and don't regret it eventhough I'm only 4'11.

Going w same Dr as before Dr Luis Treviño in Nuevo Laredo, Tamps, MX excellent results and care. I feel safe and comfortable with him.

full pics

Hope these pics are more complete previous one were cropped don't know why!

Surgery Update

Hello ladies hope u r all well. Just had a consultation w Dr Treviño. All went well and decided to do the complete makeover minus the breast bc I already have them. Although all went well I'm having second thoughts as I really don't feel my hubby's full and sencire support. And bothers me! This is a major surgery that requires major recovery time and peace of mind. I'm prepared physically (doc said that I just need to lose about 5 lbs which is a piece of cake) to obtain ultimate results. OMG writing this makes want to cry cuz I want it so bad but don't want to stress over not having my hubbys full and committed support. This is messing w my psychological well being. Dont think I can do it w his full support. This just put me so so down!!!

Feeling so down

Feel so down not havn family support for my surgery. My sisters, niece, and aunt are all on board and have even made plans to come stay at my house a week each to care for me but that's not enough. My 2 teenage daughters and hubby r giving me attitude such a hard time over this complete opposite of what I expected from them. They're attitude just made me go into such a bad depression and state of anxiety.

Before Pics - So embarassing

So although completly embarrased for all to ser its a must to log full journey. Plus i owe to u all that have done it before me all those that are intersted un doing the same. I know i search for people w a similar body as mine to get a better idea of what type of results i obtain. So here it goes ladies. My butt is so sad from having had surgery to remover hemmorroids and removed parte of severly damaged colon. So it left a curked but línea.

Wish But Pics

Dont know what can be done for my sad but; but this is what id love!!!

Decided on full TT, Lipo, and BBL

After seeing Dr Treviño this weekend i decides to go for it all. He explained how w/o a TT lipo would just create event more flab which i was aware off; was just hoping i cld avoid it. Not so muchos fue to $ but rather tryn to avoid such a mayor surgery. Im nervous but extremely excited and ready for it all!!!

Getting Medically Cleared

So i saw my ob/gyn today for my annaul im trying to get all my things un order to avoid needing to go to Dr visits while recovering from surgery. Have follow up w my PCP Wed for lab results and his clearance as well. I hace ulcerative colitis which is terribly painful and so gettn treatment for that. Hopefully my las come back normal bcuz i bleed rectally to the colitis i need to ensure im not anemic to clear the surgery. But so far so good. Wed ill get my results and if cleared ill submit to my PS. His quote included labs but since i had a Dr visit w lab i told PS id submit those. Dont like blood drawn makes me sick so the least i got to do it the better. Im so excited and on path to my transformation.

Officially Medically Clear!!!

So i have been officially Medically clear by all my physicians- PCP;Ob/Gyn; and Castro. Why so many people u may ask; well although pretty healty (no diabetes, cholestorol; blood pressure; heart problems) i have a hx of cáncer, tumores, and colo-rectal problems. There i wanted to make sure that im un optimal health for such an extensive procedure as i am going to go w full tt; lipo; and bbl. My labs came back superb and was viven the green light. Both my PCP and Ob/Gyn want me c me after my recovery as they r curious of the outcome. So dar they love my BA sayn they look so natural, if it werent because i told them theyd not know. Which is what i get from people all the time. Super excited ladies. 3 weeks and counting!!!

Surgery Date Scheduled

So i had my consult once again ... as you all have read I have had to reschedule and cancel so many times. Well this time it's on. Dr said I am good to go no health issues plus I'm at the perfect weight for the results I want. I will be having a tummy tuck, lipo [arms, back, thighs, tummy, pretty much from shoulders to knees], and yesssss BBL. Super excited!!! Will post pre surgery pics the day before. ????????????????

Dreaded Pre Pics

Here it goes ladies the always dreaded before pictures. The result of 4 pregnancies ... one of which I had gestational diabetes and gained around 85 lbs during pregnancy. Plus a disfigured bum from having colon repair surgery.

Dreaded before pics

Well here they are the dreaded before pics!!! ????????????

Final Pre Op Consultation

Having final pre Op consultation this morning for bloodwork and EKG. Surgery date moved to March 2 ... will have hernia/muscle repair, tt, lipo, and bbl.

Yucky Skin Flap 4 days Pre- Op

Woke up w a little less abdominal inflammation... took some pics to give you all an idea of my real flap from different angles. I have a TONGUE ... YUCK!!!! No matter how much I work out it won't go away on the contrary it gets worse plus I feel the weight of the skin on back. Its heavy feels like a sack of potatoes.

Cleared for Surgery March 2

Just got cleared for surgery on March 2. Had labs and all taken care off today... scheduled for 8:30 am got all my pre Op instructions and made arrangements for transportation to/from ... Hubby is taking vacation time to care for me post OP ... Nervous and Excited

Today is the DAY!!!

The day has finally come ... after 17 years of waiting for this its finally happening. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. Hope to God it all goes well! To all those that came before me thank you for sharing your story as it has given me the courage to do mine and for those considering as long as you do it for the right reasons go for it. Thank you all again and hope to begin my after story soon. With Love Vivmar .....

Before Surgery w/ clothes Pic

An hour before surgery

10 hrs Post- Op

So far so good. The worst pain was the loop to arms and bra far. Other than that no real pain but then again I'm on pain meds round the clock. My and feel freaking tight so I'm liking that cells like I did 1000 sir ups as I had muscle repair. Dr even had me touch my butt after he was done trasfering the far. Took a quick peek at final tummy right after he was done look pretty flat but since I was pretty drugged up and w/o my glasses couldn't see too well. I feel like I have washing board abs though. Can't take pics yet as I have a bulky binder that was put on right after surgery so can't see anything yet. As soon as it's removed to do wound care I'll post some pics. And the pain level is only 3- 4 max it's more of a burning tight sensation. Drains doing there magic. Well I'll be posting soon. Thanks for being here for me in my times of need!

First peek day 1

Just had my first peek love the low and even incision line!!!

2 days Post Op

Feeling quite good! Had my second shower still felt a bit dizzy after shower but not as much as yesterday. It takes two people to help me shower and put garment back on. Hubby doing a great job but makes me laugh too much. Still love him though.

4 dpo

So its day 4 PO today was not a good day as i've been nauseas all day. Hubby has been a great help although jokes too much and that's painful. Managed to shower and wash hair by myself w hubby sitting near by just in case. Very swollen but can straighten up a bit more. Slowly progressing. Patience is virtue but will pay off at the end God willing.

5 dpo Swell Hell

So its day 5 po- op ... had a much better night sleeping on my sides alternating sides about every 3 hrs which was about every i had to pee. I so proud as i was able to get in/out of bed on my own.

I am so swollen feel like 4 months pregnant and dont take garment off but to shower. Btw dr placed an elastic band that wraps around my whole torso with guaze paddding the incision under my garment. Must say not only does it help my skin not be in contact w the garment but also adds a bit more pressure and feells good.

Hopefully things continue to get better going to have breakfast before i get nauseous. Cottage cheese w a banana.

Emotional Ride

So i have alot of support Thank God ... my hubby took 10 days off to care for me , my niece who is a nursing assistant, and my sis whose an RN care for me. Hubby around the clock hes become my fulltime care giver ... and with all that support its hard and emotional. Last night i started to cry because i felt i was a burden on everyone hubby appears tired and frustrated so i began to cry. Wel that made him cry too ... he said he wasnt upset or anything just doesnt like to see me like this. I felt much better after we cried together.

Remember ladies its a roller coaster ride just hang in there. Thaks to everyone who came before us and shared thier journey as this has helped me get through knowing its all part of the healing process. Love to all you brave ladies.

First Outing

So hubby let me tag along to groceries with him ... although i didnt wslk around Walmart he only let me go if i used the shopping cars old folks use. Let me tell u they are not built for comfort but did the trick. Felt good to get out and go for a stroll. As soon as we got home he had go rest and gave me my evening meds. It was exhausting and i didnt do anything but drive the shopping car. Well a successful outing.

6 dpo SWOLLEN triple garment

So its day 6 po and the swelling is for real ... not concerned as i know its part of the recovery. Feeling really good despite the swelling. Not using walker anymore and much more energy although taking easy.

So i am wearing 3 garments bc the swelling was too much. Have an elastic abdominal binder under the full body cg, and then a shirt style cg on top of that. Let me tell you it feels great. Still able to breathe, move around, and eat fine. I even feel better circulation through out my torso and back feels great. The added garment assited with the back pain it was an old cg i had from when i had my hysterectomy.

Fyi in had a bit of chinese food yesterday... i know sodium overload ... so that didnt help. Lesson learned lol

6 dpo

Its 7pm and ofcourse continue to swell up but felt like showering so took pics. Standing up much better and incision still looks great! Can't wait for swelling to go doen and be able to see my final result.

8 dpo not much change still swollen

So its day 8 po and other than being able to move around better and bruises begining to lighten up there hasnt been much change. Still quite swollen but starting to go down somewhat. Incision still looks great, its nice and dry although begining to itch which is a sign of healing.

Btw feel a ton of tingling and stabbing like sensations but its also normal healing process. Its a sign that nerves starting to heal. I also began using arnica gel today bc cldnt take the tenderness under bruises.

8 dpo new position back saver

Back killing me and even though i can slep on my side i still need some back relief. So now that i can move more i found a life saving position.

8 dpo sweling beginning to go down a bit

Although im still swollen I can feel and see swelling going down somewhat. My incision is healing great plus crease on abdomen is beginning to improve as swelling goea down. So far very pleased with recovery process. One week down!!!

10 days PO

Swelling going down ... im so sore had newphew's 1st bday so of coursenhad to attend then hubby decided to visit his dad and was out for more than 10 hrs. So my back, legs, and bum are aching like crazy plus out of all days in southern Texas its cold. Managed to take a soothing warm shower and lather coconut oil on dry skin.

Before pics

Much needed tt

Before/After pics

Comparison of before and after at 2- 4- 6- 8- 10 dpo

10 dpo

Still swollen but getter better each day!!!

2 weeks post Op

Had drains removed at 15 days post op. Didnt hurt at all it just felt like a tugging sensation. All stitches from bb out dr said im healing well. He wasnt concerned about my swelling as he had done lipo on tummy too so said ill have more swelling than someone who doesnt get lipo on tummy. So far so good. Thank god!

3 wek update

Feeling much better doing morecaround the house, went for an hr walk yesterday felt awesome. Getting ready to return to work Monday. And sleeping much much better. So far so good ... very pleased with results to date.
Dr. Luis Treviño

Excellent Dr great results and awesome pre-post care!!! Phone # 011 52 867 712 6797 Gutierrez 2120, Nvo Laredo, Tamps, Mexico

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